20 Things Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Choose To Stay Hush Hush About

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. Rumors have it that the couple began dating while filming The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011. Shortly after the film, they visited Paris together and this remained as the only confirmation that the two were dating for some time. Their dating life has pretty much been a secret since then.

They rarely make public appearances together and most aspects of their life are not very well-known. The couple did an excellent job of hiding their romance, baby bumps and even their supposed wedding in 2016. They never panic when they encounter paparazzi but the few times they have been photographed nothing much has been divulged. The couple has only recently begun opening up about their lives together and here is what little is known about the pair.

20 The Duo’s Love Interests

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Eva Mendes has played a love interest for many in different films but her love life offset has been somewhat of a mystery. According to screenrant.com, Ryan has dated famous women among them, Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams. However, he has never been specific about why he chose to settle with Eva but he seems certain that Eva Mendes is the one.

19 Their Take On Marriage

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For the longest time, Eva did not want to get married nor have kids as revealed by Women’s Health. Marriage was not in the cards for her until she met Ryan who showed her that that life was a possibility. Ryan, on the other hand, kept himself busy with work and would only agree to have babies after meeting the one.

18 Their Longtime Friendship

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Previous stories of how the couple first met indicate that Eva and Ryan met on the set of The Place Beyond The Pines but this is not true. During an interview with oprahmag.com, Eva contradicts this by saying that she and Ryan knew each other way before they worked together in the film.

17 Their First Dates

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Ryan and Eva’s friendship may have made it easy for them to get close to each other when they were filming The Place Beyond The Pines. Immediately after the project as disclosed on us.hola.com, the new couple visited Disneyland Paris. Eva was at the time filming Holy Motor and Ryan was only in Paris to see Eva.

16 The Duo’s Relationship

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Eva and Ryan are notoriously private. They rarely go out together. The couple has attended very few red carpet events together despite their relationship being out in the open. Nonetheless, this is how they have been since they began dating. According to elle.com, the two are MIA in Hollywood because they are probably busy taking care of their two daughters.

15 Their Pregnancies

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Eva and Ryan were so good at hiding their relationship and even better at hiding both of Eva’s pregnancies. The world got to know of her pregnancies when they were already far along in both instances. According to screenrant.com, Eva would pretend to fondle with her bag or laundry whenever she encountered the paparazzi in order to hide her bump.

14 The Couple’s Daughters

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Eva and Ryan have two kids together. Esmeralda Gosling was born in September 2014 and Amada Gosling was born in April 2016. The pair rarely post pictures of their babies or talk about them. Oprahmag.com says that the two girls do not even know that daddy and mommy are celebrities. Eva also mentioned that they do not get ready for Hollywood events in front of the kids.

13 Birthday Celebrations

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Just to show you how private Eva and Ryan are, Esmeralda, their first-born daughter celebrated her first birthday in the presence of her close family only. The quiet celebration as etonline.com refers to it occurred at their family home in Los Angeles. There were no other kids present at the birthday.

12 Their Wedding

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Although Ryan and Eva have never revealed any information about their wedding, people believe that the pair got married in 2016 in the presence of close family and friends. If the wedding really happened then it's one of the couple’s major secrets as mentioned by graziadaily.com. The couple still appears to be madly in love with each other.

11 How They Raise Their Kids

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Eva spent the first years with her newborn cooped up in the house. She only started sharing her experiences as a mom recently. The most she has ever spoken about her daughters was during an interview with Kelly Clarkson on her daytime show. One story she shared as reported on usweekly.com is how she has to pack lots of snacks in her purse even for a short ride to the market.

10 Just How Controlling They Are

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Kelly Clarkson did a very good job of getting Eva to divulge as much information about what has been happening in Eva and Ryan’s world especially after they became parents. According to usweekly.com, Eva admits that they are controlling parents. However, they occasionally let their daughters make simple decisions like what to wear.

9 Ryan’s Request For Eva Mendes To Be His Co-Star

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Ryan was the one first cast to appear in The Place Beyond The Pines. The director of the movie was having a hard time casting the role of Romina who was to play alongside Ryan’s character. Ryan saw an opportunity to work with Eva and recommended Eva for the role. As reported by screenrant.com, Eva did a good job in her interview that the director gave her the role on the spot.

8 Their Chaotic Life With Kids

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The Goslings have never hired a nanny since their two girls were born. They normally get assistance from their relatives who stay close by. However, Eva admits on eonline.com that taking care of her kids is sometimes overwhelming that she eats her breakfast at lunchtime and at times out of the pan instead of a plate.

7 Eva’s Contribution In Lost River

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Ryan kickstarted his career as a director in the fantasy/drama film, Lost River. Most people do not know that Eva Mendes also helped direct the movie. She not only played the character Kat, according to screenrant.com, but she also did a lot of work behind the scenes. Eva assisted with costume designs and choosing outfits for the movie characters as well.

6 Eva's Preference To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

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Eva has had a successful career in Hollywood. She has appeared in top films such as The Fast and the Furious and Hitch. However, her most rewarding role has been motherhood. Screenrant.com says that the mother of two would rather spend time with her girls than attend red carpet events.

5 Plans About Buying A House

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The Goslings were very secretive about their relationship, their pregnancies, life with kids and they are not about to share their plans of getting a new family home. The two have always been city folks but were it not for the fact that People Magazine spotted them shopping for a house in LA, people would not have learned of this information.

4 The Qualities Ryan Looks For In A Woman

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Ryan has never been vocal about his relationship with Eva. Hello! Canada once asked him about the qualities he admired about his wife; his response was short, simple and direct: “that she is Eva Mendes.” The only other time he commented about Eva was when he was receiving a Golden Globe Award for best actor in La La Land in 2017.

3 Eva’s Contribution In La La Land

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Ryan Gosling starred in the 2016 musical film La La Land that almost worn the Best Pictures Award at the Oscars. While having a casual conversation with his wife one evening, Eva joked about how people in LA worship everything and value nothing. Ryan thought her observation was very hilarious but truthful that he requested his producers to add the line in the movie. According to screenrant.com, the line is one of the movie's iconic lines.

2 The Other Film They Did Together

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Many people believe that Eva and Ryan met and began their romance in 2011 while filming The Place Beyond The Pines. What most people do not know as revealed by womenshealthmag.com is that in the same year the couple also worked together on a Christmas Special. Appearing as a couple in another gig was too much of a coincidence and should have sparked dating rumors.

1 The Goslings' Future Plans

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Although Eva seems eager to talk about the joys of parenthood and give bits and pieces of information about her kids, the Goslings are still evasive about their future plans. Eva is juggling her clothing line with being a stay at home mom. On the other hand, according to eonline.com, Ryan has been seen hanging out with a director of Thor and Flash.

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