20 Things We Need To Stop Ignoring About MCU Stars

Now that an MCU film franchise is the highest-grossing in movie history, it's become hard to overstate how successful this series truly is - as a whole, the franchise has made more money than any other. Why have so many people shelled out their hard-earned cash to see the MCU movies on the big screen? The main reason is that they’ve come to enjoy these films wholeheartedly.

As is the case with most actors who’ve starred in beloved films, the majority of notable MCU stars have developed huge fan bases that continue to follow their careers. In fact, several MCU stars have become so synonymous with the popular characters they play that people overlook less-than-stellar things about them. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 things we need to stop ignoring about MCU stars.

20 Kat Dennings Isn’t a Very Good Actor

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Right off the hop, we want to make it clear that we think that Kat Dennings has been solid in certain movies, especially Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. With that said, we have to admit that her acting range is incredibly limited which probably is why it was so grating when they made her MCU character a bigger deal in Thor: The Dark World.

19 How Important Jon Favreau Is To The MCU

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Over the last several years, Robert Downey Jr. has received heaps of praise for his role in the creation of the MCU due to him starring in the franchise’s first movie. With that in mind, it is staggering to see that Iron Man director Jon Favreau gets a fraction of that credit, especially since he was so involved in the crafting of that movie’s story.

18 Samuel L. Jackson’s Homophobic Tweet

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Definitely, known for being an outspoken person, it more often than not seems like if Samuel L. Jackson has an opinion the world is bound to hear about it. For that reason, it is pretty telling that after he posted a homophobic tweet and was called out for it, Jackson opted to mock the outrage instead of reflecting on why he upset people.

17 Elizabeth Olsen Doesn’t Like Her MCU Costume

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When most comic book characters transition to the big screen, it is to be expected that their costume will be changed in one notable way or another. A lot of that time, fans may not be overly happy with that fact but in the case of the MCU’s Scarlet Witch, actress Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t like her costume either. As for why that is the case, she has made it clear that she is tired of being the only MCU hero that shows off so much skin.

16 James Spader Is Difficult to Deal With

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Unlike some actors that are known to be difficult, it doesn’t seem like James Spader is trying to be a jerk. Instead, the guy simply is eccentric but does that really make it any better that he reportedly would disappear for days while working on The Blacklist which would lead to major rewrites? On top of that, his Boston Legal co-star William Shatner has revealed that Spader can’t stand people eating around him which meant the catering area had to be moved.

15 Tommy Lee Jones Seems To Be A Jerk

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While there is no doubt that Tommy Lee Jones is an excellent actor, that doesn’t protect him from the fact that the guy really can be a huge jerk. Especially awful to Jim Carrey during the filming of Batman Forever, there are reports of him being difficult with several other actors and interviewers as well.

14 Bradley Cooper’s Exes Seem to Have Very Hard Feelings

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During Bradley Cooper’s time in Hollywood, he has dated many of his costars only to break up with them almost immediately after filming comes to an end. While that would be fine if both parties know he is only in it for the short term, some of his exes have implied he is not such a great fellow. For instance, it seems clear that Zoe Saldana called him disrespectful and it looks like Jennifer Esposito considers him to be a master manipulator.

13 Benedict Cumberbatch’s Offensive Words

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In a truly awful moment, while speaking about the lack of minority representation in British media Benedict Cumberbatch referred to “colored actors”. To his credit, Cumberbatch sincerely apologized once the world reacted to what he said but if we ignore the words he chose at that moment it becomes harder to learn from his mistake.

12 Scarlett Johansson’s Lack of Understanding

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Given the fact that Scarlett Johansson is one of the most in-demand actors in the world, it is obvious that she gets offered loads of roles that she can take without upsetting the masses. Instead, she has agreed to several acting jobs that would more reasonably go to minority actors because she refuses to understand that, in doing so, she sets diversity of representation in media back a notch.

