20 Things New Moms Do Not Want To Be Caught Without In Their Diaper Bag

Being a new mother requires a ton of preparation. After all, babies may be somewhat predictable, but taking them out in the real world often makes them throw curve-balls. Although this is true for the first outing with the baby, odd things can happen anytime a mom leaves the house with her little one.

No matter how organized a new mom may feel she is, chances are there's something that will slip her mind. That, or she'll find herself in a new and unexpected situation that she just wasn't ready for.  One way that helps deal with these circumstances is making sure the diaper bag is filled with necessary items that make life so much easier for the baby and, almost more importantly, the mom.

This list will delve into the most necessary items that a mom should house in her child's diaper bag. Without further ado, here are 20 things new moms do not want to be caught without in their diaper bag.

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20 A Toy Or Two Go A Long Way For An Unhappy Baby

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Toys may seem like an unnecessary thing to lug around in the baby bag but they do serve a purpose. For one, toys can be a great way to reward a child for their good behavior. More importantly, a toy can keep their hands distracted so they don't tug that expensive vase off of the store shelf. Additionally, they can act as a soothing tool to make a baby feel at peace.

19 A Particularly Cute Baby Bodysuit

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We all know just how cute a baby can look in a onesie. But we often forget how important it is to pack one in our diaper bags. These bodysuits are very comfortable and something that babies feel particularly happy in, this means that it can be a great way to soothe them or even swaddle them to sleep in, should you be out somewhere during their nap time.

18 A Pacifier, A Binkie and Every Other Synonym For This Handy Item


Having a binkie, pacifier, or any other name for this device, in your diaper bag will be very helpful when it comes to soothing your baby while on the go. It will also keep their mouths occupied so that they don't get bored and start putting things in there that they shouldn't be. Additionally, it might stop them from crying and irritating everybody around you.

17 A Change of Clothing For Mama Because... Things Happen

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Yes, you should also be packing an extra pair of light clothing for you inside that baby bag. This is because anything can happen with a baby. Chances are they may release some unsavory fluids onto you if they aren't feeling well, have eaten too much, or are just being their natural selves. If you're out somewhere important, a chance of clothes can go a long wa.y Not to mention, it's uncomfortable to be walking around covered in spew.

16 Extra Socks Will Go Far Further Than One Would Think

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Bringing extra socks, and even extra mittens is always a good idea even if you don't think that your baby will get cold. A baby's temperature can be challenging to understand, but if it appears like they are cold, putting extra socks or mittens on them will warm them up a tad without causing them to feel uncomfortable. Having these in your diaper bag will take up minimal space.

15 A Wee Bit Of Baby Oil

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We're sure you're wondering why you'd possibly need to bring baby oil with you in your diaper bag. Well, it's actually a must-have item in your diaper bag when your baby starts growing hair. This is because a mom will need to massage some of this oil into their baby's scalp in other to get rid of flakes from cradle cap and moisturize the skin. Although baby oil is good for any part of your little one.

14 Some Tremendously Handy Wipes That Are Suitable For The Little One

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Handy sanitary wipes are good for both mommy and baby, as long as their a product that's okay to use on a little one. Seriously, these things are life-savers. The real-world is full of bad things that can make a baby's life not so fun. Not to mention, a mom can easily feel sick if she's got the wrong bug transformed from something your baby has touched. These wipes will be a wonderful tool for you to fend off any unwanted bacteria as well as generally keeping clean.

13 That Cozy, Cuddly Blanket... For The Baby, Not For Mama


Sorry, you kind of have to leave your blanket at home to make room in your diaper bag for your baby's blanket. A small or medium-sized blanket that's made out of cotton or something else that's soft will be a great relaxation tool for a baby while they are out in the real world. They will instantly feel soothed once they get ahold of their blanket from home. This is also a good thing to have on hand to keep them warm

12 Bottle Of Formula Or Milk As The Kid Could Get Hungry At Any Minute

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Whether you have chosen to feed your baby with milk or formula, it's always a good idea to bring a bottle with you while you're out. A baby could become fussy, and therefore possibly hungry, while you're on the go and a bottle can go a long way in helping them feel better. Additionally, if you're breastfeeding, it may be challenging to organize that on-the-go instead of simply taking out a bottle

11 A Couple Random Pieces Of Clothing Might Take Up Room But Will Be Helpful

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Random pieces of baby clothing may take up some space in your diaper bag but they will probably come in handy. Let's face it, babies can be messy. This means that they will likely be in need of a change while you're on the go. Sure, that extra onesie will help, but what if you need them to be wearing more active clothing like pants or a sweatshirt?

