20 Things Tesla Drivers Do That Annoy The Rest Of Us

Elon Musk may go down in history as a man who changed the automotive industry and perhaps even the world. He’s led the charge for electrical cars as the Tesla is acknowledged as one of the best on the market. Not only are they top-notch speedsters, but also very stylish cars and have been improving with each new model.

There are complaints about how they’re too upscale, however, the upcoming line of trucks should correct that. Many who drive a Tesla will freely admit to how great they are as high-end cars with some nice style.

Sadly, every car type also has a rather obnoxious set of behaviors in their owners. Tesla owners are no exception and, most times, they can be even worse than Bugatti or Subaru owners. They will brag non stop about their Tesla models and act as if they’re somehow superior people just for driving them. They will flaunt the rules of the road, engage in reckless and often dangerous behavior, and seem to think the rules don’t apply to them.

As great as Teslas may be, here are 20 things their owners do that makes it very easy for other drivers to dislike these cars.

20 Hypermiling


In theory, hypermiling isn’t a bad idea. The intent is to improve a car's fuel efficiency by reducing the demands placed on the engine. It’s been proven in studies that proper hypermiling can improve the fuel economy by nearly 40 percent. The keyword here is “proper.”

Tesla owners believe proper hypermiling methods include major tailgating, driving at least ten miles below the speed limit, and refusing to change lanes no matter what. Too many of them try to set records which is just aggravating to surrounding drivers.

19 Erratic Driving


One of the biggest issues with AV cars is how the brake and accelerator pads seem to have been borrowed from a golf cart. It often takes just the smallest touch to set the car roaring ahead or stopping fast. That’s without the issue of power regeneration starting too soon. This contributes to how drivers can be very erratic, stopping and starting in sudden moves and often snaking around the highway. That they don’t grasp how poorly they drive is even worse.

18 Think They’re All-Terrain

Via Teslarati

A great thing about electric cars is that they’re easier to configure for snow driving thanks to how they can use another engine at the axles rather than routing power through a driveshaft between the two axles.

Too many Tesla owners assume that their cars can handle any terrain like a 4X4. This ignores how Tesla wheels aren't designed to handle snowy conditions thanks to the low-end torque and inferior tires. An easy way to ruin a Tesla is to drive it somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

17 Tablet Times


Many states have banned cell phone use in cars because of their obvious dangers. To be fair, many Tesla owners comply by using a Bluetooth device for talking on the road. Somehow, using a full-scale tablet set on the dashboard is perfectly okay. This means a driver can yak on his device while typing on a huge iPad and only give the road an occasional glance.

Cars are not meant to be mobile office spaces yet Tesla owners can’t leave that work at home.

16 The Elitist Attitude


There’s a factor of smugness among some high-end car owners. Ferrari and Lamborghini guys come easily to mind boasting of how superior they are to other car buyers. Tesla owners take it to a whole new level.

Any car, no matter how powerful or reliable it is, is automatically inferior to a Tesla. It doesn’t matter if such cars can leave a Tesla in the dust in speed or go years without a major engine problem – they’re just second-rate. That elitist attitude is one of the most annoying parts of the Tesla culture

15 Being “So Clean”


Tesla owners tend to brag even more than a supercar driver. They can boast about things such as how great their cars look and will even show off their interiors. It’s supposed to attest to how superior their vehicles are and kept in such pristine condition.

It really comes off as a bunch of jerks who can ignore how their car performs as long as it looks nice so they can act like a clean car is proof of how amazing they are as people.

14 Boasting About Their Income

Via: greencarreports.com

We get it. To own a Tesla means you have to have lots of money. Do we need that reminder constantly thrown in our faces by drivers?

Many Tesla owners can’t go five minutes without discussing how much money they have to not only afford a Tesla but make sure it’s in great conditions – not to mention the additions they put on it. Most people don’t care how much money someone else has, yet Tesla owners practically flaunt their bank statements in a conversation.

13 Bad Parking Skills


We all know how annoying it is to see some obnoxious car owner (such as Subaru and Ferrari owners) taking up two parking spots rather than just one. Tesla owners seem to think parking lines are merely light suggestions. Perhaps it’s the autopilot messing it up; still, owners will go over the lines constantly and won’t even apologize to other drivers for preventing people from using a handicapped space properly.

12 Boasting They’re Flawless

via Tesla Motors Club

This photo has become a source of much laughter in automotive circles. What better slam on a Tesla than showing it being towed by a Renault Twizy?

Tesla owners seem to believe that the huge costs of the car means that it's better than other cars when breakdowns are common. Consumer Reports has made Tesla’s issues a regular feature. A Tesla being towed earns every bit of mockery it gets, as “inferior” smart cars have a better record for reliability.

