20 Things We Finally Know About Jenelle Evans And Her Baby Daddies

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has never had much luck when it comes to love. The reality star welcomed a son, Jace, with her boyfriend Andrew Lewis when she was still in high school. But Andrew didn’t stick around long after their son was born. Her relationship with baby daddy no. 2 Nathan Griffith came to an end while their son, Kaiser, was still a baby. And, of course, Jenelle has had infamous relationships with the likes of Kieffer Delp and Courtland Rogers, none of which ended without ton of drama. But the mother-of-three’s most chaotic relationship has hands-down been with her current husband, David Eason, whose controversial antics got them both fired from TM2.

But given that Jenelle recently announced her plans to divorce David, perhaps she’s finally figured out that she’s better off single.

20 Jenelle Recently Filed For Divorce

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At the beginning of November, Jenelle surprisingly revealed she’s planning to file for divorce from her controversial husband, David Eason. According to The Ashley, the ex-reality star has moved out of the state with their 2-year old daughter, Ensley. Though she hasn’t filed yet, sources tell the publication that the break-up is the real deal.

19 She Already Has A Restraining Order Against David

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One of the first things Jenelle reportedly did when she left David was file for a restraining order. David has served time after a dispute with an ex in the past, so Jenelle’s decision is not surprising. The Ashley says the mom-of-three has to provide substantial evidence in order to get the restraining order.

18 But David Is Threatening To File A Missing Person’s Report

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David is definitely not taking the news of Jenelle’s plans to divorce him well. The outspoken star took to social media to threaten to file a Missing person’s Reports over his and Jenelle’s daughter, as he says he has no idea about her whereabouts. Considering Jenelle has a restraining order against him, however, it’s doubtful he can actually file a report.

17 Jenelle & David Lost Custody Of Their Kids This Year

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Earlier this year, Jenelle and David lost custody of their proof of kids after shocking allegations were made against the reality star dad. Their daughter, Ensley, temporarily stayed with Jenelle’s mother Barbara, who also has full custody of her eldest son, Jace. Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser, stayed with his father Nathan and paternal grandmother. David’s daughter stayed with her maternal grandmother. After a months-long court case, Jenelle and David eventually regained custody.

16 And It Was Because David Got Rid Of The Family's Dog

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The reason Jenelle and David were temporarily stripped of custody was because David was suspected of (permanently) getting rid of their family’s dog after the animal allegedly went after their toddler. Though David  admitted to the accusations online, Jenelle later said he had done nothing wrong. An investigation was initially launched, though authorities could not find enough evidence to prosecute David.

15 David Doesn’t Have Custody Of All Of His Kids

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Although David’s daughter Maryssa primarily lived with him and Jenelle (before she filed for divorce, that is!), the celebrity hasn’t been allowed to see his son, Kaden, for most of his life. While David’s girlfriend, Olivia Leedham, was pregnant with their son, he got physical with her. She currently has full custody of the boy and does not allow David to visit.

14 His Baby Mama Won Custody Through Crowd Funding

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This past summer, David was trying to re-gain custody of his son, Kaden. The boy’s mother, Olivia, turned to a crowdfunding website to afford a lawyer to represent her in court. Upon learning this, David also opened a crowdfunding page. Olivia made more than her target, whereas David’s barely got any donations. Olivia eventually won the case.

13 David Has Spent Time In The Big House

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Given his long history of run-ins with the law, many Teen Mom fans aren’t surprised to learn that David Eason has spent time behind bars before. He’s served time for larceny, breaking and entering, injury to property, and possession, Cheat Sheet reports. What’s even weirder? David was once cellmates with Jenelle’s ex-husband, Courtland Rogers.

12 He Was Also Investigated By The FBI

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Teen Mom fans were in shock when the FBI actually paid a visit to David and Jenelle’s property in 2018. David had made a variety of worrisome threats online. The Ashley reports the FBI had long been keeping their eyes on him. Though the visit seemingly went nowhere, David had many choice words that he expressed via social media after the authorities left.