10 Some Pads For Mommy's "Girls"

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There tends to be some extra milk coming out of a mom's "girls" during the time period that she's breastfeeding. Although this doesn't seem like that big of a deal, this liquid can cause issues to bras and other clothing items that a mom might be wearing. This is why she should be putting some washable pads in her baby bag, just in case.

9 Heal Those Boo-Boos With A First-Aid Kit

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Boo-boos can happen anywhere at any time. But they may not be drastic enough to be worthy of going to the hospital. This is why it's advisable that moms lug around a first-aid kit with them. The larger items can be stored in the car, but the smaller things, such as band-aids, anti-itch lotion, and tweezers can be kept in the baby bag just in case your little one gets a knick or scratch.

8 A Changing Pad That's Good For Any Surface On-The-Go

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Chances are that you will need to change your child while you're out. Naturally, you'll need to have those diapers and cleaning wipes, but don't forget to have something to change your baby on. You will need one of these light, portable changing tables that can be rolled out onto virtually any surface. By having one of these, you'll know precisely what and who has been on the surface you're changing your child on. Don't even ask what ends up on public change tables...

7 Diapers Are Obvious, But Diaper Cream May Not Be

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Believe it or not, some moms actually forget to bring diapers in their diaper bag when taking their child out. This is a big no-no as it's probably the most obvious things to bring. After all, babies tend to go to the bathroom when we least expect it. But the less obvious item to bring along is diaper cream. Rashes happen and they can be really uncomfortable for the little one, which could cause them to squirm and cry while you're out. A bit of diaper cream will definitely help.

6 All The Compartments For Jason Bourne-esque Practicality And Accessibility

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Here's something you should have in your baby bag... multiple compartments. This has more to do with the baby bag you purchase in the first place, although bag organizers can be added later on. Regardless, it's important to be able to quickly access items on the go. It helps if you actually know where everything is and aren't digging through the thing at Olympic-level speed.

5 Liquid Happiness For Mom To Keep Her Going, And Going, And Going...


Always keep a bottle of liquid happiness in your baby bag at all times. No, we don't mean a bottle of grown-up grape juice. Although, we aren't necessarily saying that you shouldn't do that. What we actually mean is a bottle of water. It's vital that a mom with a newborn stays hydrated while out with her baby, even when the temperature is cold. Water is the elixir of life and therefore must be on hand at all times.

4 A Nasal Aspirator Isn't Nerdy, It's Needed

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Just because your baby needs a nasal aspirator doesn't mean that they're a nerd. It's really typical for a baby's nose to get plugged up. Since they are unable to clear out the mucus themselves, they will need this device. These things are pretty small and can fit into your baby bag quite easily, so don't get caught without it.

3 A Detailed Label For That Precious Diaper Bag

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It's supremely easy to misplace a diaper bag. After all, you will be setting it down quite a few times in order to make sure that your baby is comfortable and happy. This is why it's important to have a detailed label on your diaper bag with your name and a way to contact you should someone find it out in the wilderness. There are some good Samaritans out there who are willing to help you.

2 Extra Recyclable Bags Because... Our Environment Needs It

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Having plastic bags in your diaper bag is always helpful for separating clean and soiled clothing, as well as used diapers, should there not be a wastebin around. Actually, there really isn't an end for the uses of these bags. But you should really have cloth bags or something that is recyclable as plastic bags are just downright bad for the environment which needs as much help as we can give it.

1 A Cozy Cotton Hat For That Little Child

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One of the biggest concerns that doctors have for babies is that their moms aren't protecting them from the sun. This is why you need to have a cotton hat in your baby bag to keep sunrays off of their faces. Cotton is one of the most comfortable hats for a baby as pretty safe for their skin. But any hat is better than no hat. Moms shouldn't be caught without one in their baby bag.

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