20 Things That Really Happened On The Set Of Orange Is The New Black

As the chorus of the Orange Is The New Black theme song goes, "You've got time," and Orange Is The New Black fans know this to be true; the seventh season of the Netflix series recently premiered, which means fans have had plenty of binge-watching hours to spend with the ladies of Litchfield! The series premiered back in 2013, capturing the hearts of countless Netflix subscribers and gained attention for its real-life inspiration; its story was based on the memoir of Piper Kerman.

The fictionalized depiction of Kerman's story includes a cast of characters with their own personal plotlines brought to life by Orange Is The New Black's eclectic cast. Not only do the cast members have clear on-screen chemistry, they clearly enjoy each other's company behind-the-scenes! Why do the OITNB cast members have so much fun, we may ask? Here are 20 behind-the-scenes stories from Litchfield.

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20 Uzo Aduba Was 'Crazy' Late To Her Audition

via ABC News

From the moment Susanne "Crazy Eyes" is introduced, we can tell "Crazy Eyes" is full of personality! Personality isn't limited to "Crazy Eyes" as a character; her real-life counterpart, Uzo Aduba, possesses some unique personality traits, herself!

Aduba started her experience out on set with a bang! She was late to her audition for Orange Is The New Black. Luckily timeliness didn't affect her role!

19 Danielle Brooks Was Nervous About This 'Taystee' Element

via Instagram

From the intricate episode plotlines to the overall setting of the series, the show can be a tough watch!

For Danielle Brooks, she wrestled with accepting her role because it required her to be nude at times. Brooks told The Hollywood Reporter, "I almost didn’t take the job because I thought I had to be topless. I thought it was going to affect my career."

18 The Cast Loves Hanging Out Together

via Spotlight Online

We would be justified in thinking the mood around Litchfield would be quite dark based upon the daily shenanigans of the Litchfield ladies, but judging upon the legions of social media photos shared among the cast, the Litchfield ladies legitimately love each other, IRL!

ONITB's characters aren't allowed to have much fun, but behind-the-scenes, it's quite the opposite! The cast frequently enjoys hanging out together.

17 Jason Biggs Hangs Out With The Ladies

via Collider

Fan commentary surrounding Piper's ex-husband Larry has evoked mixed reactions among the Orange Is The New Black fandom, but Larry's IRL counterpart, Jason Biggs, seems to pay no mind to the conversation; Biggs was too busy hanging out and having fun with the Litchfield ladies behind-the-scenes!

Biggs revealed to Glamour how tight the cast is. He said, "These girls have the best time..."

16 The Show Was Filmed Near A Famous Street

via Denver7

When opposite worlds collide, an odd occurrence is almost always expected! The combination of the residents of Litchfield and the residents of Sesame Street would inevitably cause some raised eyebrows!

Behind-the-scenes media magic can inspire cool coincidence. Sesame Street is located pretty close to Litchfield; the iconic children's series is filmed at the same studio, according to Glamour! Could Elmo hang with Nicky?

15 Samira Wiley Found Love Behind The Scenes

via The Independent

No matter the circumstance, meeting your true love can be an integral and beautiful part of your life story! For Samira Wiley (Poussey), she met her other half just down the hall; Wiley found love with Lauren Morelli, who wrote on Orange Is The New Black.

Not only is their marriage close to home, its origin reflects similarities to Orange's Is The New Black's plot!

14 Laura Prepon Almost Left The Show

via The Hollywood Reporter

What would Piper's storyline be without her soulmate Alex? Alex's absence was almost a reality. Her IRL counterpart, Laura Prepon, felt hesitant about committing to the role for understandable reasons.

Prepon revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, "I didn't want to go on to another full six-year contract just yet." Executive producer Tara Herrmann, added, "We had been working on writing Alex out of the show."

13 Natasha And Dascha Walked Dogs Behind The Scenes

via Twitter

When the plot of Orange Is The New Black is intense, the cast knows an activity or two to clear their minds after a hard day at work!

Natasha Lyonne and Dascha Polanco were captured out in the wild taking a stroll with precious pups. Natasha Lyonne preserved the moment with a social media picture. How sweet is this?

12 The Fictional Ladies Of Litchfield Aren't The Only Prisoners

via Wordpress

Authenticity will not only legitimize a piece of art but can make it more enjoyable for fans!

