20 Thoughts We All Have While Watching "Pretty Little Liars"

With each episode, fans hope to be one step closer to finding out who this tormentor is.

Pretty Little Liars is a television show that follows Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis, friends who are threatened by someone who goes by A. With each episode, fans hope to be one step closer to finding out who this tormentor is, yet twists and turns leave viewers with only more questions and thoughts.

From figuring out who A is and why this person is out to get the girls to keeping track of love interests and the most fashionable outfits, tons of things swirl about in fans’ heads during each episode.

The creators of the show have promised answers and just a few were given but season finales have always ended with huge cliffhangers. The series finale is set to air June 20, 2017, when - hopefully! - we'll finally have the answers we need.

20 Oh, is THAT person A?!

Fans have been watching Pretty Little Liars for seven years now and are still trying to figure out who the infamous A is. At the end of Season 2, Mona Vanderwaal was revealed as the original A, and over time, it was discovered that Shana, Melissa, Jenna, Toby and even Spencer joined in as part of the A Team. Between Seasons 3 and 6, CeCe Drake played the new role of A, but even after her death, the main characters were still being stalked and tormented by Uber A/A-moji/A.D./Big Bad/EmojA/Evil Emoji.

Every time a black hoodie is seen or a text message is received, viewers find themselves feeling skepticism toward even the most beloved characters, since - in a world of twists, turns, surprises and scares - anything is possible!

19 Not going to school/work?

Every time someone comes up with a new hunch or plan, the gang splits up to break into hospitals, explore abandoned spaces and stalk suspects. It seemed Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna were constantly skipping school for new adventures. Toby, Ezra, Caleb, Paige, Mona - The list goes on when it comes to thinking of the peers they enlisted for help on these adventures. Five years into the future, not much changed. Some of these girls still have jobs, yet office spaces are no longer shown. Apparently, when everyone reunited in Rosewood regarding Charlotte, they all just decided to pause life and stay forever. Forget fiancés, school, careers and literally all responsibility; just move back in with your parents - or Lucas! Hopefully, none of the Liars are behind on paying rent or feeding pets.

18 How can she afford that?

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Aria could have made a decent amount of money in publishing - especially if she saved money by not paying for all her meals (she had a serious boyfriend and the occasional business dinner), commuting to work in Boston and shopping at thrift stores (since she does have such funky style).

Hanna went to FIT, interned for Zac Posen and had a huge rock on her finger but is now jobless. Guess she is doing okay, though, with her mother’s income from the the popular Radley Hotel AND Lucas’ loft.

Spencer was just a glorified coffee-gofer on Capitol Hill, yet her parents are MIA, too, so she apparently has food and shelter and money for more preppy coats and sweaters.

Emily doesn't have a degree, was bartending and intended on selling her eggs for money. That plan didn’t go so well, but she seems to have moved on.

Either everyone feels sorry for them and gives them free coffee at The Brew...or these girls are smart, coming home to mooch off their parents.

17 She’s wearing heels in the forest - again?

Fashion is a big part of PLL, and fans try to put themselves in the Liars’ (cute) shoes: Imagine being chased by a crazy person. Would one be wearing heels? Imagine meeting up with friends in the middle of the night to literally discuss a life-and-death scenario. Why bother with straightening hair and putting in earrings? The Liars do! These people are hardly ever seen in messy buns and without makeup. While Spencer’s preppiness, Aria’s funkiness, Emily’s sportiness and Hanna’s high fashion are appreciated, it is interesting that the girls are never seen in the same outfit twice - not even the super cute ones OR the same black funeral dresses! - and are never seen looking gross, even after going through fires, wrecks, musty old buildings and forests.

16 How many crimes are these people going to commit?

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Underage drinking. Arson (Sorry, Jenna.). Kidnapping. Lying to cops. Hacking. Robbery. Breaking and entering. Destruction of property. Hit and run. Trespassing. Withholding information. Stalking. Murder.

From the beginning, the characters have found themselves in sticky situations. In some of those situations, it was life or death, self-defense and gut reactions. Other times, though, it seemed like the best option would be to tell someone about A and avoid breaking into a house, stealing a file, killing someone else and lying to the cops/parents/world about it all.

How boring would that be, though?! In Rosewood, everyone has a secret, no one can be trusted, and the lies keep the show going.

15 How does Emily keep track of all her love interests?

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While lies and secrets keep the show dramatic, the ‘ships balance things out and add in some much-needed passion. Each girl has had her fair share of love interests - Spencer + Toby + kissing her sister’s boyfriends...Aria + her teacher + someone who ended up torturing her in the Dollhouse...Hanna + Caleb + Aria’s brother - but Emily's love life has perhaps been the most interesting. 

