20 Inappropriate Things We Only Noticed In Hannah Montana As Adults

Thinking back on Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana days, fans probably shouldn't be that surprised about the hidden innuendos in each episode. After all, think about modern Miley and it all kinda makes sense. It's almost expected that as Miley (and the rest of the cast) grew up, they'd get a little edgier with their quips. But parents back then were a bit miffed as to how far things went.

Plus, remember Lily, Hannah/Miley's best pal on screen? Emily Osment went on to star in Young & Hungry, which, while it appeals to a mature audience, contains way worse jokes than the ones her younger self delivered back then.

Anyway, while we're reflecting back on Miley's yesteryear, here are 20 times Hannah Montana got a little awkward for us as kids. Not that we noticed, though.

20 Awkward Mentions Of Halibut


Say "halibut" a few times fast, and you'll get it. In one scene, Robby Ray says he did something "just for the halibut," which is actually a mild joke overall. Still, not exactly appropriate for impressionable child audiences. As far as those "meant for parents" moments, though, it wasn't the only one.

19 Robby Ray 'Gets Lucky'

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Does this really need an explanation? Plus, it came out of Lily's mouth, making the joke even worse. Why would a tween be talking to her BFF's dad about his personal life, right? Although, that was another of parents' objections to the series; the tweens mouthed off a bunch and were always getting in trouble. Just listen to mom and dad, dang it.

18 Jackson's Uncomfortable Kangaroo Fight


Jackson did a lot of weird stuff, it's true (like, uh, exfoliating his lips in the above pic?). But do you need an athletic cup to fight a kangaroo? Apparently in Hannah's world. Jackson's boss informs him that the kangaroo "fights dirty" and provides him with the proper *ahem* equipment to protect himself.

17 Oliver's Secret Admirer Goes South


When Oliver finds out a girl likes him, his response is that she "wants to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley." Um, what? He even has an exit-stage moment where he says "ring-a-ding-ding!" like he's ringing a bell on said train. Super weird, and was it necessary when one of Oliver's nicknames is also Smokin' Oken (Oken being his last name)?

16 Jackson Gets Cozy With... A Sign

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He can clean up nice, we'll give him that. But Jackson was always the character you could rely on for some zany behavior and even more offbeat comments. In one episode, he and Miley are hiding in their dad's love interest's work closet. While Miley's worried about what's happening outside the closet, Jackson's focused on his rear; "I've got a for sale sign in my back yard," he quips.

15 Miley's Aunt Dolly Has A Unique Way Of Getting Dates

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Miley tells the tale of her "Aunt Dolly" stealing Elvis away from her grandma back in the day. Aunt Dolly "bounced in," and that was "about all she had to do." Weird, right? But consider the fact that Aunt Dolly was actually Dolly Parton, and well, you get it now.

14 Miley Has Knees...


In one episode, Miley told her dad she had "needs." His response was pleading that she had just said she had "knees." Knowing Miley today, this one is even funnier, but even more off-color since she was like 12 at the time. These days? Her dad probably knows all about her "needs" thanks to the tabloids.

13 Hannah Gets A Special Award

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It's called a "Booty." Yeah, that can't go wrong! Apparently, Miley was gushing about getting a booty, and Lily's response was something like "good, you need one." First of all, it's a type of award "Hannah" was getting. And second of all, way to induce anxiety in the tweenagers and younger kids watching.

12 Soot Happens To Hannah


In one scene, Miley literally gets soot on her face. So the phrase turned into "soot happens," which is a bit too close to a more grown-up phrase than most parents would have liked. Funny how it worked out to be soot on Miley's face rather than anything else they could have made a joke out of.

11 Hannah Dates Jackson...

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First of all, siblings dating one another? Weird. But it gets worse. After Hannah gets caught outside her house, she lets the paparazzi believe she's dating Jackson to cover up the fact that they've found out where she lives. Gross. Then, Robby Ray says to his son, "I'm gonna ask something I've never had to tell any of my children... Why didn't you break up with your sister?" Ew.