The creators of Orange Is The New Black were extremely careful to preserve the show's subject matter with believability. Bringing the subject of incarceration to life on screen is a delicate process, no doubt. The opening credits of the show exhibit authenticity; the sequence features once incarcerated individuals.

11 The Cast Knows About Your Binging Habits

via Digital Spy

Blink twice and you'll miss it! Who among us has eagerly pressed "play" in anticipation of an Orange Is The New Black marathon from the sound of the key unlocking a cell?

Many of us are familiar with the concept of binge-watching, and the "big wigs" are aware of our habits! According to Bride's Blush, Netflix is tailoring Orange Is The New Black for us!

10 Danielle Brooks Felt Insecure Behind-The-Scenes

via Glitter Magazine

Acting can be a tricky profession. Sometimes actors may have to suppress integral parts of themselves in order to bring their characters to life. Behind the curtain, however, actors are not their well-known characters!

Danielle Brooks may play over the top and extremely sure of herself, Taystee, but underneath her character, is an actress who has described herself as feeling "insecure" on set.

9 'Poussey' Is A Bilingual Lady

via Pinterest

Poussey Washington's storyline chronicled a woman who had experienced so much beyond her years, whether due to her past circumstances or life behind bars. In order to bring Poussey's story to life, Samira Wiley invested lots of preparation for her portrayal of Poussey.

Wiley revealed to The Guardian she had experience speaking other languages, just like Poussey! She said she "felt prepared" for the task.

8 Taryn Manning Did Some Holy Research

via Celebrity Insider

When a character has a defining personality trait, making sure the actress who brings her to life knows how to translate their performance from paper to the silver screen!

Taryn Manning's character Pennsatucky is enamored with her faith, sometimes much to the detriment of her fellow inmates. Manning made sure to prepare by educating herself over women of faith. Taryn had to "dig" for information!

7 Natasha Lyonne Is A Behind-The-Scenes Bookworm

via Pinterest

Passing the time during busy days of shooting can be rare and precious, so it's understandable the cast of one of the most popular shows of all time would want to spend their downtime doing something enjoyable!

For Natasha Lyonne, she still turns pages, but not pages of a script! Lyonne revealed to InStyle she likes to read while the cameras aren't rolling.

6 The Cast Adores Danielle Brooks' Talent

via Jetss

We now know the ladies of Litchfield spend their time off-camera learning new languages, diving into books, and documenting their time together. One fun activity the gals do behind-the-scenes? Listen to Danielle Brooks bust out a tune!

When asked by InStyle who among the cast knows how to carry a tune best, the resounding answer was Danielle. It's not surprising; Brooks has Broadway experience!

5 The Writers Studied An Extremely Important Location

via YouTube

It almost goes without saying you've got to go straight to the source in order to paint an authentic picture!

Putting yourself in someone's shoes can help us all understand their story, and the Orange Is The New Black cast went to work and listened to the stories of incarcerated women when they visited a women's prison and learned some insider tips from staff members.

4 The Costume Designers Used IRL Inspiration

via NewsLocker

Not only did the writers of Orange Is The New Black go straight to the source for inspiration, they made sure to incorporate real elements of incarceration into the show.

We know Litchfield has a strict clothing policy for its residents, it's understandable that unique elements were required for the show's wardrobe. According to Mental Floss, "Subtle touches that serve to set the characters apart" help!

3 This Cast Member Spent Time Behind The Camera

via Reddit

We know Alex Vaus commands a room each time she appears on the screen, but did you know who else knows a thing or two about capturing everyone's attention?

Laura Prepon has experience; she has been in the director's chair for a few episodes of Orange Is The New Black! According to Hollywood Reporter, directing an episode had been on Prepon's mind for a while!

2 A Major Tidbit Was Kept From The Cast

via Twitter

It's understandable an actor would want to know each and every possible detail about his or her character so their performance can be perfectly presented to the audience!

For the Orange Is The New Black cast, one major detail surrounding their characters' respective stories was withheld. According to Kate Mulgrew, "A lot of us don't know what our crime is." Talk about using your imagination!

1 Sometimes Being On Set Is Painful For The Actresses

via Jetss

Having different experiences can only help an actor be able to improve and master their craft and for Taylor Schilling, certain experiences can even be a bit painful!

Schilling once revealed filming an intimate scene lead her to experience an injury; you wouldn't be able to witness this type of extremely real human moment of imperfection on camera! Schilling revealed filming came to a halt.

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