20 Things No Mom Should Let Their Baby Use For Longer Than 15 Minutes

New parents often run out to buy the traditional essentials for babies, which range from teething toys to help soothe their child’s angry gums when their teeth start popping up and a mobile baby walker that is believed to help little ones learn the basics of walking in a safe manner.

Most parents don’t bat an eye at such traditional items because the general consensus in society is that many of these things have been used for a pretty long time and there haven’t been too many major reports about it being a serious safety hazard.

While the common baby items aren’t considered serious safety hazards, too much of a good thing can be a detriment and that’s why it’s better to use them sparingly.

20 Going Swimming For Too Long Isn't Good For The Skin

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It is every parents’ dream to introduce their little one to a pool and watch as they figure out how to splash happily in the water as if they were part fish.

However, Romper warns that keeping a baby in a chlorinated pool for too long can cause issues with your little one’s longs and it is best to keep swim sessions very short.

19 Too Much Use Of Wooden Blocks Could Lead To Splinters

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Many parents like to purchase wooden blocks for their little one to play with since they can stand up to baby exploring their strength and hand-eye coordination.

Funtastic Toy notes that one thing parents should keep in mind is that while wooden blocks can be pretty durable, eventually with enough wear and tear, the protective layer on the toys will come apart and that could lead to splinters if not carefully monitored.

18 Let Baby Hold Your Hand While You Show Them A Ballon


St. Louis Children's Hospital notes that mom and dad should always hold the string of a balloon and not let baby chew on it because that could wind up becoming a huge health hazard.

In general, doctors recommend that children younger than eight be not allowed to handle balloons because kids are curious (especially babies) and might try to chew on it, which would be very bad for everyone.

17 Having Them Wear Chunky Shoes For A Long Time

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Earth Based Mom writes that while it is a lot of fun for moms to go hog wild shopping for cute chunky shoes for their baby, it is not a good idea to let your child wear them for long periods of time.

Wearing big ol’ chunky baby shoes can keep the developing feet unnaturally constricted and that could wind up causing weak muscles in the feet or even bad posture in the future.

16 Too Much Play Mat Time Could Make Baby Overtired

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Many parents rush out to purchase a playmate for their infant because they have heard from friends or read articles online about how it can be very beneficial for their baby’s development.

Active Babies Smart Kids writes that when introducing your baby to a play mat, it is best to do so slowly lest they become overstimulated and thus cranky. Even after the baby gets used to it, it is better to be safe than sorry and stick to using it in small doses.

15 Tummy Time When They Can't Roll Over Is Not Fun

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Most parents are excited to begin tummy time with their baby because it is one more milestone and means that eventually, they’ll be crawling around with finesse.

Move To Learn Therapy writes that you need to be sure baby is ready to be placed on their stomach and keep sessions short because if they rush this, their infant won’t know how to balance on their arms and could wind up developing a dislike of being placed on their tummy.

14 Keep Use Of Towels And Blankets To A Minimum Due To Germs

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Letting your baby play in piles of laundry might seem like a nice sensory activity for your little one, but it’s not a good idea to let them linger too long.

ABC News writes that not only does obviously dirty laundry carry bacteria and germs, but if the water isn’t hot enough, then the so-called “clean clothes” could carry plenty of germs too.

13 Tablets And Smartphones Need To Be Used In Small Doses

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In this modern era, there are plenty of apps that supposedly help babies and toddlers in their development, but Baby Center warns that too much screen time for infants could lead to potential issues down the road.

Ideally, babies shouldn’t be exposed to any kind of gadget until they are at least 18 months old and even then, it should be limited to an hour or less a day.

12 Baby Walkers Can Possibly Lead To Delays In Development

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Mobile baby walkers have been a mainstay for infants learning how to walk for years; I remember watching my little sister zoom around my aunt’s house—much to the chagrin of my aunt’s dog.

Very Well Family notes that contrary to popular belief, mobile walkers don’t actually speed up baby’s walking skills and can cause accidents since now your little one can actually reach up to tug on door handles and the like.

11 Too Much Jumperoo Time Could Lead To Toe-Walking

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For many parents, items such as a jumper for their baby has been an absolute lifesaver when they need to brush their teeth or take a very important phone call.

