20 Things Picked Up By Nest Cams

Nowadays, almost everyone has some sort of home security system. You can't really be too safe with so many thieves out there. Cameras are a great way to not only make sure your home is safe but to keep an eye on your pets or kids when you're not in the room.

A lot of people looking for a camera system, go with the Nest brand. With those cameras recording every moment of your home interior or exterior, there's no telling what you'll end up seeing when you run back the tape.

We found the most surprising, funny and awe-inspring nest cam footage on the internet. While all of it will illicit a different reaction, at the end of the day, it's all pretty crazy.

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20 Force of nature

Holy !#@$. #MysterySolved

A post shared by nest (@nest) on

Where there's thunder, there's lightning. Usually, you simply see a lightning strike from afar and pray it didn't hit in whatever direction you're headed. There are some people unfortunate enough to be living right by where the bolt of electricity came down.

Take the people who own this Nest cam, for example. You can a huge blast of lightning come down right across the street. If they'd been standing on the corner, they may have even felt the heat from it. It looks like it made a direct hit to a tree, which ended up toppling, as smoke started rising from where the bolt struck.

If the owners of this Nest cam weren't home at the time, we can only imagine their surprise (and fear) when they saw this in their footage. We're betting they'll stay inside the next time it rains.

19 Bad crash

It can be scary when your car starts to lose control. Sure, you've been schooled on what to do before, but it's different when you're in that moment. Everything you've learned about what to do with your hands and which pedals to press is lost as you start to panic. We can only imagine how terrifying it has to be to watch your car careening toward a light pole and have absolutely no control over what will happen.

There were some sparks flying, which probably means the driver was hitting the brakes, but thankfully the car looks like it didn't hit the pole too hard. It's still just a very scary moment to watch. We hope the driver was OK.

18 Somebody's fired

It's hard to even piece together what's happening here at first. Of course, the biggest thing that stands out is the car slamming into someone's pool. If you watch it a couple of more times, you realize that somebody really fell down on their job.

It looks like someone was towing the car, probably either to be fixed or to be repossessed if the owner isn't paying their bills. Well, the vehicle apparently wasn't secured properly because it broke free from the restraints and made a beeline right for that pool. You can see the poor tow truck driver chasing after it. But it's going way too fast for him to catch up. We can't imagine how much money the company had to pay for the car and the damage to that backyard.

17 Very well done

Alright, we've all been there before. We start cooking what will be the most perfect dinner ever, but then get distracted. (You can't expect us to stand against the allure of our favorite Netflix show when it's just getting good!) Before you now it, you start smelling smoke and realize that your perfect dinner is now kindling for a blaze that could burn your whole house down. We feel pretty bad for this woman, who'll now need to make alternate plans for dinner...and probably keep her windows open for a few hours to get the smoky smell out of her house. It looks like she made the mistake of trying to keep her pizza warm by putting it in the oven—and then turning it on. Cardboard will catch on fire, as she learned the hard way. We hope she got it out before it did any damage to her home. It was probably a scary moment, but at least it made for a good Nest cam video.

16 The postman always crashes twice

And the Nestie for Best Stunt goes to: “Priority Mail.” #TheNesties 🏆

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What exactly is going on here? It all goes by so fast, so it's a little difficult to tell what exactly happened. It's not like mail carriers speed through neighborhoods, dropping off mail as they go, but without someone behind the wheel, the tiny vehicle will pick up speed.

It looks like there was someone in the driver's seat, but they bailed when they saw the car heading for someone's home.

We can't imagine what must have gone wrong with the mechanics of that car for it to lead to the mail carrier being forced to literally jump out of the car to save themselves. We wish this camera was placed a little closer to that garage on the left, so we can see what happened next. We can imagine it resulted in some damage to that home and Uncle Sam had to foot the bill.

15 Bump in the night

there really are #monsters under the bed #😳 @nest #caughtonnestcam

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So, what the last thing you want to see when you check on your children via the Nest camera you set up in their bedroom? Probably some sort of creature crawling out from under their crib with glowing eyes. That's exactly what these parents saw when they checked in on their little one. We cannot imagine how freaked out they must have been at first. Thankfully, it just turned out to be the family's cat. But we bet all kinds of crazy scenarios were going through their heads, as they started to think about what they could use as a weapon to battle that monster. We're sure they check under the bed before leaving their little one to sleep now. You know, just in case there's something scarier than a cat lurking under there.

