20 Things Kim K Will Have To Explain To Her Kids (That We Choose To Ignore)

Kim Kardashian’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. Perhaps not to us or to her hubby, but to her three kids. One day, they are going to start asking questions about their famous mom, and Kim had better be prepared to fess up to her family. Right now the kids are young, so they just see Kim as “mom.” Sure, they live a lavish lifestyle, but they’ve never known things to be any other way. But before long, the kids will wise up and start to snoop. Everything is readily available on the web for the kids to find, so even if Kim tries to keep the past under wraps, those tech-savvy kids will easily uncover whatever it is they’re looking to find.

Even if the kids don’t have the desire to research their mom’s history, other kids in the neighborhood or at school will spill the beans, alerting them to the family’s past - the good, the bad, and the very bad. The kids are going to go straight to mom to get more details, so Kim needs to brace herself for the third degree.

Here are 20 things Kim will have to explain to her kids one day. After all, they won’t stay young forever, and curious minds only grow more interested as time goes on.

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20 Her Video with Ray J

Via: etonline.com

“Hey ma! Who’s Ray J?” This is the question Kim surely worries about, and hearing one of her kids ask it will put a pit in her stomach. Perhaps she’s over the whole video thing, but the kids will one day hear about it for the very first time and come running to mom for more information.

Kanye will be freaked out, but he knows all about the video that catapulted Kim into the spotlight. By the time the kids ask about this video, Ray J will only be a distant memory, but for the kids, they’re going to want answers. After all, this video is sure to live on the internet for all eternity. Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe how this conversation’s gonna go.

19 That 72-Day Marriage to Humphries

Via: wonderwall.com

The kids will one day hear that their dad isn’t mom’s first hubby. Heck, he’s not even the second. But for Kim, let’s hope the third time’s a charm and she sticks with her kids’ dad for life.

But the one fella who made an impression on not only Kim but her reality show fans was the tall and talented (at least in terms of basketball) Kris Humphries. Their marriage was short-lived and ended in a snap, but at least we all got to see them tie the knot in a lavish ceremony and celebration on television.

The kids are going to ask why mom married this guy and what caused the split. After all, things could have turned out a lot differently if she remained married to him and never got with Kanye.

18 Her Past Relationship with Paris Hilton – Friend or Assistant?

Via: wmagazine.com

Paris Hilton was the more famous one when we first heard about Kim Kardashian. Paris was (and still is) a well-known face from a well-known family, stepping out at high-society social events and things of the sort. Soon she started showing up at fabulous happenings with a brunette stunner, none other than Kim Kardashian.

Were they besties? Did Kim work for Paris? And why did they stop hanging out, or have they always been tight? So many questions, so much for Kim to share. The kids will be asking about this blonde beauty, and Kim better set the record straight.

17 The Paris Incident

Via: youtube.com

When Kim visited Paris a few years ago, she found herself in a bad situation when her hotel room was broken into. Many of her expensive jewels were taken, leaving her shaken. This time in her life is surely something she’ll never want to go back to and rehash, but if her kids ever ask her what happened, she may have to be strong and tell the tale once again.

By the time they want to discuss it, enough time will have passed for Kim to have recovered. But bringing it up again may put her right back in Paris again. Hopefully her kids can console her if she starts to cry.

16 Their Dad’s TMZ Appearance

Via: hollywoodwil.com

Kanye is never one to shy away from the spotlight, so his odd appearance on TMZ not long ago wasn’t exactly out of the norm for the rapper. Of course, viewers had a field day as he ranted and raved about an assortment of topics, and the TMZ team was left with plenty of questions, and frankly, concern for his sanity.

One day, Kim’s kids are sure to hear about this TV moment and ask mom what dad was doing. Perhaps she’ll have to pass this one off to her hubby to handle. After all, he was the one making a scene.

15 That Time She 'Broke the Internet'

Via: express.co.uk

Kim has been on countless magazine covers, and by the time her kids are older, the number will continue to rise. But will she ever have that magazine moment like the one when she was the cover girl for Paper? This cover was controversial and creative at the same time, showing off all of Kim’s “assets” as they’ve never been displayed before.