11 The Treatment of Simu Liu

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While some MCU fans may not know who Simu Liu is at this point, they will soon as he is set to headline the upcoming movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Unfortunately, almost immediately after the world learned of Liu’s casting, he was the victim of a video that proves how nasty people can be to Hollywood figures. Posted by the channel Asian Boss, the video was titled “Is The Asian Lead For Marvel "Too Ugly" For Chinese People?”.

10 Kip Pardue’s Punishment

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Just before the second season of the MCU show Runaways aired, actor Sarah Scott alleged that one of its stars, Kip Pardue, had “violated her at work”. While the Hermosa Beach Police department has announced an investigation into Pardue, nothing has come of that yet. However, an Actor’s union he is a part of found him guilty of harassment so they fined him the paltry amount of $6,000 which he could cut in half by taking classes. That is a very lame punishment for something so serious.

9 Everything Mark Ruffalo Has Overcome

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Even though many actors have found themselves on this list because of the negative things they’ve done, we think we should all celebrate the things Mark Ruffalo has overcome more. For example, Ruffalo’s family went broke, he suffers from anxiety, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, half of his face was paralyzed, and he had to witness his brother’s death.

8 Scarlett Johansson's Ongoing Support for Woody Allen

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As anyone that pays attention to the Hollywood scene has to know, Woody Allen has been accused of assaulting his former stepdaughter Dylan Farrow. On top of that, for anyone that wants to say that it is his word versus Dylan’s, the fact remains that he also married another one of his former stepdaughters, which is gross enough. Despite all of that, Scarlett Johansson has defended Allen as recently as September of 2019.

7 Vin Diesel’s Creepy Carol Moreira Interview

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Despite the fact that famous actors get the most attention for the things they do on set, being interviewed regularly also is a major part of their job. For that reason, you’d think that Vin Diesel would know how to be appropriate while answering questions. Instead, when Brazilian reporter Carol Moreira spoke to him, Diesel clearly was physically attracted to her so he made one creepy pass at her after another which obviously made her uncomfortable.

6 The Accusations Against Jeremy Renner

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Unfortunately, when a lot of couples get divorced and battle over custody issues, things can get pretty nasty. That said, it is remarkable that during Jeremy Renner’s legal battle for custody of his daughter, his ex-wife has claimed that he had threatened her and put their child in danger in the past. Of course, we weren’t there for any of these events but according to paperwork, Renner’s nanny overheard him threaten his ex-wife.

5 Terrence Howard’s History of Violence

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Even though Terrence Howard isn’t associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe any longer, the fact remains that he played a key role in the franchise’s first film. As such, fans of the series shouldn’t ignore the fact that he has admitted to beating more than one of his wives before blaming it on his upbringing.

4 Evangeline Lilly’s Lost Experience

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Sadly, in 2018 Evangeline Lilly spoke about how bad things got for on the set of Lost when she was “basically cornered into doing a scene partially [clothed]”. Understandably, after filming the scene she felt so upset that she “was crying her eyes out”. Despite a public apology from Lost bigwigs, a story like this should never be forgotten since it says so much about the Hollywood behind the scenes culture.

3 Josh Brolin’s Arrest

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Back when Josh Brolin was still married to Diane Lane in 2004, the police were called to their home where they arrested him and went on to charge him with battery. Fortunately, for Brolin, Lane opted against pressing charges but it seems telling that in 2018 Brolin refused to explain what happened while admitting that back then his life was “more chaotic”.

2 Everything that Pom Klementieff Has Overcome

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Earlier in this list, we looked at how incredible it was that Mark Ruffalo has overcome his tragic upbringing and sadly enough, Pom Klementieff’s background is even worse. After all, her father passed from cancer when she was five and then her uncle who brought her up after that due to her mother’s mental illness lost his life on her 18th birthday. Still not done, seven years later on Klementieff’s 25th birthday, her brother took his own life but amazingly enough, in 2017 she chalked all of that up to life while saying she was fine.

1 The Accusation Against Michael Douglas

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Long considered to be one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood, it makes all the sense in the world that Michael Douglas was chosen to play the MCU’s original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. At least that was the case until Douglas himself came forward to tell the world that one of his former employees claims that he pleasured himself in her presence against her will.

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