20 Thor And Loki Memes That Are Hilariously Accurate

People have created some wonderfully hilarious memes that sum up everything known about the pair of Asgardian bros and sibling rivalry on a whole.

The Marvel Universe has managed to do something for its fanbase that no one has seen since before Tim Burton took over revamping the image of Batman, but even bigger. Gone are the days of comic book knowledge simply belonging to classic ‘Comic Book Nerds’, it’s for everyone. Today nearly everyone has seen at least a few of these films, or at the very least has a good working knowledge of who the key players are and what they’re all about.

Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game alone managed to earn a gross of over two billion dollars apiece. As such, main characters, like the brothers Thor and Loki have become household names. Many people have created some wonderfully hilarious memes that sum up everything known about the pair of Asgardian bros and sibling rivalry on a whole. Here are 20 Thor and Loki memes that are hilariously accurate and relatable.

20 When Loki Slides Under The Radar

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Loki knows when and how to make an exit. People talk about an Irish Goodbye, when you sneak out of a party without saying bye to anyone there, because you are often too drunk (or don’t want to say goodbye). Loki causes trouble on the regular and then promptly disappears before he’s found out, cause he’s ‘low key’ like that.

19 Sibling Rivalry

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Any parents can tell you that between siblings, things can go from zero to full-on war in a matter of seconds. ABC News reports that on average, siblings will fight or argue 3.5 times each hour. Even though they’re grown up, this feeling hasn’t ended for Loki and Thor, who fight at least that much in every MCU film they’re in together yet remain fiercely loyal when someone else challenges their brother.

18 A Little Competition

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Brothers who go to high school together or run in the same social circles may find that they’re competing for romantic love. Even though Thor is the brawny blonde that many will swoon over, there’s no denying the draw of the brooding dark-haired drama kid that Loki is, no matter how hard Thor tries to be prettier.

17 It's A Family Thing

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Apparently, the urge to be bad runs in the family. Thor often sticks out like a blonde thumb, especially in Thor: Ragnarok when we meet another member of the family who is so scary even Loki is shaking. In terms of family resemblance, one of these things doesn’t belong here – ahem, Thor?

16 Destined For Greatness

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Playing a God, whether they’re swinging a hammer or causing a crap ton of mischief requires filling some big shoes. Tom Hiddleston says of becoming Loki, “When I put on the costume, the make-up, and wig for the first time for this film and looked in the mirror, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, there he is.’ It was like seeing an old friend. It was good to see him, in a way. I feel like I know him.”

15 Making 'The Room' For Greatness

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Once I saw this meme I couldn’t unsee it. Anyone who has seen The Room or The Disaster Artist can immediately draw upon the similarity between both brothers from other mothers and their highly complicated yet relatable relationship. Mark and Johnny are Thor and Loki. It’s messy, awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes just plain hilarious.

14 That Beautiful Hair

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Adopted or not, both Asgardians have hair that many women would kill for. Thor is a modern-day Fabio while Loki is a leaner, meaner version of a scoundrel found within the same Harlequin Romance Novel. If they really were promoting hair care products for their shiny hair, we’re certain everyone would be buying.

13 Can't Wait To Be King

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There’s a reason why everyone loves to learn about Royal Families, it’s complicated, it’s interesting, and a real-life soap opera. When we look at the puffing, posturing, and giant manes of hair held by Thor and Loki we can’t help but notice that they’re a lot like Simba and Scar.

12 Death Defying Loki

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Cats may have nine lives, but Loki has about nine million. No matter how hard people try to kill Loki he just keeps on coming back, like a zombie, or an Asgardian cockroach. When you add in the number of times he’s faked his own death, it’s staggering. The only time he’s ever really died, that we know of, in the MCU is at the hands of Thanos.

11 Thor Won't Give Up Hope!

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No matter how much Loki and Thor like to fight and spar, they love each other, but it’s complicated. Also, since Loki has a penchant for pretending to die it’s easy to see why Thor would think it’s another case of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ or in Loki’s case, death.

10 He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother

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Thor is a born hero and as such he’s always looking out for those around him, whether he’s taking on Thanos, calling out stranger danger, or just crossing the road. After all, his brother Loki has far less experience on earth with road rules and all than Thor does, so it just makes sense.

9 A Family Resemblance

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Loki being adopted was a terribly kept secret, but when Hela arrived it was hard to see who was really Odin’s kin. Is this a case of nature vs. nurture? Or simply the only kid that Odin cared for, being a lot better adjusted than his siblings (aside from the Thor we see in Avengers End Game). We wonder if they have paternity tests on Asgard.

8 Thor Used To Love Snakes...

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This story from Thor: Ragnarok explains the relationship between Thor and Loki in a nutshell. Storyboarding the situation doesn’t lose its impact because just about anyone who has spent time with this hero and anti-hero knows that sometimes who we are as kids isn’t that far from who we grow up to be.

7 No Respect!

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There is a certain amount of ego involved in being a great superhero, Avenger or otherwise. There is often a feeling of ‘the big kids are talking’ even when other, capable siblings or heroes are waiting in the wings. This cartoon simply answers the left-out feeling that many others may have, but probably won’t act on in the same way as Loki does.

6 Loki Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

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Having a magical object that you are ‘worthy’ to yield is great, but there is something to be said for those who are literally able to take things into their own hands, weapons or no weapons. Sure, Thor is strong, but his hammer does a lot of the heavy lifting. Loki just has the grit that Thor doesn’t - there I said it!

5 It Runs In The Family

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There is something ‘The Dude’ish’ about the Avengers: End Game Thor, and when we look at Odin there’s no denying that there’s a resemblance there as well. Whether it’s an eye patch or a pair of righteous shades you know that all these guys know how to party no matter what planet or realm they’re on.

4 Princess Loki

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Disney cartoon movies aren’t that far from superhero movies. Just like action heroes aren’t that different from dolls. Sorry, not sorry. Place Loki in this scene from Wreck-It Ralph Two and it becomes apparent that he’s a princess with princess problems. A dark, backstabbing princess, but a princess, nonetheless.

3 Always Forgotten

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Loki was found during his attack on the Jotun, and Odin decided he would raise the young child as his own son. While it wasn’t revealed until Loki was an adult that he was adopted anyone paying attention to family dynamics could clearly see that Odin was treating his biological son way better than his adopted one.

2 Stuck In The Middle With You

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As a middle child who was the dorky goth kid in between two super athletic siblings I really feel for how this family dynamic shakes out. While Thor is much more well-liked than his two siblings, you have to admit their sense of style is much better than the affable jock.

1 When Everyone Is Having Fun At Dinner, But You

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Loki spends a lot of time sitting at the kids’ table. No wonder he’s so angry. This cartoon is a real-life ode to the end credits scene from The Avengers where everyone is enjoying a nice meal of shawarma. Maybe they’ll save Loki some leftovers, but probably not. Poor Loki.

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