20 Things We Only Noticed About The Addams Family As Adults

It is a theme song that is known around the world, and as soon as someone hears the first few notes they are singing and snapping their fingers along to it. We are talking about The Addams Family. This story of the not-so-normal family has been around since TV was in black and white. They have had a staged play done, a whole bunch of movies, and now a new animated movie.

It features characters that are recognizable, Morticia, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and The Thing are all symbols that almost anyone would recognize. However, watching it as an adult vs. a child are two completely different things.

It is not uncommon to see some adult jokes thrown into child-focused content, it is to help keep the parents engaged and attract older audiences. However, looking back at the movies as an adult, we have to wonder if any child should have been allowed to watch them. We have found 20 completely inappropriate things that we only saw as an adult in The Addams Family.

20 Would It Be Considered Inter-Species Dating?


Addams Family Values was one of the more popular movies, and it is one of the most recognized. It is also known for its raunchier content. In the beginning of the movie, Fester is telling Gomez about how lonely he is.

Gomez decides to suggest a possible relationship with the Thing, which was just a hand, and Fester responded stating that he would need the other body parts.

19 Did You Catch Those Cemetery Statues?


In the film, The Addams Family, there were many moments when Gomez and Morticia were being romantic, they were very in love.

There is one scene where they are stealing a smooch in the nearby cemetery. When the shot pans out, it appears like the statues are watching what they are doing, and they are enjoying the show a lot.

18 Fester And … His Mom?


Everyone loves their mom, but Fester and The Addams Family may have taken it too far. Fester returns to the mansion in the film, The Addams Family, and Gomez shows the beloved family member back to his old room.

When they look under his old bed, they see an adult magazine, and his mother is in the very middle of it. It is a funny joke, with very inappropriate hidden meanings that only an adult will understand.

17 Did Anyone Spot The Naughty Clock?


Movies and TV shows are notorious for throwing in small details and seeing if the audience can pick up on them. Well, the children may not have picked up on this one, but the adults sure did.

At the beginning of The Addams Family, the camera pans around to show the interior of the mansion, and it stops on the cuckoo clock. There is a small figurine of Morticia and Gomez on the clock and when it strikes, a smooch is placed below the neck of Morticia.

16 Anjelica Huston Needs To Calm Down


A lot of people loved Addams Family Values solely because Anjelica Huston stars as Morticia, and she is a legend. There is one scene where she is having a conversation with Gomez, and she states: “Last night you were unhinged. You were like some desperate howling demon. You frightened me. Do it again!”

The children would not have understood this line, but the adults in the room definitely understood what she was trying to say.

15 The Finger Suck That Went Right Over Your Head


Was this scene inappropriate or just gross? It was probably both, and it definitely made people uncomfortable. A scene you could not watch with your mother in the same room.

It is when Debbie comes to interview for the position of babysitter for the family. Unlike other people, when the Thing crawls up on her she doesn’t freak out and run out of the house screaming. She instead lets it know that she is OK with it, and the hand responds with equal joy.

14 Adventures Of Debbie & Fester


It wasn’t long in the series until we were introduced to the very weird relationship of Fester and Debbie. This had a whole array of inappropriate content. It started when Debbie told Fester that they could not be together unless he ignored his whole family.

Fester, at first, declined, but something happened out of frame that made him change his mind. A lot of parents were thankful that their kids didn’t ask a lot of questions.

13 Pain Is Joy for The Addams Family


The biggest thing that was wrong with the whole family was how much they seemed to enjoy pain and anything hurtful.

There is a scene where Morticia, played by Anjelica Huston, is attached to a giant wheel. A device that appears to be torturous for most, and she enjoys every minute of it. Even when faced with a threat, she gets even more excited.

12 Sugar Daddy Fester


Fester always seemed like a bit of the goofball of the family, and he was always getting into trouble unaware of what he was doing.

In another scene with him and Debbie, the pair are returning from their honeymoon. Debbie seems to be dressing him in the fanciest clothes. When fester asks for a smooch, Debbie says that it will cost him $20. Doesn’t seem like a healthy start to a marriage.

