20 Things That Instantly Make Her More Attractive To Him

Trying to understand men is like trying to understand a closed book at times. We think that men are so complex because we do not always get them, but they're quite the simple species. We know, we know - none of ya'll probably believe us, but it's true. In fact, women probably stumbled upon this article because they're keen to know what exactly to do and how to be to drive a man bonkers.

Ah yes, the ancient questions still apply: What do men find attractive? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Do certain features or personality traits stand out to men?

Evidently, just like with women, there are things that men are attracted to over others. Believe it or not, there is no magic potion, but do not fret! We've got all the answers below.

Ariana Grande seems to know a thing or two, and now so do we. So, just before summer 2019 comes in full swing, we want to clue in all our fellow ladies on what exactly attracts a man INSTANTLY.

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20 A Woman Who Makes A Point Of Staying In Shape

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Now more than ever before, being fit and athletic is the biggest fad. Scroll through your IG feed quickly, and you'll notice a hoard of women all claiming to be "fitness bloggers."

Well, we probably do not have to reiterate what your mom always tells you about health being important. However, what we want to tell you is that a man instantly notices a woman who is in shape. No, we're not asking you to go run a marathon, but working out will be appreciated by any man. He'll be instantly intrigued by your hard work and dedication to be fit, and he'll undoubtedly think of a healthy future with you.

19 A Financially Independent Woman

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No man wants to date a woman so she could max out his credit cards.

Ladies, we aren't telling you to go out there and make the big bucks, because men really couldn't care less if you make a whole lot of Benjamins or not.

Men know as soon as they meet a woman where she is financially; it just shows in her demeanour, actions and the way she talks. If they realize that you're the type of woman that is good on her own, can pay her bills, and works hard for her money, he'll want to make you his in no time. And, if you're already with this man and you become financially independent, it won't go unnoticed.

Nothing impresses him more than a girl boss.

18 When She Lets Go Of Her Phone

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Did you ever stop and think, "Maybe if I put my phone down, he'll be happy and more attentive?" If so, you're on the right path.

Most of us are hooked on our phones nowadays, but if you're with your man or if you're single and you're out and about, let that thing go! Trust us when we say if you're out for dinner with the girls and your phone's out of sight, a guy will have his eyes on you.

And we don't want to be rude, but if your man is annoyed by you when you're on your phone and with him, we don't blame him. Turn his light switch back on by unplugging from the matrix and focusing on whatever is around you. He'll come flocking to you.

17 Using Less Makeup

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"Stop caking makeup on your face!" said every guy ever. We're not saying that men do not like it when you glam up. What they do not like is women who look like clowns.

Trust us when we say men are like hawks; they instantly notice when a woman has little or no makeup on, and that drives them bonkers. He's not lying to you when he says you look more beautiful without makeup on.

Men do not care if you're wearing Maybelline or MAC on your face. Just ease up on the makeup, be minimal and simple, and his attraction towards you will rise to 100%.

16 When She Doesn't Have Many Guy Friends

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Boys will be boys!

If you meet a guy and on the first date you brag about all your guy friends that you spend your weekends with, he will not call you back.

And if you're already in a committed relationship, but have nothing but a guy squad, your man will probably not be a happy camper. This is because men know how other men think and that makes them paranoid.

However, when a woman is out with her girl friends, a man will more likely approach her or want to be with her. Why? Because he will not have to constantly worry. Tell him you have just one good guy buddy, and you'll instantly get a bunch of brownie points.

15 When She's Feminine (Like Wearing Dresses)

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When we say we want you to show off your feminine side more, we do not mean by being fragile and weak - no, those are just some stereotypes that need to be forgotten about because they don't apply to women.

What we mean is we want you to show off your figure in a LBD or a backless top, and you'll thank us. Men instantly go from zero to 100 when they see women wearing clothing that flatters their female figure. Being ultra-feminine reminds men why they love women in the first place.

14 A Woman Who Is Just Always Happy

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Many men will admit that they are instantly more attracted to women who radiate positivity and happiness! A happy woman is more attractive to men than a gorgeous one, especially since most men are part of the Good Vibe Tribe.

Right off the bat, a man can tell if a woman is positive and joyful. How? If you're excited to talk about whatever subject comes up, or just excited about anything, he'll catch on. Simply put, joyful women are attractive women.

If you're taking a stroll around your neighbourhood and you feel like bouncing around, do not be embarrassed because men love that. For them, it's refreshing to meet women who are beaming and fun to be around.

13 A Woman Who Is A Wifey (Loves To Toss Up A Meal)

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Happy wife, happy life, right?

Men will do just about anything when they're in love to make their SO happy, but there are a couple of things they keep on the DL that make them very happy. One of them happens to be cooking - yes, men love to come home to a home-cooked meal after a long day.

A man's excitement level will increase the moment he sees you whipping up a meal, or when he discovers you have skills in the kitchen. Why? Because nowadays, so many people order out or eat out of boxes, so men appreciate a healthy and tasty meal. It shows them that you care about your health and will be a great mama (if you aren't already).

12 A Woman Who Bonds With Her Family

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We know you all love seeing men with their parents, siblings or little children because it gives you butterflies! So, did it ever dawn on you that men do, too? There is nothing more heartwarming to a man than seeing the girl he has eyes for with her parents, laughing and smiling or taking care of them.

Why does this instantly attract them? Besides it being so mesmerizing, it shows a man that you have family values. Men go gaga for maternal women. If he sees you getting along with your parents, he'll immediately know that you'll be able to fit in with his famiglia.