11 Pick Fights at Charging Stations


One of the best things about EV cars is how most charging stations are like gas stations in “one pump for all.” Tesla can have specific stations but most charging places welcome other EV cars. Too bad Tesla owners don’t. Somehow, they think Tesla gets first crack at any charging station and will hog the space majorly. It doesn’t matter if a Leaf got there first, a Tesla owner will cut them off and demand the space instead.

It’s childish to be fighting over who gets to charge first.

10 Believe They’re Totally Clean


Contrary to popular belief, electric cars are not pollution-free. Yet Tesla owners enjoy bragging about how “clean” they are and ignore just how nasty battery production can be.

In their view, they’re single-handedly saving the planet by owning a car, which is ridiculous. They seem to think an electric car leaves no carbon footprint despite all the data to the contrary and that Tesla’s environmental record is nothing to be proud of.

9 Ignore the Storage Issues


It’s one thing when owners can overwhelm the storage space of the Tesla with too many items like it’s meant for a long road trip. Even worse are the issues of storage of the battery and memory.

Gizmodo noted how the flash memory of some models is burning out which hurts the car’s performance. Also, there’s the battery storage, which has been a key problem of Teslas for years. Like so many other problems with the car, Tesla owners will ignore all the obvious signs to continue to boast how “perfect” these cars are.

8 They Act Entitled


This ties into the arrogance and the status symbol that Teslas have become in automotive circles. An owner will act as if they’re on a higher plane than other drivers just for owning a Tesla and boast about all their high-tech advances. Then they bring it to a standard auto shop and act outraged they don’t have the special high-end equipment needed to repair a minor issue like a broken door handle.

They act as if the shop mechanics should be bending over backwards for them rather than just taking it to an official dealer.

7 Ignore Basic Street Signs


Tesla owners tend to think they own the road. Thanks to autopilot and other tricks, it’s as if the usual traffic laws don’t pertain to them. Stop signs are little more than distractions and they’ll gun through yellow lights with no reservations. They won’t even slow down for construction areas or schools as they believe the rules that every driver has to follow don’t apply for Teslas. The high number of tickets given to them should prove otherwise.

6 Burn Through Tires


One of the oddities of the automotive industry is how tire technology cannot keep pace with advances in horsepower and torque. Various car companies encounter this issue and Tesla is not immune.

The owners will have no problem burning rubber majorly, often to show off those “flawless” engines. This means wearing out the tires faster than other cars and that creates a much bigger environmental issue than a “Gas-guzzler.” It undermines the “eco-friendly” idea when the tires burn through faster than other cars.

5 Assuming Pedestrians Will Yield For Them


The conflicts between drivers and pedestrians are as old as cars themselves. Yet it’s amazing how Tesla drivers will ignore the very natural “yield for pedestrians” laws, even blowing past signs.

Some drivers go the extra mile and claim that pedestrians should be the ones yielding for them. It’s caused some serious accidents and if this isn’t corrected soon, it can put more people in danger. Tesla owners have to realize pedestrians are not some minor annoyance.

4 What Other Electric Cars?


To hear some owners tell it, Tesla is the only electric car on the market. The Spark, Leaf, I-Pace, and others just don’t exist for them. Yes, Tesla is excellent, but various studies in Consumer Report and other forums show they’re on equal par with other EV models.

They also have scores of issues related to battery power, reliability and sometimes, Teslas are worse. But Tesla owners will still dismiss any other EV brand as a “pretender,” which is pretty pretentious.

3 Acting Like They’re F1 Racers

via Motor1

The push of Tesla is in their speed and they are very impressive cars. Too bad the owners have to act like they’re driving in an F1 race when on the highway. They’ll gun the engine and press down on the accelerator as if trying to beat some clock.

The problem is that many drivers vastly overestimate their skills and how to handle these speed machines, which can be dangerous to others around them. Tesla owners need to recognize that speed isn’t everything.

2 Going Autopilot

via Fortune

Self-driving cars are still a flawed science. Tesla owners appear to believe that autopilot means they don’t have to worry about anything. They can just kick back in their seats and check their phones, read a book, or even take a nap. They ignore how autopilot can’t instantly correct from a sudden crash up ahead to someone running into the road. The number of collisions proves how literally falling asleep at the wheel is dangerous to other drivers.

1 No Turn Signals


Like any automobile, a Tesla has turn signals – someone needs to tell the drivers that. Considering Tesla had to file a patent for automatic turn signals reveals just how often drivers refuse to use them. It’s as if they believe the self-driving aspects means other drivers automatically know which direction they will go in and it’s the fault of the other car if there’s a crash.

Not using turn signals can be an issue for other car owners, but Tesla people take it to a new level.

Sources: Reddit.com, thedrive.com, jalopnik.com

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