Ben was her high school boyfriend, but then she came out, leading to relationships with Maya, Samara, Paige, Sara, Talia, Sabrina and - of course - Alison. Some of these flings were short-lived (probably because they were killed off by A), and others will not go away (Paige is really applying for the same coaching job as Emily?). Also, due to all the secrets the Liars have to keep, some of the connections just fade away - which is usually when Emison shows back up, to keep things confusing and spicy!

14 Do the girls ever just hang out and NOT deal with A-related stuff?

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The girls were entering their junior year of high school when the series first aired in 2010, and now, they are 23. There have been glimpses of them hanging at the pool (flashback), shopping (and shoplifting) and drinking while at a sleepover (the night it all began), but when did they flip through magazines for prom dresses or scroll through Instagram for wedding dresses? Why aren’t more brunches and pedicures shown? Do they ever discuss Real Housewives, sex, what they’ll name their kids, how they wish they had a Starbucks or life in general? Yes, figuring out who is behind all of this is uber important, but bring back conversations about Justin Bieber!

13 Why don’t they just leave and stay gone?

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Remember when Spencer was in Washington D.C., Hanna was flying to fashion shows, Emily was soaking up the California sun and Aria was in Boston? And remember when another A thing happened, and they all had to come back to Rosewood? And remember when the new A started tormenting them all again? Why don’t they just leave again? Why doesn’t Caleb whisk Hanna away to New York, so they can actually live out that life there? Why didn’t Ezra and Aria elope to Tuscany just a few hours earlier? Is Spence done with the political life? Did she miss sleuthing around her hometown that much - even if it is super dangerous? And how did Emily save up enough money to even fly back to Rosewood? She can just swim away...Right??

12 Wait, I thought he/she was dead?


It can be hard to keep track of who is still around, especially when people are dying off, going into hiding, moving to other continents and coming back to life. The Liars thought Ian was dead...until he wasn't...then was again. Maya died, yet a body was never seen. Mona faked her own death then was discovered in the Dollhouse. And Alison DiLaurentis is THE supreme example of the whole pretend-you’re-dead thing.

Therefore, this adds a whole new level to the element of surprise that Pretty Little Liars is known for. In Rosewood, people see ghosts - and it doesn’t help that people like Uber A and Archer Dunhill go around in masks (causing Ali to think Detective Darren Wilden was back from the grave) OR that there are so many surprise siblings (like Jessica DiLaurentis and Mary Drake).

11 Who hasn’t been admitted into Radley?

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There are sooo many webs twisted around the Radley Sanitarium. Toby is connected, since his mother, Marion Cavanaugh, was murdered there by Bethany Young, who was buried by Melissa Hastings (since she thought Bethany was Ali). CeCe, Mona and even Spencer spent time at Radley. Recently, Mary Drake came into the picture, and fans found out that she was admitted into the institution, too, which is where she had her two children: Charles and Unknown Second Child (Spencer?!).

Then, around the time the girls were discovered in the Dollhouse, the sanitarium closed down - maybe to cover up any connections to the A game? It was reinvented into a hotel, but the darkness still surrounds it, as pointed out by Mrs. Grunwald and her bloody nose. There are definitely still mysteries and answers lurking around those halls.

10 Who all has a secret mother/sibling/twin/identity?

Before the big Charlotte reveal, fans speculated that Jason (who - surprise - is Peter Hasting’s son) had a twin - Charles - though it really turned out that his mom was the one with a secret twin.

People have speculated that maybe Hanna has a twin that is behind all of this, since any blonde hair hidden under a black hoodie or red coat could have been Ali's, CeCe's, Bethany's, Sara’s or Hanna’s twin’s.

Mary Drake made a comment that Melissa and Spencer look like they could be twins, and - around the same time - Hanna had a vision of Spencer visiting her while she was kidnapped; but maybe it wasn’t a vision, and perhaps it was Spencer’s twin (who would also be Mary’s child, if Mary was telling the truth about being Spencer’s mother, in another secret family twist).

In the book series, Alison has an identical twin sister, Courtney, and in the show, Ali tells a scary story of twin sisters, who could be based on anyone or no one!

9 When can we see all the guys shirtless again?


The first time Christmas was celebrated on the show, it was celebrated in a big way; the guys went shirtless and wore Santa boxers (as did Paige), which served as a huge silver lining in the midst of scariness. Thankfully, abs are shown every now and again, since Toby does manual labor, several of the couples have adult sleepovers, and everyone is in danger all the time, leading to shirtless trips to the hospital to fix gunshot wounds and such.

Other notable moments include Mike Montgomery growing up and getting into lifting, Spencer studying and stripping with Andrew Campbell and - of course - the shower AND camping scenes between Caleb and Hanna. #HalebFTW

The girls and viewers definitely deserve more shirtless scenes, with all the stress endured!