11 When She Doesn't Complain, Period

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What man wants his woman always on his back and complaining in his hear? NONE - you hear us? Quit complaining!

No guy really expects you to be perfect, but there's truly nothing worse than a woman who always complains. Whether you're always nitpicking at your body or just complaining about life in general, men don't like any of it. A man won't want to be a part of your life if all you do is complain.

However, when he notices you do not complain at all, and you just roll with life, his interest will instantly spike. A man wants to spend time with a woman who accepts life for what it is. And if you accept your body and don't complain about it, that's a major bonus point.

10 A Woman Wearing Red Does Wonders

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Ladies, you're in luck - red is one of the trendiest colours this season! Want to impress a man within seconds? Wear the colour of love!

Red on your lips, red heels, or a red item of clothing will get a man going bonkers in no time. When it comes to attracting the male gaze, there's nothing that works miracles as much as red does. Men love the colour red so much, they'll even notice those red nails on your fingertips that you just got done.

Red is the one colour that gets men going and they will choose a red dress over the classic LBD any day.

9 Men Go Bonkers For Long Tresses

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"You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it!" Ariana Grande knows where it is at! You may not be able to buy extensions as expensive as Grande's, but long hair is an instant plus.

To men, there is nothing foxier than long and luscious locks. They want to be able to run their fingers through your hair and see you swing your tresses back and forth. Yes, men do have that image of women's hair blowing in the wind.

Long hair instantly catches their eye because it is a sign of health and longevity. They go gaga for luscious hair and they want to see you let your locks loose and have a good time.

8 A Woman Who Can Keep Some Things Private

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You may be completely oblivious to this fact, but men do not like it when you tell your girls EVERYTHING.

Men do tell a lot to their boys, but when it comes to the girl they have a crush on, they do not spill all the beans. If a man knows you're the type who keeps some of her business to herself, he'll want to get to know more about you. Or, if you're with this man already and he slowly learns you're the type to keeps things hush-hush, he'll know you're a keeper.

7 When She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously

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We cannot stress enough how important it is to not take yourself too seriously, ladies! It is not only appearance that matters to men, as they are also attracted to a natural, relaxed type of behaviour. Basically, your reaction to unexpected situations, like if something goes wrong, is vital.

If you're out on a dinner date or you are out with the girls for supper, and you spill food out of your mouth by accident, contrary to what you think, if you laugh it off a man will admire that. It actually intrigues a man to see you react in that way because it shows him that you can be chill and laugh about life!

6 A Woman Who Has Her Own Life

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There are many ways a man can tell if a woman is independent, and one way is by noticing a woman has her own life. If you just started talking to a man, and you are not at his beck and call, he'll be super intrigued by you. Men are hunters and they love to chase, so once they notice that about you, they won't let go. This is one of the most important things men find attractive in a woman.

No man loves a clingy woman; they want you to do your own thing, to be with your friends and have your solo nights. Seriously, we dare you to go ahead and ask a man what is more attractive than an independent woman. Nothing!

5 If She Gets Along With His Friends, She's A Winner

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If you get along with his friends, you won't have to do much else to get him going bananas!

All guys want is a girl who can hang out with "the boys" as if she's one of the boys. They will toss you to the side if you're the type of girl who tries to split him apart from his friends, or who judges his friends.

If you learn to be one of the guys though, he'll notice and appreciate that more than anything. It is attractive for men to see a woman who is capable of just laying low with the guys. It is so appealing to them.

4 A Woman Who Has A Sense Of Humour

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When men are looking for a long-term partner, they pay attention to a woman's face and her expressions.

If you're at a bar one night, and you notice a guy who you may think is a creep because he is always staring at you, it's because he's trying to see what kind of gal you are. If you're laughing all night, he'll be so attracted to you and will approach you without a doubt. To men, there is nothing foxier than a woman who laughs, and the sound of women's laughter.

If you're able to crack some hilarious jokes and understand jokes, he'll love you a long time. And if you're with this guy already, lighten up and see how quickly his lightbulb will go on!

3 A Woman Who Stands Her Ground

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Remember that scene at the end of Grease when Sandy shows up at the fair in her all-black sultry outfit, red heels and new hair? And remember when Danny first saw her and he went nuts and she made him crawl on the floor? Remember when she exclaimed with a confident voice, "Tell me about it, stud?" Sandy stood her ground! Remember how Danny's interest went from 0-100 in a second after she spoke?

Men love women who can hold their ground. Believe it or not, this is actually what men find most attractive. If you follow Sandy's example, he'll do anything for you. Don't be a pushover, just know what is right from wrong and confidently stand your ground.

2 A Woman Who Has Aspirations And Passions

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Men find it very foxy to see a woman love something so deeply! Having a deep passion for something is undoubtedly what intrigues their curiosity. Why? Because it shows you can be passionate about life and that inspires them.

It doesn't matter what the hobby is, if you show a man that you aspire to reach new heights, he'll love that about you! Men do not find passivity and laziness attractive. In fact, it turns them off. So, keep on living your crazy dreams, and you'll most certainly be rewarded!

1 A Woman Who Shows Constant Affection

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Go figure! Who knew men would be instantly attracted to touchy-feely women?

Even if you're not with this guy, he'll notice whether or not you're an affectionate woman when you're with your friends.

Men love a woman's touch; a shoulder rub, a hug, or even resting your head on his shoulder are all things that instantly attract him to you. Why? Because affection is an important factor in a relationship, and because it makes him feel like your protector. If you grip his arm or hug him, he'll know that you feel safe and protected around him.

Give him some genuine affection and he'll go gaga!

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