20 Things You Shouldn't Expect From The Hospital Staff

It's totally understandable why some moms have really high expectations when they go into the hospital for their delivery. It's one of the most significant moments of their lives, and therefore they want everything to fall perfectly into place without significant road bumps along the way.

But the reality is not everything is going to go according to plan. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with the hospital staff, who have a lot of responsibilities that go beyond the birth of any given child. This is why we've created this list. Hopefully, it will be something that will help moms understand what they shouldn't be expecting from the doctors, nurses, secretaries, and other hospital staff members who are there to help a large number of people with various issues.

Without further ado, here are 20 things moms shouldn't expect from the hospital staff.

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20 Getting Rushed Through Triage


A lot of moms except that once they get to the hospital that they will be put into a delivery room. But this isn't the case. They have to be put through triage first. This can take a while as the nurses have evaluated them to make sure that the moms are ready to move forward. They are not allowed to rush moms through this stage so they shouldn't expect that they will.

19 Being Extra Nice Without Receiving An Assortment Of Treats


Nurses and the rest of the hospital staff, with the exception of doctors, certainly play favorites. SO, they may just go above and beyond protocol, to help you. But you shouldn't expect them to do this if you don't provide them with some bribery. The only accept bribes are food that is brought into the hospital for all the staff members to enjoy. This is also another great way to thank everyone for their hard work.

18 Receiving Help From A Lactation Specialist Without Requesting It


Some hospitals send in a lactation specialist to assist you with breastfeeding after birth. But in other hospitals, you actually have to request it first. Therefore, you should go in thinking that you have to ask for it and not expect a lactation specialist just to show up at the door while you're trying to feed your little one for the first time.

17 Letting Every Family Member Into The Delivery Room


You may be the type of mom who wants a ton of people in the delivery room with you. Sometimes this is allowed, but most of the time the nurses have to limit the number of people in the delivery room for safety reasons. So, you shouldn't expect that they'll let more than your partner into the room while the magical event is happening. You have to go with the flow here.

16 Explaining The Mysterious Whereabouts Of The Doctor


Almost every mother asks the nurses where the doctor is at some point or another during their stay at the hospital. But they shouldn't expect the nurse to give them the right answer. For one, they may have no idea. Secondly, if the doctor isn't there it probably means that he or she is dealing with someone who is in need of immediate attention. Essentially, wait your turn and be patient.

15 Providing Endless Pillows For Every Limb


It's highly recommended that you bring a few extra pillows to the hospital from home. preferably, these are pillows you don't mind getting squished and sweated on. It's highly unlikely that the hospital will be able to provide you with all the pillows that you may need to feel comfortable. After all, they have a lot of patients who may need a pillow or two. When you're in a public space like this, you need to learn to share. But there's no need to share if you bring some from home.

14 For Them To Feign Happiness On The Big Day


You shouldn't expect that the hospital staff, including the nurses, will be as excited as you are that you've just given birth. This is a daily occurrence for them. They are just doing their job. Sure, some may be thrilled for you, but allow that to happen naturally. Do not expect them or ask them to fain excitement for your sake. After all, you aren't excited every second during your day job.

13 Following Every Odd Placenta Request... Ew


Some parents have a thing about eating the placenta after they've given birth. But this isn't always allowed for health reasons. Additionally, many doctors and nurses don't want parents to do this because there isn't sufficient scientific evidence of the benefits of eating the placenta. If they allow you to eat it, good for you. But you shouldn't expect them to.

12 Photographing The Tremendous Event Without Being Asked


A nurse and even a hospital secretary is not your personal photographer. They won't just go ahead an snap away without you asking. In fact, they are not allowed to do so. They have to be specifically asked by the patient to snap a photo. And in some cases, they won't do this for legal reasons. Most of the time this won't be an issue, but you can't expect them to cover the special day without being asked politely.

11 Honor Every Strange And Irritating Birth Plan


Yes, the nurses and certain members of the hospital staff have to ask you about your birthing plan, but they don't have to honor all of your ridiculous requests. If you want some music playing, they may let that happen. But they have to put the health and safety of everyone, including your baby, above any of the odd requests you may have. So, don't expect them to all you to bring in a saxophone player and pony wearing a neon "congrats!" ribbon.

