Here Are 20 Things Men Have To Say About Love At First Sight (According To Reddit)

Two people meet eyes across a crowded room and feel that there is a spark between them. A couple says that they met and "just knew" that it was true, real love. And another pair say that though they couldn't explain it, they were each 100 percent convinced that they would marry the cute person they met a party that evening.

These scenarios describe love at first sight, and even though many people would say that they believe it exists, there are definitely a lot who claim that it's not a thing at all. Ask two people if they think that love at first sight exists and one will say "yes, absolutely" and the other will shake their head (and maybe even laugh).

How do guys feel about this topic? Thankfully, a lot of men have posted on Reddit and shared their feelings on the subject of love at first sight, and we can see the variety of responses that they have had.

Here are 20 things that men have to say about love at first sight, according to Reddit. No matter where we fall when it comes to falling in love this way, we can definitely relate to a lot of the responses here.

20 It's Not Possible Because Love Isn't A Fairy Tale

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One guy posted in a Reddit thread and basically said that it's not possible because love isn't exactly a fairy tale.

As he wrote, "I do not believe in love at first sight." He continued that "Love is just a word... to describe a sort of deep-rooted care and emotion for another person. It’s not magic, fairytales are fiction, love alone has never fixed problems or made relationships work when the effort wasn’t being made to maintain them."

Do we agree with this? If we want to believe in the whole fairy tale romance thing, we might not love hearing this. But it's interesting to know that this is how someone feels.

19 Seeing What Someone Looks Like Tells You Nothing

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Maybe we don't think that love at first sight exists for the same reason that this guy does: because it's not possible to see someone and love them.

As he wrote on Reddit, "I do not believe in love at first sight. At all. The only information you get when you look at someone, by definition, is their appearance."

He believes that seeing what someone looks like tells you nothing besides, of course, what they look like, and that's definitely a fascinating take on this subject. If we don't believe in this concept, then we might relate to this guy's opinion. And now we have the perfect thing to say if we're ever asked if we believe in love at first sight.

18 He Thought It Existed... But It Led To A Breakup

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Sometimes we think one way about relationships—we're very optimistic and think that true love happens for everyone, for example—and then our thoughts about love are completed turned on their head.

That's what happened to this one guy who shared on Reddit that his view on love at first sight changed thanks to a bad romantic experience. He wrote, "I did. Didn't work. I am now more cynical when it comes to relationships."

It makes sense that some people would say that love at first sight doesn't exist because they have experienced a difficult and sad end to a relationship, but fortunately, it doesn't happen that way for everyone.

17 It Exists And This Guy Is Now Happily Married With Children

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For this particular guy, love at first sight totally exists... and, in fact, he's now happily married with children. It's interesting to hear this take on the subject.

He wrote on Reddit, "I first saw her in a lecture. First week of university. Loud, bubbly, mass of blonde hair, Offspring t-shirt. This was 1999 and I'd just got into the Offspring. She walked in, and my jaw literally dropped. 16 years later. Married for 5 years, 2 kids."

This is such a happy story, and if we believe in love at first sight but haven't found The One yet, we're glad to hear it. It gives us hope that we have the same kind of story once we've met the person that we're destined to be with.

16 Love Is About Feelings And You Need To Really Get To Know Someone

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Here's another way to look at love at first sight: love is a feeling and we have to get to know someone before we can call it love. That makes a lot of sense, and we might be able to relate to this perspective.

According to this guy's post on Reddit, this is how he views the topic: "I believe that you can be infatuated with someone at the first moment you see them, but love is a deeper emotion that requires more of an emotional connection than that, and it takes more time to build."

He put it so eloquently and we can understand how someone would feel this way. If we think about how well we feel that we know our partner after months or years of dating them, then we totally get this guy's POV.

15 It's 'Attraction At First Sight'

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For this guy who posted on Reddit, love at first sight doesn't exist because, as he wrote, "There's attraction at first sight. Not love."

Doesn't this make so much sense?! Even if we say that we believe in love at first sight because that's what we felt with our now boyfriend or husband, we have to admit that we didn't truly love them when we first met. Whether we went on a Tinder date or were friends before becoming a couple, we still had a lot to learn about each other before declaring ourselves totally head over heels. It's easy to see why he felt that it's not really love.

14 It Can Lead To A Really Good Relationship

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Are there some guys out there who definitely believe in love at first sight and who think that it's the start of a beautiful relationship?

Those of us who are hopeless romantics would hope that this is the case. Thankfully, one guy posted on Reddit that he fell in love at first sight and things worked out well. As he wrote, "In a great relationship with that wonderful woman right now."

If a friend or family member tells us that love at first isn't real and that we should stop wishing that it would happen to us, we can remember this one post. It's good to have hope, right?!

13 He Didn't Think It Was A Thing But Then It Happened To Him

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Just like a bad relationship can make you pretty negative about all things related to love and dating and romance, a good relationship can change your outlook.

That's what happened to this guy who shared his story on Reddit. He wrote, "I didn't use to. I believed that love was only true in fairy tales, and meant for someone else but not for me. But then I saw her face, and now I'm a believer. There's not a trace of doubt in my mind."

It seems like a lot of people would say that love at first sight feels like a totally abstract concept until it happened to them, but if this guy's song lyric quote is any indication, maybe he really is a true believer.

12 He Felt It And Imagined A Future Together

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Some of us will go on a date early on in a relationship and start thinking about what the future would look like with this person. Do guys do that, too?

We might assume that they never do but, actually, some of them do... which is really great to know.

According to one guy's post on Reddit, he believes in love at first sight and imagined a future with the woman that he was interested in. He wrote, "Yes because it's happened to me. What went through my mind at the time? Well, I saw her and my mind raced to ideas of dinner, getting married, kids, growing old together." Isn't this such a sweet story?!

