20 Things No One Really Knows About Demi Moore’s Three Daughters

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were one of Hollywood’s favorite couples at one time, and during their marriage, they became parents to three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. They made the decision to move away from the big city, filled with glitz and glamour, and instead settled in a rural area in Idaho, where the couple attempted to raise their children with as much normalcy as possible. Moore also slowed down on work because she realized she needed to be in one place with her kids, and she did this because they are so important to her.

When Moore and Willis decided to end their relationship, they wanted to agree on a few things first. The biggest thing for them was to ensure that their family was their first priority, but despite co-parenting like pros, growing up with two famous parents presented challenges and also opportunities for their children — Rumer says she was able to see some amazing places when she was growing up, but the tradeoff is that her maths skills are substandard. It was also hard for them to find recognition for anything that they did on their own, because of who their parents are.

The Willis children have all had their own struggles, but they have also had a happy childhood and have so much love for each other, and below are 20 things to know about them.

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20 Demi Moore Has Described Motherhood As Being An Empowering Experience

Via New York Daily News

When Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were still a couple (they were married from 1987 to 2000), they made the decision to move away from the spotlight to allow their children to have a childhood with some normalcy. Instead of being hounded by the paparazzi, they chose to raise their girls in rural Idaho.

Moore became a mother for the first time in 1988, and motherhood is something that she has really embraced. In a 2007 interview with Today, she spoke about motherhood and how she felt it was “by far one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have.”

19 There Have Been Reports That Demi And Her Daughters Didn’t Always Get Along

Via Rumer Willis Instagram

All of the Willis girls are adults now, but there has been speculation about their relationship with their mom, Demi Moore, over the years, and it was reported that they did not always get along. According to Ir. Independent, when Moore split from her third husband, Ashton Kutcher, in 2011, she and her daughters had a “falling out.”

But several years later, Rumer Willis and her mom were seen holding hands at a premiere of Palo Alto, and the publication stated that they had “officially buried the hatchet” — further details on what the supposed issue was, were not immediately available.

18 Being The Children Of Two Famous Parents Has Had Its Pros And Its Cons

Via Daily Mail

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ marriage didn’t last, but their relationship did produce three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. The oldest of those daughters (and arguably the best-known) is Rumer Willis, and she has spoken about her childhood, and what it was really like growing up with such famous parents.

In an interview with People, she recalled that she had a happy childhood, but it was also unconventional. Plus, it had its challenges and opportunities: “I’ve traveled to some really incredible places, but my basic math skills are [bad],” she said. “It’s an interesting trade-off.”

17 Scout Credits Her Papa, Bruce Willis, For Helping Her To Accept All Her Quirks

Via Scout Willis Instagram

Scout Willis is the middle child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ children, and she is close to her dad. She shared her love and admiration for him on social media, posting a series of throwback photos and writing about how, to most people, he may be a “mythic icon of the action genre,” but to her, he is just “this big weirdo” who is her dad.

She also praised him for the love that he has for his children, which he never hid, and for always encouraging her to be herself, by showing her “it was ok to do weird little dances everywhere and anywhere.”

16 Scout Has A Big Heart And Cares For Our Furry Friends

Via Scout Willis Instagram

You can learn a lot about a person by what they post on social media, and Scout has posted several photos of herself and her pets. She also spoke about how her “beloved doggo Grandma” had gone missing in Idaho in 2017, and how she was “desperate to have my little weasel returned so please be on the lookout if you're in the area and let us know if you find her!”

Her comments made her feelings about the “chihuahua/Weiner dog mix” clear, and she is definitely an animal lover with a big heart, and a lot of love for her pets.

15 All Of The Girls Have Battled With Their Own Personal Issues (And Shared Their Stories Publicly)

Via OK! Magazine

Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah have all struggled with their own personal issues, but they have chosen to share their stories publicly. According to Heavy, Tallulah spoke about her challenges in a post on social media in 2017, writing about how three years ago she had been a “malnourished string bean with aches that echoed throughout my soul.”

The publication also notes how Rumer posted about her sobriety and celebrated her six-month milestone in 2017. She wrote about how she is the “first one to say I’m not perfect and I mess up sometimes and every once in a while I get it right but I wanted to share this because I am really proud of myself.” And lastly, Scout has also celebrated staying clean, and now she was meeting “the best version” of herself every day.