8 Where are the parents?

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If a normal teenager was receiving life-threatening messages, skipping school to hunt down dangerous clues and constantly being questioned by cops about weird occurrences in a small town, the teen’s normal parent(s) would be all over that. Not in Rosewood, though! Even when Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily come back five years later, the parents of the show are almost nonexistent. If they would rather drink wine and travel than make sure their daughters aren’t being targeted again, that is their choice...but these girls quit their jobs and broke off engagements and almost eloped and donated eggs, too! Do the parents not want to celebrate the good stuff either? Maybe the girls are used to relying on each other as family and are also now fine with moving into their parents’ homes yet never seeing said parents.

7 Where is everyone else?

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Speaking of nonexistent, where are the siblings, Mike and Melissa? Jason has been doing work for the Carissimi Group, and viewers at least briefly got to see this brother. Mike is apparently in college and was against his parents getting remarried - so he couldn't even come to the wedding? Melissa was last seen in London, but with her shady remarks and actions and relationships, there is really no telling what she is up to.

As far as other characters (like the shady ones that clearly have something to do with all of this)...Lucas was tricked into being on the A Team. Can he be trusted now? And if so, where is he all the time? Sydney Driscoll is friends with Jenna, so she clearly can't be trusted. Melissa, as stated, is MIA and suspicious. Plus, there are these random people that are connected to these characters and sometimes forgotten, such as Eric Kahn and Lesli Stone.

6 What cliffhanger will this episode end with?

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Someone else is dead! Someone new is A! The person thought to be gone forever is back! The person she has been sleeping with is actually an evil liar! Those two kissed! She is now missing!

The creators of PLL sure know how to leave viewers hanging on the edge of seats and waiting for more. Episodes often end with a mysterious figure in a black hoodie doing something creepy, causing fans to rewind and pause multiple times: Has that computer been seen before? Is that a reflection? Who is that? Episodes at the end of seasons always end with some huge surprise - one that causes everyone to have to wait in agony for months and months, lying awake at night, creating yet another suspect board, trying to decipher every word and clue, to figure out who A is.

5 How will I explain this to my friends?

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PLL fans NEED a buddy to watch the show with - or at least a friend to exchange theories with. The scary moments keep getting scarier, full of figures jumping out of the dark and heads literally rolling across the floor, and the craziness keeps getting even more dramatic. A conversation between two fans probably sounds crazy (“I think she has a twin!” “But I thought she was dead?” “She came back to life again, remember?” “Ooo, yeah, what about Spoby?” “What about Emison? Mmm, can’t believe she’s pregnant with the fake dead doctor!”), and explaining the show to someone who doesn’t watch it would be difficult. At times, fans have to do so, though; they NEED to vent about the latest deaths and shockers! They may even turn their bedrooms into investigation stations, with webs, drawings, maps and guesses pinned up everywhere - crazy but devoted.

4 No, really...Who is A?

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And that is the biggest mystery, of course. Since the first episode, audiences have been trying to figure out who is doing all of this. This question that keeps people up at night is only intensified with the fact that there are multiple members of the A Team and by the fact that literally anyone could be behind all of this.

There are wild fan theories, as some believe even one of the Liars could be Uber A, and others make up a new twin story every other day, grasping at past hints and breaking down any tweet sent out by the cast/crew.

That being said, it is common in nearly every episode for viewers to wonder who is A now and who can truly be trusted.

3 How is A so smart?

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The technological advancements alone seen from A are impressive, to say the least. Whoever A is has to be tricky, yes, but it is a little ridiculous. There is no way someone could pull off these wild stunts and be that many steps ahead of these people - people who are cops and have been professors and are as creepy-good as Mona is. The Dollhouse, inserting chips into the girls’ heads, always having everyone’s phone numbers...It is terrifying to think of this all being done, especially since a good deal of fans believe Charlotte’s sibling is Uber A; this sibling is around the age of the Liars, meaning he/she should be concerned with what to watch on Netflix next and how to keep a plant alive - not being an evil genius.

2 When will this show end?

At some point, viewers just feel like giving up. It has been a long seven years, especially when every episode seems like it will cause a heart attack. The stress of keeping up with who is dating who, who is dead, who is overseas, who is on the A Team and who is our favorite of the week (Spencer is so smart, Hanna is so funny, Emily is so sweet, but Aria is so funky - Love them all!) is a lot to deal with. Just when it seems like answers will actually be given, more questions arise. How can a show end when people can come back to life? When will real truths be revealed?

1 Why does this show have to end?

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A bigger question than the previous one, though, is WHY does it have to end? As mentioned, fans have invested so much in this show. Every Tuesday night was devoted to watching. Every Wednesday was reserved for blogging thoughts and exchanging theories online. Some fans may have even been inspired to run for a political office or join the swim team or add a pink streak to their hair.

Just as the show went to extreme lengths to keep A a mystery, fans have gone to the extremes to keep up with the madness. These people are just as crazy as Radley’s patients, full of wild ideas and connections - and some of these guesses have been correct (Charles = CeCe).

Soon, though, it will all be over. The world will know who A.D. is and understand his/her motives……..Or will we?

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