14 The great escape

Everyone with siblings knows you'll fight from time to time, but no one really has your back like blood. That starts from a very young age, as we can see here. Bryan Lanning caught his two boys having a bonding moment on the family's Nest cam.

When his baby starts crying, the older brother (who's just a toddler himself) jumps in to help.

It looks like this might not be his first rodeo, either. He takes a chair and places it in the crib. The toddler then crawls in and arranges the chair, so it's easy for his little brother to get into. He jumps out and then coaxes his baby brother to get onto the chair and then jump into his arms. It isn't the smoothest landing, but big brother is proud of his little bro for getting free. Anyone else feel like calling their siblings right now and letting them know how much they mean to them?

13 Nothing to wake up over

Parents know it can be really hard to get kids to take a nap. It can be even harder to get them to do it without waking up at every sound. Some parents spend 18 years tip-toeing around the house every time their kid goes to sleep. Well, it looks like these parents definitely don't have that problem.

Apparently, there's some sort of home improvement project going on upstairs or they just have really weak flooring because a leg crashes through the ceiling. It takes the youngest kid a moment to wake up and realize what's going on, but the older kid doesn't even flinch! His little sibling has to wake him and let him know they may need to check on what's happening upstairs. We imagine this probably ended with a call to the fire department to get this leg freed.

12 Fiery night

The Thomas Fire was once the largest in California history. It burned more than 280,000 acres, which is an area bigger the cities if Dallas and Miami combined. It took firefighters more than a month to get it all under control, but not before it destroyed many homes and businesses in its path.

This Nest owner caught the flames on camera. They were apparently surrounding their house, burning their neighbor's yard across the street and their own home's backyard. It looks like they may have been some of the thousands of evacuees forced to leave for their own safety. Thankfully, the homeowner says their house was spared by the flames. A lot of other people weren't so lucky.

11 Alien invasion?

Santa? #caughtonNestCam 🎅🏻

A post shared by nest (@nest) on

We've all seen something in the sky that we couldn't readily identify. You may be a little ashamed to admit it, but your first thought was probably whether you should be worried about some sort of Independence Day extraterrestrial invasion. We can't say if there's life out there, but things like what was caught on this Nest cam definitely make us wonder. It was probably just a meteor falling from space, but it could've also been the aliens looking for intelligent life on this planet. Apparently, they didn't find any since we haven't seen anything about it on the news. Or they could just be scoping us out to find our weaknesses before an attack. Before you judge us, notice that the caption on the Instagram post even believes it might be Santa.

10 Safe travels

#lynx was under the F250 #bigkitty #justpassingthrough #caughtonnestcam @nest

A post shared by JT (@jtakm3) on

Every day, we walk outside of our house to get in the car, check the mail, take out the trash, etc. Usually, we don't see anything more than the neighborhood kids riding their bicycles or that nosy lady across the street peeking at us from her living room window.

Since we're often tucked cozy in our beds at night, we don't usually see what's lurking in the dark while we're counting sheep.

This family probably wasn't happy to discover that a lynx was creeping around their property in the middle of the night. Just imagine what could've happened if they'd gone to take out the trash or get something out of their car. They would've come face-to-face with a dangerous wild animal. We bet they carry pepper spray around when they go outside now...just in case.

9 Phantom rider?

Grounded for life. #MysterySolved

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We have to imagine that a child is behind this fiasco. Who else would turn on the riding lawnmower and just let it wreak havoc all over the backyard without trying to chase it down? Only a kid who didn't want to get in trouble would do something like this. It seems like someone turned it on and, instead of getting in the seat and steering it around, just let it go forth and destroy this family's property. The swingset and garden were casualties of this lawmower's aimless journey. These riding mowers can be dangerous, so it could've been a lot worse. Can you imagine how big of a punishment this kid ended up getting for this? They're probably grounded for the rest of their life. Or at least until they have to leave for college.

8 We all fall

Delivery drivers are often on a tight schedule. They have a lot of packages to deliver and it has to be done in a certain window of time. When you track that latest Amazon order and it says "out for delivery," that means there's a delivery driver somewhere frantically trying to get it to your doorstep before you call customer service, demanding to know why it's taking so long.

