20 Shady Things Vince McMahon Has Gotten Away With

Vince McMahon has been creating content for his fans for many years. He is known as one of the most creative and smartest men in the wrestling business. He has spearheaded the WWE into new heights and continued to remain on top for over three decades now.

At the same time though, he is also public enemy number one due all the shady and controversial things that he has done or allowed to happen over the years. He has gotten away with most of them too thanks to others being too afraid to do anything. He is the most powerful man in the company after all.

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20 He Fought His Daughter Just Because She Wouldn’t Step Down As General Manager


Vince has always been big at coming up with some crazy storylines, especially ones involving his children.

One storyline involved his daughter Stephanie when she refused to step down as SmackDown General Manager.

According to therichest.com, Vince forced her to participate in a “I Quit Match” against him. It was a brutal match that ended when her mother, Vince’s wife, threw in the towel, ending the match.

19 He Has Men That Are Too Scared To Say No To Him


There are many people who work for Vince that are afraid to stand up to him due to fear of losing their job, men such as his creative team who help him make decisions.

According to thesportster.com, they are afraid to give Vince their opinions and just say yes to everything and it’s because of these men that it took years for Vince to sign wrestlers such as Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

18 He Created A “God” Character To Spite HBK


Vince has exploited many different things, but it was the character “God” that he made to poke fun of HBK’s newfound faith that was truly controversial.

According to therichest.com, during a match at Backlash, Vince and his son Shane were supposed to fight HBK and God, but it ended up being just a spotlight, which meant Shawn was on his own in a handicap match.

17 He Has Been Creating A Lot Of Drama Between Shane McMahon And Triple H

Baltimore Sun

Right before WrestleMania 32, John Cena became injured and was unable to compete. To create a new entertaining attraction, Vince brought back his son, Shane.

According to thesportster.com, Shane has tried to step into a more creative position backstage since being back, which is causing problems with the creative team and Triple H. Vince lives for problems like this, it leads to free advertisement for WWE.

16 He Ended CM Punk’s Career On What Was Supposed To Be The Best Day Of His Life

We Heart It

There have been quite a few rumors behind the scenes that Vince doesn’t treat his employees very well. For example, the entire CM Punk situation.

According to therichest.com, Punk became fed up with his character development and how no one would listen to him, so he quit.

Vince, being a power-hungry tyrant, decided to get payback and send Punk his termination papers on his wedding day.

15 He Loves To Come Up With Controversial Storylines, Even If They Involve His Family

Wrestling Rumors

Vince used to love his drama filled storylines, especially when they involved his kids.

According to thesportster.com, a few years ago there were rumors that Stephanie was pregnant with her fourth child and Vince decided play on it by saying he was the father. When she said no, he tried to talk her into doing it with her brother instead and yet again, she refused.

14 He Approved A Controversial Storyline Featuring Kane And Deceased Katie Vick


Here goes yet another controversial storyline.

According to therichest.com, back in October 2002, WWE came up with a storyline that involved Kane and deceased Katie Vick.

The story was that Kane had forced himself on her and that Triple H had a video of it that he was going to release, which was actually just him dressed as Kane and doing things with a mannequin in a coffin.

13 He Has Been Trying To Ruin NXT

Cageside Seats

When it comes to NXT, Vince finds it a threat.

According to thesportster.com, over the past few years, Vince has been taking main wrestlers from their roster and moving them to WWE, without replacing them with new talent.

This means less of a chance for NXT to blow WWE out of the water, which seems to not have been working thanks to Triple H’s hard work.

12 He Degraded Trish Stratus On Live Television


Trish Stratus had to put up a lot during her time with WWE.

According to therichest.com, during one storyline where Stephanie absolutely loathed Trish for her relationship with Vince, Vince and Stephanie decided to humiliate her on live television by making her strip, bark like a dog and then dump sewage on her.

11 He Uses His Superstars To Make More Money Whenever Possible


It was obvious that Jinder Mahal received a big push when he became WWE Champion.

