20 Times Kids And Dogs Proved That They Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

Put a dog and a kid in a photo or a video, and it's bound to end up being amazing. It's actually the winning formula for a great shot, and whether they are peacefully asleep, or being little trouble makers, the captured moment will be adorable. I stumbled upon this Instagram account called @kidswithdogs a while back, and honestly, ever since then my Instagram feed has been blessed with adorable ~to die for~ photos and videos of pure doggy and baby friendship. There's just something beautiful in seeing two absolutely honest and loving beings having fun together. The fact that the kids are so innocent and delicate, and that the dogs are aware of how pure and vulnerable the kids actually are makes me loudly gasp and say, "awww" literally after every photo I see. And you will obviously click that follow button after you scroll through this list, because anything else would just be heartless and who wants to be known as the grumpy heartless one?

Here are 20 times kids and dogs were the cutest duos to ever walk on Earth.

20 Dogs and kids are the ultimate best friends

No, seriously, the term BFFs was invented just for them.

19 They are always together

And they are always ready to give each other a head massage.

18 They are the best nap buddies ever

Because, let's face it, dogs and kids love to sleep (but then again, who doesn't?).

17 Because buds who nap together stay together


16 And pre-nap cuddling is a must

It's just what fluffy friends are for.

15 Sometimes it's even a whole nap squad

Because there isn't such a thing as too many dogs.

14 Look at how happy this baby is about his BFF joining him!

😍😍 @knee.high ❤ #kidswithdogs to be featured

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*actual cuteness overload*

13 And look at these buds just sharing some ice cream

Because best friends share everything, right?

12 Here are two buds just driving around, looking fabulous

♫ They see me rollin', they hatin' ♫

11 Bath time is so much more fun with your furry bestie


10 Look at these two showering together

Just two besties trying to save some water.

9 But really, how cute are they?


8 Look at this buddy giving its bestie a hair makeover

"I think it's time for a change, trust me." ?

7 And look at these two picking out what book they should read next

They just can't seem to agree on one.

6 These BFFs just love each other so much!


5 And these ones even wear adorable matching outfits

Pretty in green.

4 The "partners in crime" look is always very trendy.

Because nothing screams best friends more than wearing matching pink tutus.

3 Or cute matching dachshund bandanas

3, 2, 1, strike a pose!

2 Look at these buddies having a crawling contest

They all win!

1 Now make sure you follow @kidswithdogs on Instagram for your daily dose of cuteness overload


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