Since they're often rushed, they may have to grab the packages and race them to your doorstep to save time.

This delivery driver was apparently in too big of a hurry. They made a dash for the door, only to fall down right next the family's bushes. Hopefully, the driver was OK and nothing in the package was breakable.

7 Slow-motion crash

Riding a bicycle can be a scary pursuit when you're older. As a kid, your parents probably barely let you leave the driveway. It was annoying at the time, but you had a lot less to worry about when it came to your safety. If you enjoy bicycling as an adult, you have to worry about things like cars and the occasional aggressive dog that ends up chasing you for six blocks before giving up. Then, there's always the chance that something like this will happen. A bicyclist was making good time down the street, when another one pulled out in front of him without looking. The resulting collision looks like it hurt, especially for the guy with no shirt on to protect him from getting scraped up on the asphalt. Look where you're going next time, dude.

6 It's not a slide

Stairs are really only hard when you're a toddler or a small dog. If you're past the age of 4 years old, you should be able to use them with very little difficulty. That's especially true if you're going down the stairs because it's a lot less tiring on your body. Anyone who's ended up out of breath after climbing a few flights of stairs can attest to the truth in that statement.

It looks like this person hasn't learned how to properly go down the steps in front of this house.

We're not sure if they were just going too fast and missed a step or if there was possibly ice around, but the bottom line is that they weren't paying attention. That resulting in them falling and somehow sliding down the rest of the steps. We hope the family replays this and laughs about how something so simple ended with this guy breaking a hip.

5 A grizzly day

You know what's worse than seeing a bear walk right next to your house? It would probably be seeing a bear run right next to your house. We can definitely see why this family wanted to live in a more rural area. You can see how beautiful the scenery is and it looks like there may be some mountains in the background. There are definitely perks to living around so much natural beauty. But can you really think of any of them the moment you look at your Nest cam and realize a huge bear was hanging out just feet away from your car? What if you'd been leaving the house when this happened? That bear would've had you for breakfast. The worst part—that would've been caught on camera, too.

4 Just horsing around

There are a lot of things you expect to see going down your street. Often, it's probably just cars as neighbors come to and from work or maybe someone lurking around trying to steal packages off of people's porches. We'd bet seeing a trio of horses galloping through your neighborhood is not on that list of things you expect to see outside of your door. As you can tell, that came true for this person and we just have a lot of questions. Mostly, we want to know if these horses are wild or if they escaped from a nearby stable. Also, we'd like to know if anyone ever caught them or if they're now living free somewhere on a prairie like the horses in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

3 An eight-legged visitor

We agree with this homeowner. The only realistic solution for him after seeing this video is to grab a match and set the whole house on fire. That's the only way he can guarantee that this spider is really dead and won't harm him or his family. We bet he set the camera up at that angle to catch any thieves that might come into his home to steal something. But what he ended up finding out is that there's a pretty massive spider making its home near the ceiling and that it apparently thought the best way to make its presence known was by climbing up the Nest cam monitor. This spider will be in for a rude awakening when its new home goes up in flames. But that's really the only option here.

2 Good thing they have nine lives

They have 9 lives for a reason. Peppa, the fearless kitty #caughtonNestCam.

A post shared by nest (@nest) on

Every cat owner with a balcony will probably keep that patio door locked after seeing this scary moment. The feline heads onto the railing, which it's probably done a million times before, but loses its footing and almost falls. Thankfully, this kitty, apparently named Peppa, managed to keep a hold on the rail a jump back to safety. It looks like Peppa lives on the fifth floor, so the cat definitely wouldn't have survived a fall from such a great height. We hope that after the family saw this, they made sure to keep Peppa far away from the balcony and in the safety of their home. This was way too close of a call and excuse us as we need to take a puff of our inhaler.

1 Shattering the glass

If you have a lot of large glass windows in your house, a bird will fly into them. Actually, if you only have one or two large glass windows, the same will happen. Birds just don't seem to realize that it's not a clear path until it's too late. Maybe they don't have the best sight?

We've seen them run into some pretty dirty windows, so we can't imagine why they would've have realized it wasn't a clear route.

We can't really put that to this bird because the window it slammed into was pretty clean. But it looks like it may have shattered it a bit on impact. We hope the bird was alright. Usually, they're a little stunned, but can get back to flying after recovering for a few moments.

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