10 Big Brother Or A Bit Creepy?


While it's not something every viewer of Hannah Montana knows about, there's an uncomfortable age difference between one actor on the show and the rest of the teen cast. Jason Earles, who played Jackson Stewart, was already 29 years old when the show started. Babyfaced big bro say what? Yes, he played a 16-year-old at the age of 30. Talk about inappropriate.

9 Why Do Tweens Need Alone Time?


In one scene, the "kids" make reference to each of the couples (Lily and Miley and their boyfriends) needing "alone time." Er, what? First of all, we already knew that Lily and Oliver had plenty of "alone" time when Miley was away and the pair actually began dating. Seriously, what young teen says that kind of stuff?

8 Neighbors Don't Have Filters


One episode involves Jackson and Robby discussing their neighbor. Jackson says, "Oh man, it's Mr. Dontzig, and he's wearing his robe again." Robby's response is "Yeah, well, count your blessings. At least this time it's the long one." We knew the neighbor guy wasn't the cheeriest of the bunch, but we didn't know he was the neighborhood nudist.

7 Oliver's In Love With Hannah


The whole Oliver being in love with Hannah (pre-Miley reveal) was just awkward. But some of the ickiest moments were when Oliver was pining after Hannah. For example, Hannah lets her dog lick Oliver's hand (through her limo window), to which Oliver responds "Oh baby, you're an animal." Then Hannah slaps his hand and he removes it from the window, only to say "Yeah, I like 'em feisty." A whole lot of ew packed into one episode.

6 Full Services At The Hotel


Long story short, Hannah asks Maddie (the worker at a hotel she's staying at, AKA the Suite Life crossover episode) to help her close her suitcase. But Maddie's not heavy enough, so Hannah hands her phone books and then tells her to "bounce up and down." Maddie's response? "Well, we are a full-service hotel." Wait, what?

5 Oliver's Food Infatuation

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We already know Oliver really likes food (especially cake), but sometimes, the scriptwriters took it a bit too far. In one episode, Oliver says to a sandwich "You're wearing avocado, aren't you? You know what that does to me." As if the character of Oliver wasn't low-key offensive enough already.

4 When Miley Needed Surgery

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After an episode where Miley loses her voice, she winds up needing surgery. In her overthinking the entire thing, Jackson pops in with this gem: while she's in surgery, a meteor hits a bus, which drives into a hotdog stand, which makes a "giant neon wiener" fly into the power lines, messing up her procedure. Miley's answer is "I'm never gonna be Hannah Montana again, all because of a giant wiener." Alright, then.

3 'Teen Big Foot' Was All About... Heart


In one of the episodes featuring Jake, one of Hannah's celeb connections and Miley's on-off boyfriend, there's a reference to a movie Jake was once in. Apparently it was called Teen Big Foot, and when Jake starts the line, "The only thing bigger than his feet..." you can imagine where it might have been going. But alas, the girls say "was his" and Oliver interrupts with "his heart."

2 Lily's Mom Had It Going On

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At one point, there was an episode where Miley and Lily schemed to get their parents together. That one was called "Lily's Mom Has Got It Going On," as a reference to the song Stacey's Mom. But then, Jackson made some off-color comments about how Lily's mom had it going on, all the way to the hot tub. His comment was "Dad, next time you host a PTA meeting do it out in the hot tub so I can see Lily's mom in..." Yeah, not cool for a kids' show.

1 Miley's Real Life Image Versus Hannah Montana

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When the series started, Hannah Montana was a wholesome show directed at little girls. While Miley was originally seen as a role model to kids, child viewers probably had no idea what kind of behavior "Hannah" was engaging in off-screen. But for most of us, it took until we became adults ourselves to realize how inappropriate it was to have wildin' out Miley be a role model for little kids.

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