According to Romper, while jumpers aren’t inherently “bad,” it is important to limit sessions to 15 minutes or less because staying too long in that position could lead to your little one “toe-walking” when they are older.

10 Teething Toys That Restrict Jaw Movement Are No-Nos

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Much like when owning a puppy and needing to purchase chew toys, moms often buy tons of teething toys for their baby because that entire process makes the little one quite cranky.

Cognikids writes that it is best to carefully research teething products and if you have a few that really restrict your baby’s jaw movement, use that sparingly lest it hinder their fine motor development.

9 Using A Baby Sling That Forces Hips Together Could Lead To Issues

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There are plenty of baby slings out there and it is certainly tempting for parents on a budget to purchase the first inexpensive one they find because it is a monetary “steal.”

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute warns that if you must use a sling, make sure that you don’t use it in a way that forces your baby’s hips to stay together, lest they wind up developing hip dysplasia later in life.

8 Bumbo Seats Can Cause Muscle Issues If Used Too Much

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Baby seats like the Bumbo might seem at first glance like a nice way to keep your baby entertained for a bit while you do some quick chores around the house, but they can seriously hinder your little one’s development.

Kidspot writes that the Bumbo locks the pelvis in place and therefore, babies don’t get the opportunity to practice using the muscles and sensory systems that are required to sit up on their own.

7 Inflatable Pools Can Be An Accident Waiting To Happen

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In the summer, there are plenty of photos getting posted to social media featuring happy parents introducing their baby to pools by letting them splash all-around a rinky-dink inflatable pool in their backyard.

Romper urges parents to use caution and keep pool time short because many of the incidents regarding babies and water occur with as little as five inches of water.

6 Using Pacifiers Too Long Can Mess Up Baby's Teeth

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Let’s face it, babies don’t have the skills needed to tell their parents that they are uncomfortable and are in dire need of soothing, which is where items like pacifiers come into play because most infants find the sucking motion of the pacifier to be quite relaxing.

The Bump warns that overuse of a pacifier can lead to dental issues when your baby is older and even frequent ear infections too.

5 Swaddling Too Long Can Make Baby Feel Like They Are In A Desert

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The practice of swaddling a baby to keep them calm and to help them sleep in long stretches of time has made a huge comeback with many modern parents.

Livestrong does note that swaddling babies too tightly can lead to them feeling a bit overheated and there is a risk of your child developing hip dysplasia when they are older since their hips are pressed unnaturally closed together.

4 Keep Doggo Playtime To A Minimum Lest Fido Get Overwhelmed

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Most parents are thrilled when they are finally able to let their baby interact with their loyal furry friend and there’s plenty of cute photos floating around online celebrating the bond between children and dogs.

Doggone Safe notes that interactions between baby and dog should be kept short because babies are rough around dogs and your furry friend needs their own space too. Try to avoid face to face contact, since baby could accidentally stare at the dog and cause a fuss because in the dog world, being stared at is very rude and could lead to a correction.

3 Babies Can Get Fingers Stuck In A Crib Tent

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For older babies that like to test their boundaries by attempting to climb out of their crib on the regular, some parents feel that putting a crib tent up will help stop them from further adventures.

Mom Junction points out that crib tents are good in small doses, but if used too long, then there is a risk of your little one getting their fingers caught in the mesh webbing and that’s going to hurt.

2 Your Little One Can Get Caught In A Crib Bumper

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Some well-meaning parents run out and purchase crib bumpers for their babies because they are concerned that there is a chance that their little one will get their legs stuck in between the bars.

MomJunction writes that it’s best to avoid crib bumpers entirely or just use them for short naps because long-term use could lead to your baby’s head getting stuck in between the bumper and the side of the crib. Ouch!

1 Infant Bathtubs Are Super Easy To Tip Over

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Giving a baby a bath can often be an adventure, especially if your little one is overjoyed by the fact that they get a chance to play in the water and start wiggling.

MomJunction writes that it’s best to keep baths short because bathtub seats have a tendency to tip over and the suction cups on the bottom aren’t all that strong.

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