20 Times Kids Failed Miserably At Cutting Their Own Hair

Kids are fearless, brave, and love to take fashion risks. From sporting tutus, wearing face paint, or showing off their favorite Batman costume, kids love to express themselves in any way they can. Sometimes this expression comes with consequences, especially when playing barbershop.  Here are 20 times kids failed at cutting their own hair.

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20 Mohawk Mishap

Via: thetop10s.net

It may have seemed like a cool idea at the time, but cutting your own mohawk can be a dangerous idea.

19 Half a buzzcut buzzkill

Via: opposingviews.com

Trying to look bald like daddy didn't work out the way you had planned, huh?

18 The lopsided look

Via: kaseymathews.com

Helping mom and dad style your hair for picture day? I'm sure they appreciate it.

17 Caught in the act

Via: express.co.uk

I guess it's too late to tell you that I like you better with bangs?

16 The mullet mistake

Via: buzzfeed.com

It's just not a great style for you, and the demon look isn't helping either.

15 The Partition

Via: thetop10s.net

It's like the parting of the Red Sea. Only it just doesn't work well with that T-shirt.

14 Bold bald spot

Via: squarestairs.com

Just keep grinning like nothing happened. But something did happen and I have a feeling that scissors were involved.

13 Patchy Patrick

Via: salonevoke.blogspot.com

I love this new patchy look, darling. It's chic, it's innovative, it's unique!

12 Bad boy bald spot

Via: pinterest.com

Do you want to pry the scissors out of this terror's hands. Me neither. So honey, do whatever you want with your hair.

11 Bald Betty

Via: mothering.com

I think the smile says it all. It's forced, and pained, and there's a little sadness behind her eyes. Good luck at school tomorrow, doll.

10 Now you see your bangs, now you don't!

Via: momsprescription.wordpress.com

I know, sweetie. Cry it out. The bangs will grow back with time.

9 Choppy in the front, playtime in the back

Via: milianaires.com

It's a nice look? Well, It's a look. It's most certainly a look.

8 Baldy blue eyes

Via: mandielane.com

Yes, you can try to distract us with those baby blue eyes, but we can't miss that mess on top. I promise you that.

7 The 'your life is over' look

Via: gabworthy.com

I know that right now it seems like your life is over, but this too shall pass.

6 Caught red-handed

Via: emlii.com

Excuse me, but I think half of your bangs are missing.

5 The boy bob

Via: birrdandbadger.blogspot.com

It's short, it's cute, and it's just a little too thin! It's the new boy bob, for both girls and boys!

4 The widow's peak

Via: bimmerfest.com

Yes, you may be too young to be a widow, but apparently you're not too young for a widow's peak. It's looking good on you girl!

3 Open bangs

Via: chymfm.com

I don't mean to be too deep, but it's like you lost a tooth on your forehead. Or like your bangs have a window. Namaste.

2 The sad squinter

Via: bluumblurbs.com

"If I close my eyes, maybe it's not real." No, it's real and it's not a great look.

1 The kids cut

Via: youtube.com

Here is an example of what happens when you let your kids cut your hair. Stylish yes in that metal rocker sort-of way, but it looks very painful.

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