14 They Grew Up With Parents Who Support Them In Everything They Do

Via Rumer Willis Instagram

Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah grew up with parents who always put them first. Despite their divorce, the former couple made sure that they were there for their children, and according to People, Demi Moore said she realized if she wasn’t present for them" then she would "have bigger issues with them later. I didn’t want to work and drag my kids with me while they were trying to cross this huge transition…”

The girls have acknowledged that their parents have been very loving and supportive throughout their lives, and Scout told Elle magazine that her parents “support me 100% in whatever I do, which is such a gift."

13 Scout Is A Fashion Designer (And It Looks Like She Always Had An Interest In Clothes)

Via Rumer Willis Instagram

All of the Willis girls have decided to do something creative; Rumer has tried her hand at acting, Tallulah is an artist, and Scout has an interest in fashion, and even started her own clothing line called Scout’s General, Harper’s Bazaar reports. Her collections have featured on New York Fashion Week — one of the most prestigious fashion events — and she has been working in the industry for quite some time now, with the publication noting she interned for Jeremy Scott as a teenager, and she worked for designer Lindsey Thornburg.

"I do come from privilege, and that's not something that I take for granted," Willis told the publication. "I'm the one driving downtown to the factory."

12 Rumer Willis Has Followed In Her Mom’s Footsteps — She Actually Made Her Screen Debut Alongside Her

Via InStyle

You may recognize Rumer Willis from a few films and series that she has appeared in, including Pretty Little Liars, House Bunny, and Sorority Row. But what many people probably don’t realize about her is that she actually made her screen debut as a child, when she appeared alongside her mom, Demi Moore, in the 1995 film, Now and Then. According to Hollywood Life, she played the role of Moore’s character’s little sister in the film’s flashback scenes.

According to IMDB, she has also appeared in a film with her father, Bruce Willis. She played the role of Amanda Talley in the 2005 film, Hostage.

11 Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Put Their Children First, Despite Their Split

Via Daily Mail

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s children are all adults now, but when they decided to divorce, their kids were teenagers and the parents realized that they needed to put their family first. They have been celebrated for the way they co-parented throughout the years, but Moore explained that this was always their priority.

“In our case, we placed our children as a priority. After all, each of them was created by a piece of us, and I never wanted them to think what happened to us had any reflection on them,” she said, according to People.

10 Tallulah Has Described Herself As A ‘Grumbly Preteen’ (But A Lot Has Changed Since Then)

Via Rumer Willis Instagram

Demi Moore appears to have a close relationship with her children, and as adults, they have been able to connect on another level. Now, their relationship has a different dynamic and they are not just parent and child, but also friends. There has been another change too because according to Tallulah, it’s her who tries to get her mom to pose for a photo.

She shared this photo on social media with the caption, “the shift from the parent coaxing the grumbly preteen to take a picture, into modern adulthood of the vain child forcing the parent to take a picture to show off her look.”

9 They’re Not Just Siblings, They’re Also Best Friends

Via Scout Willis Instagram

The bond between sisters can be incredibly close, and they can become your best friends and confidants. This is what has happened with Demi Moore’s three girls because they are not just siblings, they are also besties. According to People, when Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah grew up on film sets and in a rural location they “grew very close.”

The sisters have spoken about their love for each other on social media, and an example of this is when Rumer celebrated her sister, Tallulah, on her birthday. “I have loved you every day of your life my sweet little angel," she wrote. "I love every cell of your body and your weirdness and your beauty…” She also called her her sister and her “best friend.”

8 Tallulah Is An Artist, And It’s Been A Fantastic Outlet For Her

Via Tallulah Willis Instagram

Rumer Willis chose to follow in her parents' footsteps and has appeared in several films over the years, but her sister’s interests lie elsewhere. Tallulah, the youngest of the three siblings, is a visual artist, and according to Allure, after going through recovery treatment, she found she was using art as an outlet and she explained that discovering this tool “was one of the coolest things to ever happen" to her.

“I started doing the drawings because I didn’t have that much to do. Becoming sober, I had an intense claustrophobia and anxiety of crowds,” she explained. She had her first art show in 2017.

