20 Times Celebs Went Above And Beyond For Their Fans

Hollywood is truly a planet of its own! There are, however, those really cool down-to-earth celebrities. Those celebs that really go out of their way for some of their fans that makes us go, "Oh wow, you're human, too!" It’s not part of what they're required to do, but often some celebs want to go over and above to make their fans feel welcome.

These celebs come to the realization that their success can be directly attributed to the fans that they have, and therefore take the time out of their busy schedules to actually be there for them when they are needed the most. Many times, stars will show their appreciation by surprising people at weddings, or even showing up to their high school prom!

Let’s take a look at just 20 moments where celebrities were really there for their fans.

20 Ed Sheeran surprises a younger fan

Ed Sheeran is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does he drop singles every year that has our hearts beating, but also is a really nice person overall. In 2014, during the Late Late Toy show hosted by Ryan Tubridy, long time Ed Sheeran fan Aimee Keogh was on show thinking she was there to demonstrate the “Sing” Karaoke app. As she started singing and showing the ins and outs of the app, her eyes were as wide as saucers as Ed Sheeran surprised her in one of television’s most memorable moments.

Sheeran and Keogh ended up singing the song “Lego House” together as a duet, and the two together actually didn’t sound too bad at all. As if that wasn't enough, Sheeran also spoiled Aimee and her family with a trip to London, England to attend one of his concerts. Lastly, he bought her a few Christmas gifts (which included a Christmas Jumper and a Teddy Bear).

Many years later when Tubridy had Sheeran on his show as a guest again, he was quoted saying, “Oh, we loved you on the Toy Show,” (in reference to the episode where he surprised Keogh). Good singer, and an even greater guy to his fans.

19 Bon Jovi surprises fan at her wedding

Imagine it’s your wedding day. You’re on the altar and staring at the crowds of friends and family. Your heart is filled with joy and happiness on your special day. Then, out of nowhere deep in the crowd, you spot your all-time favourite star, Bon Jovi!

This is exactly what happened to the super-obsessed Bon Jovi fan, Branka Delic. The Australian fan got married in Las Vegas, at the Graceland Wedding Chapel when Bon Jovi surprised her at the wedding.

She must’ve thought it was some kind of prank that someone was pulling on her special day, but lo' and behold it was not an illlusion; Jon Bon Jovi was actually there in the flesh. Overall, it was a special moment for Delic as well as the singer as it was the same chapel in which Bon Jovi had gotten married to Dorothea Hurley many years ago.

To get Bon Jovi there, Delic went the extra mile to set up a special website. He was sweet enough to walk the couple down the aisle. To top it all off; Bon Jovi left a special message for the couple on his own Twitter account. He tweeted: “Congratulations @branksd! May you & Gonzalo have a lifetime of happiness, love & memories together - ALWAYS!"

18 Thor and Loki surprise the Children's Hospital Foundation

The God of Thunder himself along Loki the Trickster gave a big fan of theirs a special visit at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Brisbane. Thor, of course, is portrayed by the famous Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. Alongside his on-screen brother Loki performed by Tom Hiddleston, they made a young fan’s dream come true by visiting him in the hospital dressed up as their characters! Hemsworth said on his Instagram account that he “Met the real superheroes of the world," and mentioning @ladycilentochildrenshospital, which is the hospital he visited.

They went all out.

Hemsworth even brought his trusted hammer Mjölnir around with him which the children at the hospital played joyfully around With. Hemsworth and Hiddleston took time out of their busy schedule from filming Thor: Ragnarok. JuicedTV was filming the pair all day to capture the moments they had with the kids at the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston showed that they really do live up to the names of Thor and Loki respectively, not just on the screen but also in real life. Kind, charming, funny, and heroic, the two actors left the children awestruck. The next evening Hemsworth went to visit the hospital again in his costume, without any cameras or media publicity, but just to give back to the children of the hospital.

17 Eminem is not shy to help out

Despite his tough persona, Eminem has always made a time to stay in touch with his fans.

He granted the last wish of Gaga Garmo, a 17-year-old student who batted with Osteosarcoma. Garmo wished to see Eminem before he passed on from this illness, and Eminem happily got in touch with the Rainbow Connection in Michigan to reach out to Garmo.