The image of the cover went viral, claiming she “broke the internet” with its popularity. What will she tell the kids? Perhaps all Kim will need to do is show them a copy of the magazine. They’ll either be proud or petrified.

14 How Tristan Disappointed Their Aunt Khloe

Via: usmagazine.com

Who knows if Tristan and Khloe will be together in the future, but whether they are or they aren’t, there’s always the history that will never be erased. There were countless claims that Tristan “stepped out” on his sweetie while she was pregnant, no less. Then there was the story that he and Kylie’s bestie were sharing some “special” moments, something that dug him into an even deeper hole.

Will Kim’s kids find out about this situation and ask about it? Will Kim reveal the truth about Tristan or sugarcoat things for the sake of her sister? Khloe is always a straight shooter, so she’d probably be OK if the kids heard the whole story.

13 The Many Sides of Uncle Scott

Via: radaronline.com

Scott Disick has been with the Kardashian clan for a long time. With his many ups and downs, he never fails to cause a scene on the family’s reality show, and his relationship with Kim’s sister Kourtney has been through the ringer more times than we can count.

Kim’s kids probably love Uncle Scott. After all, he’s tons of fun and an overall cool guy. But his past may come back to haunt him, from his heavy partying to how he treated his kids’ mom. In the years to come, Scott may clean up his act completely, but his past will always be part of what makes him who he is. Kim’s kids may ask what Scott was like back in the day, and even she may have trouble summing it up. He’s rather hard to pin down.

12 Who 'Bruce Jenner' Was

Via: youtube.com

Kim’s kids know who Caitlyn is quite well, but they are sure to hear the stories of “Bruce” as the years go by. Will they understand that Caitlyn was once known as Bruce, or will this concept be too complex for them to grasp? Hopefully Kim is broaching this subject at an age-suitable level and her kids are understanding the many facets that go into who Caitlyn is today.

But as they become more mature, more questions will pop up and Kim must be ready to talk about whatever they may want to know. Perhaps Caitlyn can guide her so the kids have a full understanding about this intricate and involved topic.

11 Why She Chose To Use Surrogates For Two Pregnancies

Via: Daily Mail

No matter how a family is created, the love they share is the most important thing. But one of these kids is not like the other, meaning Kim carried two herself and the third was born via surrogate (gestational carrier). She and Kanye have also used a surrogate for their fourth baby, who is due this month.

Since Kim chose this route for her family, it means that the kids will surely wonder why she didn’t carry all her babies herself. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine as well as the means Kim and her family have, this option was one she and her husband could make happen. But now that they’ve chosen this path, they’ll have to figure out how to explain it to their kids when the time comes.

10 The Family’s Relationship with O.J.

Via: mercurynews.com

O.J. Simpson is a name that stirs up all sorts of feelings. Folks have their thoughts on the verdict of his trial, and many recall that Kim’s dad Robert was on O.J.’s legal team. The families were also friends. With all the hoopla surrounding the name O.J., the kids are sure to grow up and hear about it one day.

And what will Kim have to say? Does she have information from an inside angle that the general public never knew? Will she tell her kids what she thought of the case? This one’s juicy. Being a fly on the wall during this discussion wouldn’t be bad.

9 Why They Have Such Unique First Names

Via: todaysparent.com

North, Saint, and Chicago are nothing like Nancy, Sam, and Carol. These kids have names that are rare and unique, but as time has passed, we’re all getting used to hearing them. Perhaps by the time the kids are older, more kids will share their names. But there will come a time when the kids will ask why none of their friends share their names.

There are plenty of Jennifers and Davids, so why not more Norths? Will the kids be made fun of for their names? Considering so many celebs give their kids out-of-the-box names, these kids probably don’t think much of it. But those teen years may stir up some resentment when they wish they had “normal” names.

8 Why Their Dad Calls Himself “Yeezus”

Via: blogs.colum.edu

Kanye is an unusual name to begin with. But the rapper had to go the extra step and rebrand himself as “Yeezus.” It has certainly caught on, but then again, fans will do whatever it takes to keep their favorite celeb going strong.

