20 Things You're Doing That'll Make Him Ghost (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

Relationships are tricky to navigate, especially in the world today where there is social media and a lot of distractions. It is hard to meet people. Well, it is actually really easy to meet people, but it is hard to meet quality people who are actually looking for a real and committed relationship.

Then there are the moments when you think that you have found the potential one, and then you get ghosted. Ghosted refers to what happens when you are seeing someone, and they just completely drop off the face of the earth. They stop answering your texts, calls and they just appear to disappear. This can happen after a first date, or it can happen after a few dates.

It is cruel and hurtful, but it does happen. However, there may be a way to make sure that it never happens to you. All you need to know is your date’s zodiac sign. There are certain things that will definitely make him ghost based on his zodiac sign.

20 Aries: Signs Of A Jealous Lover


Not a lot of people really like dating someone who is always jealous of other people. Why make a big stink about them going out for a couple of drinks with friends? According to yourtango.com, this is exactly what will make an Aries ghost.

They don’t want you to make a big deal about them going out with their friends, even if some of their friends are female.

19 Gemini: A Boring Date


According to yourtango.com, if you want to keep a Gemini interested in you and have them stay, then you better plan some fun dates.

They need almost every minute of a relationship to be exciting and fun. This can be tiring, but if it is for the right guy then it may just be worth it.

18 Cancer: Awkward Silence


A Gemini may need an exciting date at all times, but a Cancer really needs exciting conversation. According to yourtango.com, a Cancer will be immediately turned off if they are on a date with someone who won’t talk to them.

Cancers do not like it when they can tell something is bothering you and they cannot get you to talk about it, so be ready to open up.

17 Leo: Your Date Won’t Let You Talk


Leo is almost the exact opposite of Cancer, and they act in typical Leo fashion. Leos need to feel like they are the center of attention almost all of the time.

According to yourtango.com, nothing will make a Leo ghost more than not getting the chance to talk. They want to share their opinion and views on things, so you better not interrupt them unless you want to get dropped.

16 Virgo: Better Let Him Pay


The dating world is changing, and females are seeing themselves as equals in a relationship more and more. This means that there may be some reaching for the wallet at the end of the night.

If you are on a date with a Virgo, and you want another one, then it is better to never reach for your wallet. According to yourtango.com, a Virgo needs to have the feeling that they are taking care of you and paying for the date lets them fulfill this need.

15 Libra: Only Positive Talk


The world is not always rainbows and butterflies, but a Libra really wants to feel like it is. According to yourtango.com, a Libra will always prefer that everything can be chill and harmonious.

They want to avoid confrontation as much as possible. Of course, it is impossible to avoid all conflict, but you may want to keep it down in the early days until they are hooked.

14 Scorpio: No Kiss On The First Date?


According to yourtango.com, Scorpio is one of the more physical-loving signs of the zodiac. They like to be intimate and they like it to be creative.

They may not ask for a second date, or talk to you again, if there is no first-date kiss. Just a small piece of contact will go a long way with this sign.

13 Sagittarius: Commitment Phobia


When we find someone we really like, we want to hold on to them and never let them go. This will not work with a Sagittarius, and it may even push them completely away.

Sagittarius is not known for liking commitment, according to yourtango.com. They really don’t like that they have to give up some of their freedom for a relationship. So, take it slow with this cautious sign.

12 Capricorn: Don’t Ask For His Help


A relationship is a give and take, and partners are supposed to be equal and help each other through problems. This rule may not apply to a Capricorn.

According to yourtango.com, Capricorns are not the greatest at accepting help for their problems. They want to be able to solve it on their own, and it may take some time before they realize you both can work better together.

11 Aquarius: Try Not To Cry On The First Date


Some people are more emotional than others, it is just how some people are. If you are an overly emotional person, that’s fine, but keep your cool when you are out with an Aquarius guy.

According to yourtango.com, Aquarius men do not do great with other people’s emotions. They don’t like to see someone cry, and it may be best to hold the tears for the fifth or sixth date.

10 Pisces: Not Listening To His Advice


Pisces are known for being the daydreamers of the zodiac. According to yourtango.com, never try and get a Pisces man to change.

They want to give you their advice on how things work, and if you disagree, it is better to just keep it to yourself. For now, anyway. Give the relationship time to grow before you start trying to change him.

9 Taurus: Better Let Him Pick The Place


Just like the bull, a Taurus will tend to be a bit stubborn and they want (and expect) things to go their way all the time.

Now, you aren’t going to want to let this take over for your entire relationship, but it may be a good idea in the beginning to let him have his way. According to yourtango.com, it is best to let him pick the date for the first little bit to keep him interested.

8 Aries: Don’t Go On The Same Date Over And Over Again


We’re circling back to Aries again with another great tip on how to not get him to ghost you. According to yourtango.com, an Aries man will be turned off by being stuck in a rut.

That means that if you are planning dates, don’t just do the whole movie-and-dinner thing every time. Think outside the box for creative date ideas.

7 Cancer: Trying To Play It Tough


Girls want to appear tough these days and like they can handle everything. However, this will not work with a Cancer guy.

According to yourtango.com, a Cancer man hates it when his partner acts all tough and like she doesn’t care. He becomes clueless and doesn’t know what to do, so he won’t want to even try anymore.

6 Virgo: No PDA


Everyone has their own opinion on PDA – Public Displays of Affection. Some people live for it and love showing they care in public; others think that is best left for the privacy of confined quarters.

According to yourtango.com, if you are dating a Virgo guy, it is best to assume that he does not like PDA unless told otherwise. Let him set the bar for how much public affection he is OK with.

5 Libra: Petty Arguments? He’s Out!


When you are in a long-term relationship, it is going to be normal to have arguments and fights. However, you may want to keep petty arguments out of the first few dates.

According to yourtango.com, a Libra really dislikes any form of conflict. Even if it just seems like it is an opinionated debate on a topic, it is best to avoid those at all costs.

4 Sagittarius: Laugh At His Jokes


If there is one thing to know about Sagittarius, it is that they like to talk. It almost seems like they love the sound of their own voice, and you have to go with it.

According to yourtango.com, if a Sagittarius makes a joke, you better laugh at it. Nothing will make him ghost more than having a woman who does not laugh at his jokes.

3 Capricorn: They Need Respect


We all know that everyone deserves respect, but some people may be more willing to let it go than others. According to yourtango.com, Capricorns need and demand respect.

They really hate it when their boundaries are not respected, to be specific. He probably likes things done a certain way and will not like it if you come in and try and change everything.

2 Pisces: Keep The Calendar Clear


Another attribute that Pisces men are known for is being free. They don’t want to be tied down by a schedule and want to be able to just drop everything and go off on an adventure.

According to yourtango.com, if you are dating a Pisces man and want it to continue, then you need to make sure that you are not over-scheduling him. Don’t pack his calendar full of activities and let him set the flow.

1 Scorpio: A Liar


No one likes a liar, but a Scorpio does not like when he has to be a liar. According to yourtango.com, a Scorpio wants to make sure that what they are saying is always honest.

Don’t make him feel like he has to apologize for telling you the truth. He won’t like apologizing when he doesn’t feel he needs to and is not likely to call you for a second date.

References: yourtango.com

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