18 Things Tow Truck Drivers Do That Annoy Everyone

A tow truck – otherwise known as a wrecker, recovery vehicle, breakdown lorry (shout out to the UK) or a breakdown truck – is a vehicle used to move a broken down, impounded or improperly parked automobile. Interestingly, the first tow truck was invented all the way back in 1916, when one guy figured out a way to pull his car out of a creek. Over the years, the truck has improved and now uses a whole host of equipment, including a driver. Yes, the tow truck driver really is one of a kind, and for some reason, is loathed to the extreme by other drivers on the road.

These days, it can be very difficult to employ tow truck drivers, mostly due to the ins and outs of what comes with it. For instance, a tow truck driver is expected to be quick and efficient as well as professional. Furthermore, tow truck drivers are expected to be able to complete almost every single task related to a car that you could think of. And, if that wasn't bad enough, a tow truck driver's life on the road can be exceptionally difficult, mostly due to other drivers getting irritated and angry. Sadly, the job of a tow truck driver can be a thankless one, so let's take a look at 20 things tow truck drivers do that annoy everyone.

18 They Leave Cars As Traps

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Tow truck drivers might not be the nicest guys in the world, but they sure are smart. Yes, tow truckers go to extreme lengths in order to secure that precious vehicle and even go as far as setting traps.

That’s right, one former driver recently let slip that drivers are told to set parked cars on private properties as bait, with the intention of attracting other vehicles, stating, "Normally, these drivers won't grab all the cars from a lot because they don't want people to think there's a strict policy. It's kind of like fishing, you want to keep some bait out there. But when the money's tight, people take every car they can." Harsh.

17 They Offload Unclaimed Cars For Cash

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Tow truck drivers tow every car imaginable, from old bangers to brand new supercars. One former tow truck driver recently revealed that the nicer the car is, the less likely that the owner will show up to pay, stating, "Sometimes you'd have a fairly new car and under weird circumstances, the people didn't come to claim the actual nice cars."

So what happens to the vehicles? Former tow truckers claim that the companies usually offload the supercars for cash, and usually get away with it due to connections with law enforcement. Furthermore, if the cars aren't sold, they'ew usually gutted for parts, and then sold under the table.

16 They Often Break The Law

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Tow truck drivers somehow manage to get away with a number of things, from breaking into vehicles, charging obscene amounts of money and not following the correct procedure. For instance, over the last few years, tow truck drivers have been accused of failing to properly check the vehicle once they've towed it.

In fact, rules state, that every tow trucker should check the vehicle for people, animals or any dangerous objects before taking it. However, one driver seemingly didn't follow the rules and somehow managed to leave a child in the back the seat. Thankfully, the driver realized after a few blocks but was later charged with child endangerment.

15 They Think They Are Cops

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Tow truck drivers seem to act as if they are authority figures, patrolling the roads and seeking out crimes. To make matters worse, they often dial into police radios so they can get the location of a potential accident. Yet, despite what they may think, they most certainly are not cops and don't have any authority whatsoever.

However, that's not to say that the two don't sometimes cross paths, with cops known to call on tow truckers when they need a little extra help. That's right, rumors claim that the police ask tow truckers to tow potential criminals, providing them with a small fee of course.

14 They Stake Out Apartment Blocks For Fun

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One thing tow truck drivers are known for is their ability to appear from nowhere and leave just as quick. Most tow truckers are familiar with the areas they work in, especially apartment blocks. Yes, tow truckers regularly seek out apartment blocks with the intention of picking up stray vehicles that have seemingly parked in the wrong place.

The best tow truck drivers are the ones who go to places that are usually hidden or off the beaten track. However, this usually upsets the competition, with one former tow trucker claiming, "It's not my fault they haven't been going and checking for cars. They thought no one else would be at that property and little did they know I just rolled up and took all their cars."

13 They Lie To Find Addresses

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These days, tow truck drivers will do anything to get their hands on your vehicles, and will even lie in order to do it. Yes, one of the most important things for a tow truck driver is to find out your address so they can come and take your car. However, sometimes finding an owner's address is not always that easy, therefore, they often lie in order to get it.

That's right, a former tow truck driver recently claimed that drivers have gone to great lengths to get the information they desire, stating, "They might have someone call the guy and tell him something stupid like he's won tickets to something and they want to know where to send them - anything sneaky so they get the guy's address." Now that's commitment!

12 They Seek Out Accidents

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Tow truckers are known for seeking out accidents, so much so that they are now referred to as "wreck chasers." Yes, every day tow truck drivers patrol the streets looking for any signs of an accident, or a car that they can take away and make a quick book.

In fact, one tow truck driver recently revealed that the best accidents are those that involve brand new cars, claiming, "They call it chase driving or wreck chasing, it’s just hustling and working the street, looking for the money. You can’t wait for an invitation. The best are those that are relatively new and insured because I can persuade them to let me tow the wreckage and claim 10% commission on the repairs."

11 They Go Round In Circles To Get More Money

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Tow truck drivers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve, especially when it comes to making a little extra money. In some cases, owners of cars that have been towed have claimed that the tow trucker took them around in circles for up to 45 minutes before finally heading to the direction of the garage. Once there, the tow trucking company then attempts to charge the owner of the vehicle for the gas mileage as well as the cost of the towing the vehicle and storing it for as many days as possible.