11 Jenelle Is In A Custody Battle With Baby Daddy No. 2

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Nathan Griffith (aka Jenelle’s second baby daddy) has been trying to win full custody of their 4-year old son, Kaiser, for years. He claims that her husband David has hurt their child, whereas Jenelle claims Nathan is an unfit parent. Nathan temporarily had Kaiser full-time when Jenelle lost custody earlier this year, though it appears Kaiser is primarily in his mother’s care nowadays.

10 But He’s Had Recent Legal Troubles

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Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that Nathan will be awarded full custody of his son anytime soon. Last month, the reality star was arrested for a driving-related issue (which wasn’t his first). Nathan has quite the criminal history, and since it appears he’s struggling, it’s definitely thrown a wrench in his custody case.

9 He Also Doesn’t Have Custody Of His Other Kid

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Jenelle clearly has a habit of choosing baby daddies who struggle with keeping custody of their kids! Nathan also has an older child that he doesn’t have full rights over. The reality star shares a daughter, Emery, with his ex-wife Allison. It’s unclear why Nathan doesn’t share joint custody with his ex, but the topic has been briefly discussed on Teen Mom.

8 Nathan’s Sister Thinks Jenelle Should Have Custody

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Even Nathan’s own sister, Heather, isn’t supporting him in his bid to win custody of Kaiser. Speaking to Hollywood Life, she defended Jenelle. “I think a lot of things have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion. I don’t see Jenelle as an unfit parent or someone that doesn’t love her kids,” she explained.

7 Jenelle Has No Idea Where Jace’s Dad Is

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Andrew Lewis is the father of Jenelle’s 9-year old son, Jace, but he’s largely been absent from the child’s life since his birth. To this day, Jenelle and her mother Barbara aren’t exactly sure where Andrew is living. During last season of Teen Mom, Barbara actually travelled to New York to meet with Andrew. But when she got there, not only did Andrew not show up, he revealed he was actually out-of-state visiting family.

6 But He’s Been Arrested For Not Paying Child Support

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It’s pretty obvious that Andrew is not helping financially support his son. In fact, it appears he’s never paid child support. In 2011, Andrew was thrown in jail for being behind on payments, Hollywood Life confirms. At the time, he owed a little bit more than $2,000. Since Jenelle’s mom Barbara has custody of Jace, he was supposed to pay her. We wonder how much he owes nowadays!

5 Andrew Signed Away His Custody Rights

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It appears that Andrew has been largely out of 9-year old Jace’s life. According to In Touch Weekly, in fact, it appears the former teenage father actually signed away his custody rights of the boy years ago. “He never comes to see his son though he still calls and says he wants to. It just never happens,” Jenelle wrote in her 2017 memoir Read Between The Lines. “He signed away his custody and I don’t know if he will ever be in his son’s life again.”

4 Jenelle Almost Had A Fourth Baby Daddy

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Jenelle already has her hands full with three baby daddies, but the reality star almost had to deal with a fourth one. In 2014, the reality star had just filed for divorce from her first husband, Courtland Rogers, when she discovered she was pregnant. However, Courtland was in jail at the time. Teen Mom documented Jenelle’s decision to end her pregnancy.

3 David Locked Jenelle’s Son In A Car

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Jenelle’s estranged husband, David, has been accused of doing tons of bizarre things. One of the frightening things Jenelle herself says David is guilty of is locking her young son, Kaiser, 4, in a running car. “While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser,” Jenelle stated in leaked legal documents, The Ashley wrote.

2 She's No Longer Defending David's Antics

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Jenelle long defended her estranged husband’s actions before finally leaving him. Now, the reality star is admitting that she’s fearing for her and her kids’ lives because of David’s infamous temper. In a statement used to obtain her restraining order, Jenelle said she was worried he'd try "using text messages, phone calls, or on the internet" to harass her, The Ashley reports.

1 But He’s Demanding Full Custody Of Their Daughter

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Jenelle may have already moved out of state with Ensley, 2, and obtained a restraining order for the both of them, but David isn’t going down without a fight. The father-of-three has been very vocal online since the divorce news broke about his intention to get full custody of the little girl. Time will tell how this dramatic custody battle plays out.

Sources: Us Weekly, Cheat Sheet, Radar Online, The Ashley

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