The kids have probably heard the name “Yeezus” by now, but they probably don’t think much of it since they’ve grown used to it. But once they realize dad is not really named “Yeezus,” they’re going to ask mom what the deal is. Is it Kanye or Yeezus? What if they want to change their names too? Will Kim let them follow in dad’s footsteps?

7 Why There Are So Many Pics Of Her All Over The Web

Via: vogue.com

Log onto any computer, go to nearly any site, and a pic of Kim is bound to pop up during the process. Be it in an ad, an article, a blog post, or a social media site, Kim’s pretty face (and body) is there for all to see. And often, there’s more than we had bargained for.

She’s not shy about posing for pics, from her head to her toes…but mostly what’s in between. The kids think this is normal now, but when they realize not all moms are all over the web, they’re going to wonder why their mom graces everyone’s computer screen. Wonder how she’ll answer that…

6 Why Rob Doesn’t Come Around Much

Via: radaronline.com

“Where’s Uncle Rob?” We’ve been wondering this for a while, but the kids are going to start to ask why they see mom’s sisters all the time but Rob seems to be MIA. He used to be much more outgoing, but that was well before Kim’s kids were in the picture. Perhaps he’s experiencing low self-esteem or has simply grown sick of all the fame that surrounds his family.

He certainly keeps a low profile in comparison to the rest of his family, but hopefully he makes time for his nieces and nephews. Kim may have to get into the reasons why Rob tends to keep to himself unless he starts to show his face again.

5 Blac Chyna’s Former Career

Via: spousewiki.com

It’s hard to say how much time Kim’s kids will spend with Blac Chyna, but she is the mother of their cousin, so they’re sure to be around her from time to time. While the kids will only know her as Dream’s mom, there’s a long history to Chyna that was far different from motherhood.

Will Kim explain what Blac Chyna used to do to make a living before she was famous? Not that Chyna is ashamed, but this isn’t the sort of discussion that parents deal with on the regular. Kim should toss this one to Rob and see if he’s any good at explaining Chyna’s rise to fame.

4 The Whole Lamar Odom Ordeal

Via: calisportsnews.com

Khloe is done with Lamar, but he’s still part of the family in a sense. Yes, Khloe has moved on and had a baby with another man, but the story of Khloe and Lamar seems somehow unfinished. The family adored him, and he was Khloe’s husband, after all. They are divorced, but perhaps she still has a place for him in her heart. But their relationship wasn’t the only rocky thing that went on.

We all saw the news stories about Lamar’s hard times, from his “misbehavior” to his hospital stay. Kim’s kids are going to learn more about this as they get older, so Kim is going to have to get into it. Better yet, she can just show the kids reruns of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – the Lamar years.

3 Why They Are So Famous In The First Place

Via: desertsun.com

The kids must know that their family is different from other families. Maybe the little ones don’t realize it yet, but North must know what’s up. But when all the kids are older, they are going to be surprised to learn that everyone knows who they are. But why are they famous? What started it all? Luck? Hard work? Something else?

These kids are going to ask and ask until Kim is out of answers. Some say the family got famous thanks to Kim’s video. Is that the story she’s going to go with? This one’s going to be a doozy. Perhaps she’ll explain that their dad is a famous rapper, so that’s why everyone’s so interested in them. Simple enough.

2 Why Grandma Kris Keeps Corey Around

Via: etonline.com

Who’s this Corey guy? Grandma Kris has kept him by her side for a long time, but people question what their relationship is really like. Is he her boyfriend? Just a friend? Something more? Something less? The questions are never ending from the public, so imagine what the kids must be thinking.

At this point, Corey is just a guy they’ve grown used to seeing around, and by now, they must have a strong affection for him. But in many years from now, if Corey’s still in the picture, the kids will question what his role really is. Not that it matters, but kids can be curious.

1 Why They’ll Probably Always Be In The Public Eye

Via: teenvogue.com

The kids may start to wonder if they will ever be able to fly under the radar. After so much time being famous, their lives will never be average or normal. Even if they decide they don’t want to be in the public eye, interested parties will still try to find out what the kids are up to as they get older, even throughout adulthood.

Kim’s going to have to explain that they are one of the most famous families on the planet. There is really no hiding. Rob has tried to hide, but even he can’t catch a break.

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