It was a bittersweet occasion as Garmo passed on the following day, as confirmed by his parents. They however did point out that it was a ‘miracle’ that Eminem come to see their son beforehand. It was a low-key kind of visit, which shows just how humble Eminem is when it comes to such things.

The family was ecstatic and caught completely off guard that Eminem was coming to visit, especially given the short notice they were given when he asked if he could visit. Over and above this, Eminem also on regular occasions donates to several hospital and charities. These occasions are often sometimes awkward with stars not knowing how to empathize or act, but sources that were there say that Eminem was as natural as could be and easily engaged in conversation with Garmo and his family.

16 Harry Styles AKA the Pizza Boy

One of the singers of the boy band, One Direction, Harry Styles, showed us that he is more than just a musician and now actor. This was when he donated over 3,000 pizzas to the homeless in a charitable deed that is sure to never be forgotten. His spree to donate the food to the homeless came when he was just 19 years old, which just goes to show you that you don’t have to be old and experienced to do nice things for people. Styles' manager explained that Harry had a day off in which he randomly went to Domino’s Pizza.

There, he spent about $2,000 dollars on pizza.

From there, he drove around in his own car and showed what a genuine guy he was by hand delivering it to the homeless. Some may criticize him for being nothing but a pretty face, but he cannot be faulted here for truly pulling through for some people in need. He is known to be quite a softie when it comes to such initiatives and is always donating, whether it be food for the homeless or to charities that focuses specifically on charities. Well done Harry!

15 Lizzy McGuire making dreams come true

Everyone’s favorite actor from the teen show Lizzy McGuire, Hillary Duff really made the dream come true of one particular fan by the name of Michael Lynch who has an interesting back story.

Michael Lynch is a two-time combat veteran who spent many of his years on the combat field. However, all along, Lynch was a huge fan of Duff in her most well-known role in the children's television show as well as her movies and some of her music as well.

Hillary Duff paid Lynch a surprise visit during her time in New York where she was developing a pilot TV show. Lynch said he was loss for words and actually didn’t know what to say despite having so much to speak to her about. It was a nice touch by Duff to pay one of the vertran members of the military, where she has personally quoted she has "much respect for what they do." It must be a moment that Lynch could not have been ready for and I’m sure will forever remember.

Of their meeting, Lynch explains, “When she first came out I was at a loss for words. I feel like I had so many things I wanted to tell her and forgot, I couldn’t speak. We talked about her son and her missing him. We talked about her new album and her getting back into the studio. She told me she respects the military and everything we do.”

That is so awesome! I am sure that that'll be a moment he will never forget.

14 Mila Kunis is a dream date for her fan

Mila Kunis is truly one of the sweetest celebrities in Hollywood. She surprised Sergeant Scott Moore by going with him to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, South Carolina. Kunis and Moore went together dressed up, and really looked good together. It was a night that was celebrating all the work that had been done by the Marines, and Moore just took a chance by asking Kunis to be his date and it actually worked! She also made sure that on the night she did not attract any attention and made sure to make it s all about Moore and celebrating the work that he did.

Kunis mixed with his friends and family in a memorable night for the marine.

They even shared a sweet dance together to the song “The Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Moore commented that he chose Mila because of a few reasons. First was because he enjoys the movies she is in and the great performances she always puts on in them. Second, he was absolutely smitten by her beautiful looks. Because who isn't am I right?And finally, Moore also commented that she was just very relatable and easy to talk to. Such a wonderful night made by Mila Kunis with a hardcore fan!

13 Taylor Swift is a gift-giver!

Tay, T-Wizzle, T-Swift, or just Taylor Swift? Which name do you prefer? Regardless of what you choose, Taylor is one celeb that is really there for her fans!

How does she do it, you ask? She actually loves giving gifts to her fans, particularly during the Christmas season. Every Christmas since 2014 , Taylor has been sending her fans both small and big gifts to fans that are really in need of that special something during the festive season.

She initially started using Tumblr to identify fans so that she knew who to send gifts to, but eventually moved this system of hers over to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find deserving recipients of her gifts. This period of Taylor Swift gift-giving in December is now known as ‘Swiftmas.”