10 Give Any Unsolicited Thing To The Baby


There are a lot of rules governing hospitals in terms of what they can and can not do with newborns. For example, hospital staff cannot feed your baby just anything or even hand them anything that hasn't been allowed by the mother. Even donor milk requires multiple signatures from the mother. This is why you shouldn't expect the hospital staff to do anything with your baby without discussion and them asking you first.

9 Getting Out Of The Hospital Sooner Than Possible


Hospital staff cannot release a mom from the hospital until they are sure that she and the baby are capable of going. This means at least a 24-hour late after delivery. Some moms do their best to finagle their way out of the hospital earlier, but they shouldn't expect this. Hospitals have a very strict guideline to follow and cannot move away from this or else face legal consequences.

8 Fill Parents In On All Information They Should Come In Knowing


The hospital staff is not your personal tutors. They are there to do their job safely and efficiently. They don't have the time to fill you in on all the information that you should have been learning before delivery. Sure, they will impart information along the way, but they shouldn't be expected to guide you through every piece of information. This is what the purposes of all of your classes and consultations were.

7 Arriving In An Ambulance Doesn't Mean You're Going Straight To Delivery


Arriving at the hospital in an ambulance certainly feels like something of urgent importance. But the truth is, you shouldn't expect that you'll be rushed into the delivery room right away. Sure, this can happen, but the hospital staff still actually have to put you through triage. In some cases, the baby is coming immediately, but an ambulance is just a means of transportation. It doesn't necessarily indicate that you are having your baby right away.

6 Don't Expect To Not Wait... It Happens... Deal With It


Waiting at the hospital is a good thing, even while you're on the edge of your seat waiting for your baby to arrive. What it means is that the hospital staff is busy taking care of more pressing matters. it means that you're fine and that others aren't. Therefore a little compassion is needed from you. It also means that you can't expect the staff to rush you through the entire process just so you can have your baby. It doesn't work like that.

5 Allowing A Bit Of A Leg-Stretch Once Being Ordered To Stay In Bed


If you've been ordered to stay in bed, you can't expect the hospital staff to allow you to get up to stretch your legs on your own. They have you laying down in bed for a reason. And this reason has to do with your safety, as well as the safety of the baby. Chances are, you will be medicated and therefore uncoordinated. If you're not, you're still very much pregnant and therefore are a liability if you fall down. So sit tight. Someone will be along to help you in a minute.

4 Fixing Marital Problems For The Couple


Having a baby can create a high-stress environment. After all, a lot is on the line and big changes are afoot. This is often when the conflict between spouses comes to a head. But you can't expect the hospital staff to try and fix your issues or even play favorites. Their job is to deliver the baby in a safe and comfortable environment, not play the couple's counselor. Deal with your problems on your own time.

3 Wait For Loved Ones To Arrive Before Heading Into The Delivery Room


Some moms actually want to wait to give birth until their spouse or other loved ones arrive for the big day. A lot can delay them from arriving at the hospital, but this isn't the hospital staff's concern. If they say you have to go into the delivery room, then there really isn't room for argument. You can't expect them to wait around for a mother, husband, or best-friend to arrive to witness the birth of your child. If they need to get the baby out of you, this is a pressing matter.

2 Leaving Without A Birth Certificate Form Completed


Once again, we arrive at the issue of wanting to leave the hospital sooner than you're allowed to. Chances are, completing your child's birth certificate is the furthest thing from your mind after you've given birth. However, you are legally not allowed to leave the ward until you've filled this out. This means that you shouldn't expect the hospital staff to let you do so. Even if you don't yet have a name for the child, a certificate HAS to be filled out. Any changes to it can be done later on.

1 Getting An Epidural Without Actually Asking For It


The epidural is something many moms spend a long time considering. There are many pros and cons to getting one. The hospital staff can fill you in on some of them, as well as advise you to whether or not they think you need one. However, you can't expect them to give it to you unless you've specifically requested it. So, just remember to be clear with what you want from them, and they will oblige.

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