Sadly, these kinds of tricks are a common occurrence with tow trucking companies inventing new strategies to get as much cash as possible.

10 They Invent Reasons To Tow

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Tow trucks are often the first to respond to car accidents and usually turn up before the police arrive. In most cases, two or more towing companies swarm the desired vehicle like a pack of wolves hunting their prey. Sadly, this is a common occurrence amongst the towing trucking world, with tow truckers all in competition with one another in order to get the biggest piece of meat. As a result, tow truckers often invent reasons to tow cars away and usually lie to the owners. Sadly, this is extremely common with vehicle owners unable to really do anything about it.

9 They Break Into Vehicles

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Over the years, tow truck drivers have been accused of a number of things, from damaging vehicles to removing cars that had every right to be parked where they were parked. Sadly, tow truck drivers have also been accused of breaking into vehicles, with some people even managing to get it on film.

That's right, one owner recently claimed that he caught a tow trucker breaking into his vehicle to steal a parking pass. The tow trucker then proceeded to tow the car and claim that it was parked on private property. Thankfully, the video was used as evidence to show that it wasn't, with the tow trucker eventually charged with theft.

8 They Are Competitive With Other Tow Truck Drivers

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One of the most annoying things about the tow trucking community is the competitiveness that exists inside it. Yes, rival companies are constantly at each other's throats, hoping to get the most tows and money. However, although it might be part of the job, it’s still extremely unprofessional, especially when four or five different towing companies suddenly turn up uninvited to a car accident on the roads.

In fact, the process is somewhat inhumane, with tow truckers only really concerned about money rather than the safety of those involved in the accident. Sadly, things don't seem to be changing anytime soon.

7 They Go To Extreme Lengths

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Tow truck drivers will go to extreme lengths in order to get your car, from dialing into police radios for news on accidents to having to defend themselves in fights. Yes, tow truck drivers regularly end up in altercations with some more serious than others.

One former tow trucker driver recently claimed that he had been involved in a number of hairy situations, stating, "We kind of walked into a group of people who saw that we had our company tow truck shirts on and a friend got into a little bit of an altercation with them. I was trying to tell everyone to not worry about it and go home, but when I wasn't looking I got a baseball bat to my face." Ouch!

6 They Get Paid Too Much

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It was recently revealed that tow truckers usually make a lot more money than your regular average joe or blue collar job, leading to some people becoming angry due to the nature of a tow truckers work. Furthermore, to rub salt in the wounds of regular folks, tow truck drivers manage to make a lot of money on commission, with many drivers confessing that a large part of their wages comes from their individual commissions.

That's right, it seems that the competitiveness between rival companies is actually true, with large parts of money coming from those who arrive first at the scene of an accident.

5 They Can Be Aggressive

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Tow truck drivers can seemingly do whatever they want. However, there are some rules in place that attempt to keep that at bay. For instance, when towing a car, drivers are expected to everything in their power to remove the vehicle in a safe and organized fashion.

Sadly, not all drivers adhere to this and can be rather aggressive when towing their desired vehicle. Over the years, vehicle owners have claimed that tow truck drivers have damaged the transmission, windscreen, brakes and even the engine, with some even going as far as calling the police and making a formal complaint.

4 They Take Over The Roads

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Tow trucks are annoying for a number of reasons, even when they're standing still. That's right, tow trucks take up the majority of the road and can be extremely difficult to get around. Furthermore, the process of towing seems to take ages, with the tow truck driver seemingly doing their best effort to irritate everybody within a few miles.

Plus, they can also be aggressive, especially when asked to hurry up or move. Then, just to make matters worse, they are even annoying when on the road, and can be dangerous and reckless when driving on highways as well as smaller roads.

3 They Drive Too Fast

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Tow truck drivers are annoying when towing other vehicles and also annoying when driving on the roads. That’s right, tow truck drivers are often criticized for driving too fast, especially on highways.

Speeding tow truckers are a common occurrence, with the pressure of hauling as many cars possible a reason to why so many drivers are caught driving too fast on the roads. Furthermore, the desire to make a quick buck can also influence tow truckers to drive faster, with drivers tempted to push the speed limit in pursuit of the next hustle. Sadly, this results in more accidents, which ironically fills the pockets of rival towers.

2 They Prefer To Work On Saturdays

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Tow trucking companies sure love a good hustle and are full of tricks in order to get a little more cash in their pockets. One well-known trick involves working on Saturdays, with tow truckers said to enjoy working the beginning of the weekend the best. But why? One former tow trucker recently claimed that Saturday was the best day to work, mostly due to the fact that there were more cars parked in places that they shouldn't be and that more accidents occurred. Furthermore, they also stated that because the garage was closed on a Sunday, owners had to wait an extra day to retain their vehicle, which means more money.

1 They Mess Up Traffic

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Tow truckers do a lot of annoying things and have enraged the general public for decades. However, messing up traffic is one of the most irritating and also rather dangerous. That's right, when a tow truck is towing away a vehicle, the process often takes a fair few minutes. As a result, this can usually stop traffic, causing traffic jams and a whole load of angry drivers.

Then, to make matters worse, tow truck drivers are seemingly unapologetic and are only interested in making as much money as possible and irritate the next set of drivers when they find their next victim.

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