One of her fans for example, Victor Vinson received a FedEx Box From Swift which includes cookies and a Polaroid camera. She has also given fans candles, gift cards, pillows, and blankets among other things.

She also goes the extra mile by including personal notes to her fans with some quirky notes telling them something special about the gift. The reactions of fans receiving gifts from Taylor Swift has now gone viral on blogs and streaming sites like YouTube, and all social media accounts as well.

12 Demi Lovato giving fans a Lyft

Imagine you’re in a hurry and you just need to catch a cab to get somewhere. All of a sudden, Demi Lovato just so happens to be in the driver's seat of the taxi that picks you up! That would be pretty amazing, wouldn't it? Well, it was the reality for some people as Demi Lovato linked up with Lyft to give some folks the surprise of their life! Lovato went undercover as a Lyft driver, with a hat and sunglasses as a makeshift disguise, which was enough to fool even her biggest fans! Passengers that requested a Lyft would get in the car and Lovato would start singing along with them in disguise.

It’s quite a funny series on YouTube that Lovato has launched with Lyft.

In the videos, she makes everyone involved feel good about themselves and giving everyone a good laugh. On top of that, Lovato also gave four Lyft Drivers free tickets to her “Tell Me You Love Me” Tour, as part of the entire collaboration. Many of the Lyft drivers were quite emotional when receiving the tickets, as they use the income from Lyft to support their families and often don’t have the income to afford tickets to popular concerts. It’s a nice touch from Lovato to be so down-to-earth with her fans.

11 Selena Gomez making wishes come true

Selena Gomez has such a sweet demeanor onscreen, but also is just as charming and sweet in real life!

The star, who mainly shot to fame for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place, often does many things for the Make a Wish Foundation. At this stage of her career, she has granted over 90 wishes! This is quite a lot considering how young she still is. Who knows what else she plans on doing!

The multi-talented star who sings, dances, and acts also takes the time out of her schedule to work with the charity on several occasions. An example is of a girl by the name of Ella, who had a long running battle with cancer. Ella's one wish was to meet Selena Gomez; and Gomez went over and above that.

She invited Ella to one of her concerts, allowing her to sit backstage and also dedicated one of her songs during her concert to Ella.

Gomez spent the whole day with her, even playing Xbox with her and giving her several gifts. Lots of celebs would often do it for publicity and only do it for a couple of hours; but Gomez spent the entire day with her. This must’ve really made Ella’s wish come true for sure!

10 Zac Efron AKA the Phone Repair Man

During the filming of Baywatch, a hardcore fan who goes by the Instagram handle @Dopekid_23 (AKA Ahmed Ture) ran after Zac Efron to get video of him for his Snapchat. Amidst the crazy run towards Efron, unfortunately he fell and shattered his phone's screen quite badly. Ture was so sad about the incident because he really wanted to get the Snap, and more to the point, he embarrassed himself in front of Efron!

Being the ultra-cool person that he is, Efron bought Ture a new phone!

Ture posted the whole story on his Instagram, where he explained how sad he was when the phone broke and Efron asked him about it. After that, not only did Efron buy him a new phone, but also invited him on the set of Baywatch, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Efron also posted the story on his Instagram, explaining how he loves the hustle of his fans and also jokingly stating at the end to “be careful with your phones.” The story obviously went viral and showed what a real person Efron is to his fans. Imagine that, your phone breaks and you get to spend the whole day with Efron on set, get a video, a shout out on his personal Instagram and a brand new phone as well! Lucky guy!

9 Johnny Depp, the pirate captain with a heart of gold

Despite being out of character for quite a while, Johnny Depp doesn’t mind dressing up every now and then in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume to really bring joy to some of his younger fans!

On a regular basis, Depp goes to the Great Ormond Street Hospital dressed in his full Sparrow costume, just as he would appear in the Pirates of the Caribbean (makeup and all!) and surprise young fans in the hospital with a visit. Can you imagine just sitting in your hospital bed and then all of a sudden Captain jack Sparrow is drinking whiskey in your doorway? We're pretty sure whiskey isn't allowed in hospitals, but let's just go with it.

