20 Thor Memes That Are Hilariously Accurate

We can all agree that most of our worlds wouldn’t be the same without the invasion of the Marvel Comic Universe, especially in theaters, over these years. However, out of all the Captain Americas, Iron Mans, Spider-Mans, and Hulks, there’s one name that seems to stand out above all – and it’s not because of his looks.


That’s right, we said it: Thor.

With the addition of Thor: Ragnarok, which was more comedy based than anything else, and with the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, fans are eagerly waiting to see what more belly laughs the filmmakers and the actors have in store for us.

And thank HEAVENS for Twitter and their meme power. Here are 20 of the absolute best Thor memes that seem to have the best-staying power (and what rings true still to this day).

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20 On The Loki...


Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has made up most of the Thor memes thanks to his RBF, something he likes to show off whenever his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has the floor. Loki really isn’t one to hide his disdain in any given situation since he wears it so obviously all over his face.

19 Forever In His Bro's Shadow


Basically anything sort of parody with children will get the laughs it deserves. Here, we have, what appears to be a late-night show sketch where Loki is forced to have a run-in with children who clearly have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Leave it to Loki to put them in their place.

18 Way Too True


If Thor doesn’t want to jump into any sort of fight, he sure as heck isn’t going to. But it is always fun to see him when he couldn’t possibly care any less when two of the other Avengers are duking it out in a public venue. He’ll just throw in some classic, meme-worthy faces and just be done with it already.

17 Oh No...


It was only for a few months, but man, the backlash will last a LIFETIME. Briefly, Tom Hiddleston dated the famous American pop singer Taylor Swift for a period – which was long enough for all the jokes to roll in on the internet. Our main question is: did she end up writing a song about him?

16 Keep The Puns Coming


Don’t forget: It’s all in the name. You can basically use the term “low key” for anything involving Loki – even though he CAN be high strung at times (maybe because Thor has the way better hair? At least that depends on who you’re asking). But more often than not, it’s Loki who is the one that’s chill most of the time.

15 It Was Bound To Happen Eventually...


So toward the end, Thor’s dad Odin (played by the great Anthony Hopkins) wasn’t in the best shape of his life. And why should he? He’s an ancient god, he owes nothing to anyone. And Thor seemed to reflect that after Infinity War when he went on a drinking and eating binger once a majority of his pals were wiped out. Can you blame him?

14 Always Thor


In both the MCU and the DC comics world, superheroes are often hidden by a secret identity in order to preserve their true selves. Take a look a Batman (Bruce Wayne) or Spider-Man (Peter Parker), or the Hulk (Bruce Banner). But Thor? Thor, a god, needs no alternate identity. Thor will always be just Thor.

13 Sure..."Possibly"


In the beginning, it almost seemed like Chris Hemsworth was testing out the ego waters when it came to playing the character of Thor. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries, but the more his horizon broadened as the films went on, the more he steered into the skid and became an all-out ham. Which is why we love him.

12 The "Can I Speak To Your Manager" Expression


This has to be my absolute FAVORITE meme – only because it crosses over nicely with Game of Thrones. On one side, we have Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) who is attempting to explain something while giving the “I’ll speak to your manager now, Karen” facial expression, and Thor on the other side who is doing the same thing.

11 All Natural


WE HAVE OURSELVES A HAIR BATTLE. Whose side are you on? The luscious locks of Thor’s luminous brightness? Or Loki’s shiny ebony? Doesn’t matter which side you’re on, this meme will always ring epic as far as hair/shampoo ads go in the MCU. And in the end we can all agree: Loki’s hair really is better (if it was less greasy).

10 Don't Mess With Hela


Ah, good ol’ fashion, quick hard-butt Hela (played by the always great in everything she ever does Cate Blanchett) who manages to trip up everyone when it’s revealed that SHE (Odin’s firstborn) has escaped prison after her father’s death (Odin had imprisoned her when he feared she was too powerful and ambitious).

9 Unless They're Taylor Swift...


Ah yes, Chris Hemsworth has basically been dealing with fangirls his entire existence in Hollywood, but when he entered the MCU, an entirely different type of fangirl was presented to him. So, in heeding a little brotherly advice to Tom Hiddleston in true meme fashion, Thor warns his fatal brother.

This advice clearly didn’t include Taylor Swift, though.

8 Or Mondays vs. Fridays


Flashback to school days: when we were all so very prime and prepared as young ducklings coming into a big pond as opposed to when we just didn’t give a flying fig when marching into our last year of school. This goes double for Mondays vs. Fridays as well. Monday: cross your T’s, dot your I’s. Fridays: IT’S FRIDAY?

7 The Drake/Thor Crossover We Didn't Know We Needed


So you think the Drake “hotline” meme has been overdone? Ha, think again, tiny peasant. We will always associate Thor with his infamous hammer and the powers that come along with them, but we also know that his ultimate tool is his very own brother (which often ends in a hilarious fashion – but not for Loki in most cases).

6 All The LOLz


This will never not be funny to me because I now picture it every time I watch any of the Thor movies or see him summon his hammer in any and all the Avengers. I mean, we’re not gonna lie here: Thor can probably still do a heck of a lot of damage even with just a regular ol’ hammer because he’s still Thor.

5 "Be Like Thor"


Thor has always been somewhat of a lone wolf in most occasions. He doesn’t feel the need to complicate his own life by dealing with other people’s drama (unless that particular drama affects a majority of the universe’s population because if it does, THEN and only then does it become his problem). So people – be more like Thor.

4 Nothing But The Truth


Gotta love the days of the week memes – especially the Mondays vs. Fridays one. Sure, we can always take The Hulk’s/Bruce Banner’s (Mark Ruffalo) seriously because, well, HE’S THE HULK, but whenever we see Thor trying to act serious (unless someone’s life is on the line), we just want to giggle.

3 Sounds About Right


If you’re not familiar with the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” we feel for you (unless you’re tired of actually hearing the song on a daily basis, living like a happy little earworm), but clearly, the creator of this particular meme knows what he or she was doing. And it proves to be true – Thor WAS up all night to get Loki.

2 The Man Makes A Decent Point


We’re not gonna lie – a lot of the reason why we actually watch the movies was, at first, to see the handsome face of Chris Hemsworth. But then, once we got into it, we realized that it was actually Hiddleston’s Loki who was actually stealing the show. He knows it, you know it, and I know it, so let’s just finally admit this already.

1 And...Of Course


Basically, the most popular scene in Thor: Ragnarok is when they put Thor in the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions against his old buddy the Hulk and Thor gets all excited when he sees him “It’s a friend from work”. So, of course, as the two continue on in the movie together, fans called upon all the Shrek jokes – and with excellent reason.

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