20 Things No Mom Should Be Doing The First 15 Days After Labor

When a woman is pregnant, thoughts of pregnancy and her little baby seem to overwhelm her mind. She can think of little else and that is normal. It is an exciting and slightly terrifying time.

However, her mind will soon go quickly to delivery and then her mind is full of thoughts and fears of having to actually deliver the baby. Once that passes, she imagines her life with a little baby in her arms. All the rocking and cuddling she is going to do.

The only problem is she has missed a big part of having a baby during all of this daydreaming. She has completely forgotten to think about the immediate recovery from childbirth. Her life and her body do not just go on as normal once she has had a baby. It needs time to heal and there are certain things she can not do right after she has a baby.

20 To Not Ignore The Signs You Need To Know The Signs


Once you have had that baby, you need to pay attention to what the nurses tell you when you are being discharged. They are going to give you strict instructions on what to not do and what to look out for.

Make sure you pay attention to what to look out for and never ignore any signs that your body is going through a bit of trouble recovering.

19 No Googling Anything


This is something you absolutely should not do right after birth, and this goes for concerns with you and the baby. You can not get online and google everything. The age of information and technology makes it so easy to research anything.

However, this normally will lead you down a dark path of all the worst-case-scenarios and this will do nothing but add more fear and anxiety.

18 Don’t Take A Mirror Down There, No Matter What!


This is something that a lot of people have done and instantly regretted. One would think that it would go without saying, but you should never take a mirror down there right after giving birth.

It is a wound that needs time to heal. If you do happen to make this mistake, then just know it will heal and it will go back to how it looked before.

17 No Pools Or Baths!


That whole entire area is a wound that needs at least 6-8 weeks to heal. In that time, it is important that nothing enters that could cause an infection.

That is why it is best to avoid baths and pools for the first little bit. Pools are full of chemicals that should not be entering an area that is healing. A bath can be soothing, but it is important to make sure you follow proper bath instructions.

16 Nothing Goes Up


There is a big mess after a baby is delivered, and a woman may be tempted to wear a tampon to help clean everything up. This cannot be done. A feminine hygiene pad is all that should be worn during healing.

Anything entering that area has the chance to bring in bacteria and can be harmful. It can introduce dangerous bacteria that can cause an infection.

15 Stay Out Of The Bedroom


Speaking of nothing entering an area that is, essentially, a large wound. All intimate extra-curricular activities are on hold for 6-8 weeks.

Until you go to your postpartum check-up with your doctor, there is no private time with your significant other. That is just asking for an infection, and infection after birth can lead to some pretty scary consequences.

14 If You Ignore #15, Don’t Skip The BC


While we are on the topic of being intimate, there is something other than infection that you need to be concerned about.

You are extremely fertile after you have given birth, even if you are breastfeeding. This means that protection is essential unless you want to end up with Irish twins - babies who are less than a year apart.

13 Take It Easy … In The Bathroom


After giving birth, hormones are still causing havoc throughout your body. They are trying to get back to normal and reset the body. Hormones can have an impact on almost every aspect of your body, including going to the bathroom.

Constipation can be a real problem for women who have just had a baby. It is also important not to strain too much, and that means taking stool softeners for a while.

12 Don’t Hold It In!


Going #2 after birth is one thing, but going number #1 is a whole other ball game. It can be painful for some women after birth, especially if they needed stitches to heal.

Even if it is painful and uncomfortable, it is important to not hold it in for too long. The bladder is in there trying to heal with the rest of the body and it is important that it is emptied regularly.

11 Keep Popping The Pills


It is likely that you were taking prenatal vitamins while you were pregnant, and it is important to keep taking them after you have had the baby.

It will provide your body with the extra minerals and nutrients that your body needs while recovering. it is also vital if you have chosen to breastfeed your baby. Any little boost you can give your body is recommended.

10 Trying To Lose The Body Weight


There are women who struggle with body image during pregnancy and after they have the baby. They are in a rush to get their pre-baby body back, but it is important to do so safely.

The first weeks after having a baby is not the time to go on a diet to try and lose weight. All a new-mom can do is try and eat well, especially if breastfeeding. Your body created a whole human being and it is time to just give it a rest and a chance to heal.

9 No Lifting! (Not Just For C-Section Moms)


Moms who need to have a C-section are often told that they can not lift anything heavier than their newborn when healing. That is to protect the incision while it heals.

While that is true, it is also true that women who have had natural births should also not be lifting anything. Your inner organs are all trying to heal and get back into place, so it is important to not strain too much when lifting anything.

8 No One Should Be Wearing Tight Clothes


Being a mom myself, I don't know why anyone would want to wear tight clothes after giving birth, but some women do. Perhaps to help everything stay tight and shrink back.

However, it is important to let everything air out and breathe. Tight clothes will also be hard on any stitches you may have received. You have earned the right to wear sweat pants for a while.

7 Taking Feeding For Granted


The first few weeks with a newborn are really all about feeding. If you are breastfeeding, you spend a lot of time getting it right and making sure that the baby is getting enough.

It is important to not take any feedings for granted. Pay attention to the diaper output and if you are wondering if your baby is getting enough milk then ask for help. Take your baby to their pediatrician or a breastfeeding clinic to make sure everything is alright.

6 Do Not Power Through Tired


The newborn stage is often called the fourth trimester. The first three months are exhausting and it is the hardest time when you bring a baby home.

A lot of women will try and power through the tired, and this can be dangerous. Sleep deprivation can have damaging effects on a person's body and mind and no one can do their best when they are running on no sleep.

5 Holding In Tears Is Not OK


Tears are normal, and crying does not mean a person is weak. New moms often have this superwoman complex. They feel like they need to be strong, and any sign of struggling will make others think they can't handle it.

This is not true, and sometimes we need to let it out. There is nothing wrong with calling in help and just having a good cry to let it all out. Don't hold it all in.

4 Take Control …


New mom's do not have to have control over everything. In the first 2-weeks, it is OK to not be in control of what is happening. The truth is, that little baby is in full control.

They are the ones who are calling the shots. They are going to tell you when you can eat, go to the bathroom and sleep. Let them.

3 … Put Keep The Pressure Away!


While we don't want new moms to be in complete control for the first two weeks, we also don't want them to be steamrolled by other people.

Other people are going to have their opinions on how they think things should be done, but mom needs to stand her ground. She may be tired, but this is still her baby and she gets to make the decisions.

2 Reach Out If Needed


Another thing a new mom can not do in the first two weeks is turning down help. If people offer to come help, let them.

If they want to come over and clean your house, cook you dinner, or do some laundry than you let them. If they want to come over and hold your baby while you take a nap or have a shower then let them.

1 Do NOT Cook! Honestly!


Here is probably the best piece of advice I can give. Do NOT cook! The first two weeks are about bonding with your baby If that means you have to order takeout for a while, then so be it.

Loosen the reins on the budget for a while and don't be afraid to order in some food when you need to.

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