You can only imagine the reaction of the kids and even the staff members in various hospitals as the real Jack Sparrow walks (or stumbles) in. His visits to various hospitals in places like Australia, the United States, and the UK has gone viral all over social media. His only ambition with these visits as he stated on The Graham Norton Show is to ‘make kids happy’ and “bring a smile (to their faces)”.

Frankislove posted on Instagram : “Yes folks that is indeed Johnny Depp with my lovely niece!! One of the few upsides of being stuck in Great Ormond St for Xmas is you get some pretty awesome visitors👍🏼 #jacksparrow#johnnydepp#greatormondstreet #hyperinsulinism#family

8 The Story of Zach, Renée and Mimi

This is truly one of the most touching stories when it comes to how celebs really reached out to a fan. Marie “Mimi” Haist was a peculiar old lady that caught the attention of movie stars as they were on set. She was divorced, without a job and also used a laundromat for shelter for a long period of time. For approximately 20 years to be exact. Star of The Hangover, Zach Galifiankis, had met Mimi many years earlier in the late '90s where she taught him how to do washing.

That’s how the story all started off.

Then, several years later, an aspiring actor and director by the name of Rokah took an interest in Mimi’s life. Fast forward, and she is now a star of her own life – they made a movie about her life starring Zach Galifianakis and Renée Zellweger. As a result, Mimi was able to get her own apartment and have it fully furnished, and also get all the essentials she needed to live a healthy life! Furthermore, she became a star overnight! It just goes to show you that you’re never too famous to help someone out and never too old to make a change in life!

7 Christmas with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The pair took the initiative to make the Christmas special for kids who unfortunately had to spend that festive season in the Hospital. They did an array of things, like singing carols with the family. Yes, Orlando Bloom also sang!

They also gave out gifts to each of the children as if they were really the Claus couple. They even took time to pose for photographs with everyone and they sang a duet. Probably the best moment was when everyone sang the song “Fireworks” together, as a celebratory song for the festive season.

Katy Perry was no doubt the singing star in the Hospital, but Bloom did chip in with the occasional vocals and banging of the drum. The couples efforts were really appreciated; with the CHLA posting on social media that “The kids received a much deserved visit from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom!

Any Christmas spent in a hospital cannot be a pleasant experience. In this case, Perry and Bloom tried to make it as joyous an occasion as they could and certainly made the wishes of many kids at CHLA come true.

6 Miley Cyrus making the ultimate prom date come true

Every single day, fans try their luck at meeting their favourite artists. There are always Tweets, Instagram posts, and YouTube videos which go viral asking celebs to proms or on a date. Sometimes, it actually works as Matt Peterson quickly found out; well maybe not quite that simple. In a viral video posted on YouTube, Petersen begged Miley Cyrus to go his prom with him. He stated how much of a fan he is of Miley and also how she had changed his life with her music and overall crazy personality. He was wearing a t-shirt with the words “Team Miley” on them.

The reason the clip went viral was because he was not wearing any clothes.

He also bought a bunch of roses promising to give them to Miley during her concert. I'm sure that by now you understand why this video went viral and why it caught the artist's attention. Unfortunately Miley declined his offer to go his prom, but she did offer him something really nice. She tweeted: “don't think I'll be able to make it to prom, BUT why don't you come to my AZ show & hang w me? Don't forget a corsage." So after all; he got to actually meet Miley Cyrus and go backstage with her as well at the concert. Needless to say he was super happy and drowning in tears.

5 Ariana Grande makes her fans' hearts warm

The “Dangerous Women” artist shows us just how much she cares for her fans!

During a 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Ariana Grande showed us just what a warm heart she has and how much she appreciates her fans.

Her fans, often referred to as Arianators, were treated to something sweet and warm as they waited outside her hotel before her big performance. Because it was so cold, Grande bought everyone cups of warm hot chocolate! As if that was not enough, she also added cookies to it, because they just go hand in hand, and Grande seemed to understand that.

Over and above that, she signed of all the cups as well. I can only bet that is the first hot chocolate cups that people did not throw away ever! Her fans were quite appreciative of this gesture, particularly seeing how cold it was outside in London (where the Victoria Secret’s fashion show was taking place).

