20 Things We Need To Stop Ignoring About Will Smith

Realistically, Will Smith's probably a great guy. We should just make that clear off the bat. When you compare him to other celebrities, he comes across quite well. He's almost always conducted himself with class and dignity. His laid-back attitude also makes us all want to hang with him. Although Will doesn't hold the same clout in the industry as he once did, he's still totally beloved. Which is surprising given how terrible some of his films are. Usually, we wouldn't be able to forgive the man responsible for After Earth, Collateral Beauty, and Gemini Man. But even still, there are a number of REALLY questionable and distressing things about him, his relationship to Jada Pinkett-Smith, and their children. Without further ado, here are 20 sketchy things we need to stop ignoring about Will Smith.

20 All Those Rumors About His Relationship With Jada

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According to Nicki Swift, there are just endless rumors about Will's marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. While we can't get into what these rumors exactly are, they definitely don't cast Will in a positive light. These rumors lead the press to speculate about the end of their marriage, which, of course, has been refuted by Will and Jada on multiple occasions.

19 When He Didn't Use His Words To Solve A Problem

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While we certainly don't blame Will Smith for his negative reaction to a TV prankster who tried to forcefully kiss him on the red carpet, the fact that Will resorted to violence isn't his best attribute. Many of us would do precisely the same if we were in the situation he was back in 2012. But according to the Daily Mail, Will full-on slapped the prankster reporter instead of conducting himself with more grace.

18 Will And Jada Are VERY Prententiocious About Marriage

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Oy vey. There's no doubt that Will and Jada come across as pretty pretentious when speaking about their marriage. According to USAToday, Will and Jada don't refer to their legal marriage by that term. They don't "believe" in the concept of marriage. They call their relationship "a foundation", meaning they can never actually divorce one another, regardless of issues they may have. Yeah... weird stuff.

17 An Entire Studio Wasn't Happy With Him And His Family


When Sony was hacked, multiple private emails were released that proved that executives weren't happy with Will, Jada, and their children, Jaden and Willow -- who are pretentiously named after their parents. According to Nicki Swift, Will didn't care that an entire studio didn't want to get involved with him and his kids since they were "homeschooled" and "overly involved".

16 Playing A Character He Probably Shouldn't Play

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Deadline released a story in early 2019 that claimed that Will Smith was attached to play Serena's and Venus' father, Richard Williams, in a biopic. Multiple people were furious about the casting as they claimed Will didn't have the right skin-tone to play Richard. While critics claimed these opinions were overly sensitive, others believe Will should step away from the project and let a "darker" man like Idris Elba take his place.

15 His Son Helped Him Tank His Box-Office Success


After Earth sucked! Everyone knows that. According to The Guardian, Will admitted he felt "broken" after his film with Jaden was deemed a critical and commercial failure. But everyone who criticizes the picture has been vocal about the responsibility lays squarely on the feet of the writer and the casting of Will's son. Due to this nepotism, Will's career has never been the same.

14 Letting His Daughter Build A "Relationship" With A Much Older Man


In 2014, critics lost their s*** when Will's 13-year-old daughter, Willow, was pictured in bed with the 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias. In response, the Smith camp told TMZ that they believed Willow was old enough "to make her own decisions". While Willow and Moises were (and are) "just friends", many parents would never let their kid be in a situation like this.

13 Everyone's Favorite Dad Is Responsible For Everyone's Least Favorite Son

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Will may be seen as "everyone's favorite dad" but his son is easily one of the most loathed celebrities in Hollywood. Sorry, Will, but Jaden is a nightmare. According to Vice, his Twitter account is a hotbed of pretentiousness and bad advice. Jaden's preachiness is only matched by erratic behavior and love of odd pastimes such as buying crystals with the equally loathsome Kylie Jenner.

12 His Eldest Son Felt Abandonded By Him


Surprise, surprise, Will has an older child than Jaden. Everyone seems to straight-up forget that. Trey Smith is the product of Will's ill-fated marriage to Sheree Zampino. And according to Popsugar, Trey struggled after the divorce of his parents. He even felt betrayed and abandoned by his father altogether. In recent years, Will has made huge efforts to make amends.