11 It Only Happens In Movies And Is For 'Needy' People

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When replying to a Reddit thread about whether he thinks that love at first sight exists, one guy wrote, "No, I'm not a character in a movie. If you fall in love with someone right away when you meet them you're probably needy."

It might sound a bit intense and harsh that he calls people who believe in love at first sight "needy" but, hey, this is his opinion.

Maybe we agree with him and think that it's unrealistic to fall for someone as soon as you look at them. Or maybe we think that this is way too negative. Either way, it's fascinating, right?

10 Love At First Sight Could Lead To True Love... But It's Just A Crush At First

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Here's another interesting way to view love at first sight: it's a crush at first, but it could become real love later on.

That's the way that this guy sees the concept of love at first sight. As he wrote on Reddit,  "It's possible to fall in love later on with someone you were instantly attracted to, but I don't believe in love at first sight."

This makes a lot of sense because even if we want to believe that love at first sight will happen to absolutely everyone, it does feel like a crush in the beginning... butterflies, sweaty palms, and all.

9 It Exists And It's All About Eye Contact

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If we believe in love at first sight, we might agree with this guy's opinion that it's all about eye contact.

According to one guy's post on Reddit, "It's the eyes. If the eyes can completely derail your thought process, and it feels uncomfortable until you kiss, then that's a pretty good thing."

Have we experienced this before? Would we say that we looked across the room at a party and found ourselves staring into someone's eyes... and we just knew that we would fall for them? This is definitely a cool way to think about the subject, and it seems like something that a lot of couples can relate to.

8 He Joked That He Falls In Love At First Sight All The Time

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Let's say that we agree that love at first sight exists. We've experienced it firsthand or we hope that it will happen to us soon. We might have even heard stories from family members or friends that this has happened to them.

Is it possible to experience this on a regular or even daily basis? We might not think so, because we want to believe that it's more romantic than that, but this is what at least one guy believes.

One guy posted on Reddit that he experiences love at first sight all the time. He wrote, "Yup, about fifteen times every time I walk across campus."

7 It Happened To Him... But He Needed A Second Chance With The Girl

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This story that a guy shared on Reddit honestly sounds like something from a movie, which is interesting since some guys have said that love at first sight can't really happen IRL.

This guy wrote that he believes in love at first sight but he needed a second chance with the girl that he fell for. He wrote, "Yes, but... I met her in college, we were crazy about each other but I had a GF at the time and was too scared to break up with her... Fast forward 15 years, and she gets divorced, and I'm single, and bam, I got a second chance. Been married 9 years."

This is a really wonderful story to hear, especially for any cynics who aren't so sure about the concept.

6 It Never Works Out For This Guy

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For this guy, love at first sight just hasn't worked out in his favor, and we can relate to this if we feel like we don't have the most awesome luck with dating.

He shared on Reddit, "Only times I felt like that it was a disaster. If anything having that 'love at first sight' feeling makes me avoid the person and keep from having any sort of connection."

We bet that he's going to find the right person soon (hey, maybe he even has since he posted). A lot of people have bad dating luck and then meet the right guy or girl and things are so much better.

5 Maybe Looking Back, You Think It Was Love At First Sight (But It Wasn't)

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Here's another way to look at love at first sight: according to one guy's Reddit post, he said, "I believe in Love at First Hindsight..."

This makes us think that maybe it's possible to believe in love at first sight, but if the relationship ends, you can look back on it and think that it really wasn't love at all. This probably happens to a lot of couples because you can be so convinced that someone is the right person for you, but after a while, you learn that you were totally wrong about them. Sometimes you just have to go through it because you can't see the future.

4 Love Is Serious Business So Love At First Sight Makes No Sense

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Do we think that love at first sight is a totally silly concept?

If we do, then we can relate to one guy's post on Reddit: he said that he doesn't believe in love at first sight "because that is just nonsense." He continued, "Love is such a deep feeling, it's an extreme on a scale. I don't think you can look at someone and decide right away that you would be willing to sacrifice a lot to be with them."

Love is definitely a serious thing, and long-term couples often talk about putting in the work and effort and not expecting the relationship to be easy all the time.

3 He Has Felt It A Lot But Can't Totally Explain It

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People who don't believe in love at first sight might say that it's not a logical thing. But what if you do believe in it... but you still can't explain it?

One guy shared on Reddit that he believes in this idea, but he's not sure that he can explain it fully and properly. He had a very interesting post and he wrote, "There are times I get a feeling about certain people. It's something the moment I see them—that would definitely agree with it being completely visual... but is it entirely visual?... Maybe it is all in my mind, but hey! It is my experience."

2 The Best Kind Of Love Comes Later On Once You're In A Solid Relationship

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What if we believe in love at first sight... but we don't think that it's as good as being in a good relationship?

That's what this guy who posted on Reddit thinks. He said, "That initial infatuation... that doesn't even compare to the love that follows."

It's nice to believe that the best kind of love is when you're in a solid relationship. That makes a lot of sense because love at first sight doesn't last forever, but hopefully, you're in a relationship that will last. Things should always get better in a relationship as you two go through your lives and are so happy to be together.

1 Sometimes It Happens With The Wrong Person

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As one guy posted on Reddit, sometimes love at first sight happens with the wrong person. He and a client like each other, but he says that they're not going to start a relationship.

He wrote about his experience, "Twist number one: we are not in a relationship. She's one of my clients and I honestly wish that we didn't feel this way about each other. Twist number two: I'm married and she's engaged, both to other people. Unless something major happens, it's unlikely that we'll ever be together."

There is a lot to think about here, and whether we believe in love at first sight or not, we have some great examples and theories to consider on the subject!

Source: Reddit

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