7 Scout Has Paid Tribute To Her Mama For Being So Incredible

Via Scott Willis Instagram

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis made the decision to move their daughters somewhere rural, but Rumer Willis was not always the biggest fan of Idaho, telling Daily Mail, “I wasn’t the biggest fan of life in Idaho. It is beautiful and Christmas is nice there, but it was pretty cold…” but the most important thing to take away from this story is that their parents were willing to move away from the spotlight to give their children some semblance of normalcy. In the same interview, Rumer mentioned that she was grateful to her mother for not working to be there with them, and years later, it was her sister, Scout’s turn to praise their mom.

Scout took to social media to write how it was incredible “that every day, every year I can be more grateful to have you as my mother!" She continued, "I would not be the woman I am without your patient guidance. You are the coolest, weirdest, most incredible person I know…”

6 Demi Moore Didn’t Mind Leaving Behind A Life Of Glitz And Glamour To Raise Her Girls

Via Tallulah Willis Instagram

Demi Moore has made some memorable films, including Ghost, and A Few Good Men. She was an A-list actress and in demand, but she was OK with leaving all of that behind to focus on raising her daughters, away from the limelight.

“When I realized I needed to be with my kids in one place for whatever amount of time, it didn’t feel like a risk,” she told People, referring to her profession. “It was just that my children were important to me. They were little, aged from about five to 11. It wasn’t about: am I giving up work? It was about: my children are important to me.”

5 It Has Been Hard For Rumer To Be Compared To Her Mom

Via Tallulah Willis Instagram

Growing up with famous parents was not always positive for Rumer Willis because it actually made it even harder for her to feel like she had accomplished anything on her own. “Just because I was their kid, I started getting attention before my own work got recognition,” she told People.

But she also struggled with image because her mom is celebrated for her beauty. She told  In Touch (via Heavy), “My mom is a stunning woman, and everyone compared me to her... People were [mean]. I was awkward. I didn’t feel comfortable with how I looked…”

4 Tallulah Has Battled With Self-Doubt (But She Speaks To Her Sisters About It)

Via Tallulah Willis Instagram

As mentioned above, all of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters have had their own struggles, but they have turned their lives around and they are proud of the people they are becoming. Tallulah found that she turned to art as an outlet, and despite having an art show, she also told Allure that she sometimes still has moments of self-doubt, or as she referred to it, the voice of a “mean little gremlin.” Luckily, she has her sisters to speak to about these feelings.

“I often speak to my sisters about that [voice],” she told the publication. “We’ve come to the idea that it’s not about ignoring it or shutting it up. It’s about acknowledging that the voice is there but it’s not serving me... I know it’s there and I can prepare myself.”

3 They Have Lived In Many, Many Places (Especially When They Were Young)

Via Scout Willis Instagram

Being the children of two high-profile celebrities gave Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, the opportunity to travel and see some of the most beautiful places in the world. Their parents' success allowed them to travel, and Rumer Willis told People that she has seen some of the most “incredible places.” But they were also constantly moving because of their parents' schedules, something which Scout spoke about in an interview with StyleLikeU (via The List).

"Up until I was in the third grade… we'd live somewhere for three or four months at a time because my parents were working," she said. “We got to live in like Luxembourg and Las Vegas and Tennessee... I feel like we were very nomadic."

2 For This Super Close Bunch, Family Is Everything, And They Have Publicly Voiced This

Via Rumer Willis Instagram

If we ever needed proof of the close bond that this family share, then we have it, thanks to Scout Willis, who wanted to make her feelings towards her family very clear (and also very public). She took to social media to share a series of throwback photos, which included pics of her parents and Rumer in the ‘90s, a photo of her sisters, and a photo of herself with Tallulah, and although the photos show them clearly looking happy and relaxed together, it was the caption that really stood out.

“Feeling very grateful for my family today. Feeling very appreciative of our love and support for one another,” she wrote.

1 Tallulah’s Sisters Feel As Though She Has A Bright Light Inside Of Her

Via Scout Willis Instagram

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters have a close bond, and they often praise each other on social media, sharing their love for one another and expressing just how much family and sisterhood means to them. Scout shared a particularly sweet post about her younger sister, Tallulah, writing about how she is so “grateful that her soul chose mine to be sisters and best friends in this lifetime.”

She went on to discuss how honored she feels to be given the opportunity to watch her sister “blossom into the majestic creature” she is, adding that her “light shines brighter every day, every year every moment.”

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