One of her fans tweeted: @AnaBiebsmiler: Ariana paid hot chocolate for all of us and signed all of our cups she is amazing OMG!

To top it off, later that day, Grande absolutely slayed her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. What a boss!

4 John Cena Makes 500 wishes come true

John Cena may be famous for being a WWE wrestler and for his well known line “you can’t see me,” but he should also be recognized for being one of the most genuine celebs. He received an award from the Make-A-Wish Foundation for having granted over 500 wishes come true. That’s more than over a year of just making people happy! He translates some of his wrestling phrases to speak to kids of how they should fight through adversity. One of the things Cena often does is bring fans to the ringside to watch him wrestle.

He did that for 8-year-old Rocco Lanzer, who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He surprised Rocco with a championship belt and also tickets to watch him live. Needless to say, Rocco was left absolutely shocked, and loved it when he actually saw Cena perform in person. Aside from the 500 wishes, Cena still keeps in contact with many of the families of the kids and of course the kids themselves. It is over and above his responsibility of being an actor and a wrestler; something that he said he truly cherishes and loves doing; and also willing to drop everything when he has to get involved in something of this nature.

3 Little Mix surprises fan on her 12th Birthday

Little Mix partnered up with McDonalds to start a campaign called #HelloGoodTimes which was really an array of feel good things with the purpose of spreading positivity.

One of the most touching moments of the campaign was when Little Mix surprised Elise, who is a huge fan of theirs, on her 12th birthday. In the video which went viral on YouTube, Elise is having a casual birthday lunch with her friends at McDonalds when all of a sudden Little Mix comes out of nowhere and starts singing to her!

Jesy said that her real motivation to do this kind of thing was to see “Elise smile and look of shock.” They also sang happy birthday to her, which I’m sure for Elise was a one of a kind and once in a lifetime moment.

Over and above this, Little Mix also surprised more fans in McDonalds with a flash mob! No one had been in on this, so it was a surprise to everyone, even the staff at McDonalds. People were casually eating their food and some were playing with the touch screens, when suddenly the faces of all band members of Little Mix came on the screens. They started walking from the storeroom in McDonalds and within minutes turned the whole place upside

2 Justin Bieber organizes a dream Quinceañera

Perhaps fairytales really do come true? Or at least it came true for 21-year-old Ashley who was accompanied by Justin Bieber to her Quinceañera. She is probably the only person that can say that she had Bieber as her date to her Quinceañera, which is something really cool. The back story is that Ashley could not attend her original quinceañera because was battling with a life-threatening meningitis that surprised her. She often used Justin Bieber music to battle through this, but unfortunately missed her special engagement during this time.

It all turned around for her though in a few days when someone knocked on her front door.

When she opened it, it was none other than Justin Bieber standing on her doorstep! He greeted her with a pink ball gown and asked to accompany her to celebrate her Quinceañera. He then led her to the car in true fairy tale fashion to a surprise location. The surprise location was a hall filled with all the special people in her life. The night moved on with her slow dancing with Bieber. To top it all off, he presented her with her Tiara to cap off a truly special night for one of his biggest fans.

1 Gina Rodriguez sends her dress to fans

Gina Rodriguez, the star of the television show Jane the Virgin, showed us just how sweet and generous she can be.

Jessica Casanova, a big fan of Rodriguez, was following her on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes. Rodriguez was wearing a stunning black dress on the Red Carpet which caught the attention of Casanova.

She then bravely tweeted to Rodriguez: "@HereIsGina (Rodriguez’s Twitter handle )”so would love to wear your golden globes dress to prom."

To which Rodriguez surprisingly replied: “Where do you live? I only own my first globes dress the one from last year...maybe we can make this happen.”

From this Tweet, they started going back and forth in terms of location and logistics as to how to get it to Casanova. And it actually happened!

Casanova wore the dress to her prom and had a great time. Surely this must go down as one of the sweetest things that a celebrity has done for a fan. The interaction, which has now gone viral, has caused many fans to actually ask other celebs to do the same, and many of them have obliged as well. Just goes to show us that there is no harm in asking!

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