Well, according to thesportster.com, Vince only pushed Jinder to try and cash in on the Indian market. His plan failed and during Jinder’s time as champion, the company didn’t bring in as much money as he thought it would.

10 He Faked His Own Death


On June 11, 2007, Vince decided to fake his own demise by getting into a limo and having it blow up.

According to therichest.com, Vince’s goal was to end his character and then have the following episode be a three-hour memorial to him. Sadly, Chris Benoit passed during that time and it ended up being a tribute to him instead.

Vince then announced it was all a hoax.

9 He Has No Problem Signing Wrestlers Just So Other Companies Can’t


When World of Sport announced that they wanted to film a one-off ITV show in October 2016, WWE decided to halt them from cashing in on their audience.

According to thesportster.com, WWE decided to hold a UK Tournament and sign all the big names on the UK scene so that World of Sport was left with a small, less famous roster.

8 He Continued The PPV Over The Edge, Even After Owen Hart’s Horrible Accident

Kayfabe News

May 23, 1999 will go down as one of the darkest days in wrestling history. During the Over the Edge PPV, Owen Hart suffered a horrible accident when a rope that was holding him up in the air snapped and he fell, ending his life in front of a large audience.

According to therichest.com, Vince only stopped the show for 15 minutes before continuing it. Fans were enraged.

7 He Feels Some Of The Women Of The Mae Young Classic Aren't Pretty Enough To Be Given Contracts

The South African

The Mae Young Classic was supposed to prove to the world that women’s wrestling was breaking barriers and women could compete on the same level as the guys.

According to thesportster.com though, there have been reports that Vince considers some of the women not pretty enough to be signed to a full-time WWE contract, setting back the women’s division back a decade.

6 He Completely Betrayed Bret Hart During His Last Match

The Richest

Back in 1997, WWE hosted Survivor Series in Montreal, Canada and one of the matches was Bret Hart VS HBK.

According to therichest.com, Vince decided to change the ending of Bret Hart’s match without his knowledge. When Shawn hit Bret with his finishing maneuver, Vince quickly had the bell called, allowing Shawn to become champion.

Fans and fellow wrestlers were not happy about it.

5 He Likes To Play Favorites

Sports Illustrated

We all know that Vince likes to play favorites and it’s those favorites that always get shoved down our throats.

For example, take Roman Reigns.

According to thesportster.com, Roman is one of Vince’s favorites and no matter how much us as an audience booed him, Vince continued to keep giving him the boost to become the next face of the company.

4 He Had His Own Daughter Crucified On Live Television


Here we go again with another out-of-this-world storyline that involves his family.

According to therichest.com, Vince allowed a storyline involving his daughter and The Undertaker. It started with Taker stalking her, which then led to her abduction, which then ended at Backlash with him crucifying her. After Steve Austin saved her, it was later revealed that Vince was in on the whole thing.

3 There Was The Kiss My Butt Club…..


Ahh, yes. The “Kiss My Butt Club.”

According to thesportster.com, Vince created this club after the WCW Invasion storyline and had William Regal kiss his butt on live television in order to remain in the WWE.

He wasn’t the only one either. There were a few others such as: Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels and even Mick Foley.

2 He Would Rather Bring Back Old School Wrestlers Instead Of Using The Newer Ones He Has Sitting On The Sidelines

CBS Sports

There is no doubt that we love seeing legends like The Undertaker return every now and again.

According to thesportster.com, Vince has brought back a few legends over the past few years such as: Batista, Sting, Goldberg, Kurt Angle and even his son Shane, all because he feels this is what the audience wants.

Meanwhile though, there are numerous new talents being put on the bench because of this.

1 He Dropped The N Word On Live Television And Thought It Was Funny

Pro Wrestling Stories

There is really nothing that Vince McMahon hasn’t done.

According to therichest.com, during a backstage segment on Raw between John Cena and Vince, Vince dropped the N word to Cena by telling him, “keep it up my n*****.”

Vince was later met by Booker T, who was at a total loss for words.

Sources: therichest.com, thesportster.com

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