11 Everyone Always Says He And Jada Are Getting A Divorce

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Due to a slew of rather controversial and troublesome rumors, the media is constantly certain that Will and Jada are about to get divorced. But it never ends up happening. According to Entertainment Weekly, the couple have moved past the foolish reporting and have been able to work out whatever issues they may have had. We sincerely hope that all of these rumors are false and they can continue to thrive together.

10 His Over-The-Top And Offensive Way Of Convincing Jada Not To Swear

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According to USAToday, Will used a very curious tactic in getting his wife to stop cursing at him. He compared her vile vocabulary to his aggressive and physically violent father and how he didn't want to live in a household like the one he grew up in. Although this worked, some claim that the comparison was unfair and slightly manipulative on his part. But then again, that's their issue.

9 The Oscar Boycott Felt Strangely Self-Serving

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We all know that Will doesn't get along with his first TV aunt from Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air, Janet Hubert. But she did raise a good point about Will's boycott of The Oscars in 2015.

According to Variety, she claimed that Will was just mad that he didn't get nominated for his role in Concussion. If he did, he wouldn't be boycotting. Other actors of color like Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock also took swipes at the Smiths who seemingly made the boycott more about themselves than the fact that few people of color were nominated that year.

8 Aunt Viv Really Thinks Will Screwed Over The Cast Of Fresh Prince


Okay, there's a lot of negative press about Janet Hubert, but according to Cinema Blend, she has some harsh words for her former TV nephew. She says that Will was notoriously difficult to work with and blames him for not fighting for the rest of the cast's right to equal pay. She claims he simply said, "My deal is my deal and y'alls deal is y'alls deal."

7 Child Protective Services Investigated Him

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According to E! News, after the incident with Willow in bed with Moises Arias, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services looked into the Smith family. Officials weren't happy with the Smith's parenting choices. It was Jada who stood up for her family, blaming others for projecting their own inappropriate thoughts onto the relationship between her daughter and the older boy.

6 Will Was Anything But Plesant On The Set Of Ali

While most people claim to have enjoyed working with Will Smith, some of the cast and crew of Will's oscar-nominated film, Ali, don't feel the same way. In an interview on Rock105.3, actor Paul Rodriguez said that Smith wasn't pleasant onset. However, he did admit that Smith had a ton of elements to contend with and was overwhelmed and frustrated.

5 Janet Hubert Thinks Will Is "An Egomaniac"


According to The National Post, Janet Hubert said that Smith was a full-on "egomaniac". Of course, Hubert played Aunt Viv for the first couple of years of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. She was later replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid, who got along with Smith.  But his relationship with Hubert is so strained that she said that she'd never work with him again, including doing a reunion of any kind.

4 Dealing With Marital Issues


During an interview on his wife's Red Table Talk, Will got pretty open about how he reacted to his wife cursing him out at a public function. He claimed he took a newspaper and "bopped" her on the head. He claims this was a turning point for both of them. Since then, they stopped using profanity and violence to solve their issues. While this is a raw story, we can't help but feel odd about it all.

3 His Genie Was Just An Insult To Aladdin And Robin Williams Fans Everywhere


Although Will Smith told Entertainment Weekly that his Genie would stand out as unique in the Disney world, he ended up disappointing most fans. Following in the footsteps of the late-great Robin Williams was a daunting task,  but smith had the opportunity to do something truly great. Of course, the failure of the Aladdin remake isn't just in Smith's hands. The poor script, studio interference, and sloppy CGI are also to blame.

2 Will Gave His Son The Confidence To Say This Utter Nonsense...

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Jaden is his own "man", but Will should take some responsibilities for bringing up a kid who feels confident enough to spew utter nonsense like the crap he said in an interview with T Magazine. When he was just 16, he went on about the duality of the brain and how when we think "about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple". ...Whatever the F that means! Also, don't get us started on the kid's Twitter account.

1 Gemini Man Proves Will Still Can't Find A Good Story


The trailer for Ang Lee's Gemini Man had us all thinking that Will Smith was about to make a big comeback... Unfortunately, according to Business Insider, most critics and audiences didn't like it whatsoever. They felt the movie was disjointed, sloppily written, and overwhelming. Too bad for Smith. He may have to pick his projects a little more carefully moving forward.

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