11 The Tango That Changed The Face Of Dance


There was a big scene in The Addams Family Values that had everyone talking. It was the tango scene. In this scene, Morticia and Gomez decide to take Fester and Debbie out for dinner. As for most scenes with the heads of the Addams family, things start to heat up.

What follows is a very intimate and kind of slap-happy tango dance. It is quite a raunchy moment that had a lot of parents shielding their kids’ eyes.

10 The Thanksgiving Play That Should Never Have Been


There is one character that we have not mentioned much about yet and that is Wednesday. Wednesday Addams was one of the children, and probably the most sinister. The scene with the Thanksgiving play is one of the most remembered scenes.

It portrayed Wednesday interrupting the play with another version of how events happened on the very first one years ago. She then proceeds to light the whole scene on fire.

9 Wednesday Is Anything But Innocent


While we are on the topic of Wednesday, there was another scene that had parents shocked. In the Addams Family Reunion, a woman almost gets hurt in one scene. It was a freak accident that caused the woman to fall into the pool.

However, what got a lot of people upset over this scene, and what makes it inappropriate, is that the two Addams children just stood there and made no effort to help the poor woman.

8 A Simple Croquet Fight


In The Addams Family Reunion, the family is invited to another reunion and the two children don’t waste any time in making enemies. They start an innocent croquet game which quickly turns into a fight.

They also make one of the croquet balls explode and then they tie up the entire family. Gomez, the patriarch of the family, does show up to help. Why were these children never institutionalized?

7 Plant VS. Mail Man


It turns out that it wasn’t just the family you had to watch out for, but their houseplants as well. We learned this quickly in the Addams Family Reunion. We see the mailman, who understandably, tries to avoid the Addams residence as much as possible.

He is forced to step on their property in one scene and that is when he is chased by the mailbox and then eat by a plant that the Addams family has.

6 They Never Gave Up!


Debbie has a big role in Addams Family Values and she causes a lot of problems for the Addams family. When it seems like the end for the dark family, the tables turn.

The family baby, that’s right an infant, wanders off and makes his way into the attic and manages to turn the switch on Debbie. That is hard to explain away to any child.

5 Hire A Sitter So Your Kids Won’t Hurt A Baby? Sounds Normal …


Since we are talking about Debbie, the very reason she was hired is enough to traumatize anyone. Morticia and Gomez decide they need to hire a babysitter for their infant child.

The reason is to protect the baby from his older siblings. That’s right, Morticia and Gomez are scared that their own two children will somehow harm their baby, so they hire a sitter, which turned out to be another mistake.

4 Tainted Lemonade


A lot of children have a lemonade stand to help raise money for a new toy or to give to a charity. However, parents should not let them learn how to run a business by watching the Addams family.

Wednesday and her brother, Pugsley, decide to open a lemonade stand. However, this is not your normal juice as they have tainted it with something that makes their monster butler breathe fire.

3 Sword Fight Went A Little Too Far


There were not many moments in the Addams Family that could be considered sweet, but this one was. Wednesday and Pugsley decide to perform in their school play. That is about when the sweetness ends.

There is a sword fight in the play, which can be done with a lot of class and very little harm. However, not for the Addams children. They take it a step further and make it look incredibly realistic. Keep in mind, this is a school play and children were watching.

2 Parents Picked Up On The Stranger Danger


Parents would have picked up on this immediately, as they constantly worry about their children’s safety. This is the fact that the plot of the first Addams Family movie involved a man who was posing as the children’s uncle Fester.

This means that the children spend a lot of time alone with a complete stranger. Not a good way to teach stranger danger to our children.

1 The Many Attempts That Failed


Every one of the Addams family movies is based on some bad person who is trying to steal the family’s fortune. These attempts are normally thwarted, but they continue to try each and every time.

Every one of the movies has an extreme attempt by someone to get the money, and this results in a whole host of inappropriate activities. We are interested to see what they do with the new animated version that was recently released.

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