20 Times North West Was Chicer Than Her Mama, Kim K

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's firstborn daughter is a fashionista.

Yes, North West has more sass than any of us do. And on more than one occasion, the adorable North West has given us major outfit envy; she owns things that many of us cannot even go out and splurge on, like an LV purse.

Her parents are fashion icons, so it is no surprise and only natural that the little trendsetter would follow in her parents' footsteps. One thing we are not shy to admit is that North West has slayed more than her mama while out and about. She may be young, but she is fashionable beyond her years.

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20 North West Rocking That Edgy Fur

via Instagram

While KKW often steps out with layered outfits, North does it better. We'd like to give North the title of Layering Queen. Just look at all the trendy pieces she put in one outfit.

We do not know what is more adorable - her velvet dress? Her hair buns, perhaps? Her combat booties? Her fur coat? She's the only child who could rock some puffy fur.

19 That Time North West Pulled Off Snake Print

via Harper's Bazaar

Back in 2018, little North West already knew that snake print was going to be the trendiest thing in fashion. If ever you need some python print outfit inspiration, just take a look at photos of this little cutie.

With flair, North stepped out in a two-piece monochromatic snake print set that she casually paired with some hip Vans sneakers.

18 No, Kim K Can't Wear Orange Like Her Daughter

via Harper's Bazaar

Do you know who got the note that the monochromatic look was on trend last year and this year, too? North West.

In a neon orange dress, with matching neon eyeliner (we didn't even know how to apply eyeliner on at that age), North looks so rad. KKW wore snake print, but North shone like the sun.

17 Both Slaying The Neon Look, But NW Is Cooler

via Harper's Bazaar

If you haven't been hiding under a rock, you may have noticed that neon colors are back on trend. Some people like Kim K overdo it, while others like little North West make it look dashing.

She went all out with a neon green look that she complemented with a matching bag, a neon green hair scrunchie and sunglasses. Maybe she was attending an "Astroworld" show.

16 North West Made The Runway Hers

via Harper's Bazaar

Make way for the newest fashion icon that is a force to be reckoned with! North hit the runway with sass and class before her mama even has.

Watching from the sidelines, Kim K was gleeful when she saw her daughter strut down the runway in a red leather skirt and a motorcycle jacket. And with those oversized glasses, the little one meant business.

15 Who Else Would Figure Skate In A Dress?

via Harper's Bazaar

Look at her go! North decided that she'd go ice skating that day in a very "casual" outfit. Seriously, she is even making us look bad with her little black dress topped with a shaggy fur coat.

This stylish five year old makes sure to layer even when she hits the ice so effortlessly. Look at that pearl collar and those high socks that she paired with her skates! She stole the show on the rink that day.

14 North West Should Teach Her Mom Some Fashion 101

via Harper's Bazaar

While KKW decided to step out in a regular tank top and joggers, North made sure she didn't dress down like her mama. If anyone knows how to look cool, it's North.

She opted for an old school Snoop Dogg tank that she turned into a dress. Then, she did the trendiest thing by wearing it with a basic tee and a rhinestone choker - voila!

13 Is Adidas Looking For A New 'It Girl'?

via Harper's Bazaar

Drake may have said "checks over stripes," but for North, it is all about the stripes. This youngin has no time to waste; she sported an Adidas outfit like she was signed to the brand.

While mama Kim awkwardly wore knee-high boots, North wore a matching hot pink track outfit with her daddy's Yeezy sneakers and a candy necklace. Leave it to North to bring those back! She's certainly educating us.

12 There's No Way KKW Could Pull Off Velvet Like Her Mini-Me

via Harper's Bazaar

This budding fashionista is proof that velvet can be worn all year round, not only during the holidays. The super young but established fashion icon owned the streets with a pink velvet lace-up dress.

And of course, she had to pair it with a bejewelled purse that she flaunted so elegantly.

11 North West Brought The '90s Back

via Harper's Bazaar

North, the '90s called, they want their outfit back! It is not the first time this fashion lover made us feel nostalgic with her full '90s outfit.

Mama Kim surely cannot pull off a red/orange velvet slipdress the way North did - and it isn't farfetched to say that Anna Wintour would approve of the layered look. Seems like North can't leave the house without a choker and Yeezys.

10 When North Wears Her Mama's Clothes

via Harper's Bazaar

Kim K posted this photo on social media, claiming that when she leaves her daughter alone, she tries on all her mother's stuff - do you blame her? Seriously though, who looks that chic while eating ice cream?

With a blue python crop top, designer sunglasses, a cuff bracelet and denim shorts, we have major outfit envy.

9 Yes, She Even Sashays With An LV

via Harper's Bazaar

Who else would own an LV at that age? And who else would rock it the way she does?

North brought back the original monogram Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, making this purse look like the must-have item.

North paired her mini version of the bag with another signature slip dress and casual sneakers. Thanks to North, we have the perfect summer date night outfit.

8 Sorry, The Sequins Looked Better On North West

via Harper's Bazaar

Sequins on someone are always either a hit or a miss, and while for Kim K it was a miss, for North, it was a hit. Wearing the same dress as her mama for a night out, it's North that stole the spotlight.

North knows that it's all about wearing a fancy dress with a pair of Vans to make the look laid-back.

7 All Leopard Everything

via Harper's Bazaar

We're pretty sure as children we did not wear any kind of animal print, but North had no problem prancing around in a silky leopard slip dress.

We would probably glance at that dress in a boutique and think it's perfect for the bedroom, but North reminded us anything works if you've got style. And with black Yeezy Boosts and a choker, she's ready to pounce on the runway!

6 While Kim Wore Pants, North Opted For A Dress

via Harper's Bazaar

Kim's outfit is all over the place and makes no sense, but North's outfit is sassy and put together. North clearly doesn't follow in her mama's footsteps, as she often is a few steps ahead of her.

North wants to leave her mark on the fashion world, and she surely did that day with a baby pink spaghetti-straps dress that she matched with grey Adidas kicks.

5 Who Brought The Fur Slippers Back? North West

via Harper's Bazaar

Whether you like the fur slipper trend or not, you cannot diss North for rocking it. We also won't judge if you go out right now and buy this exact outfit to mimic her.

Here, the little one is seen embracing the furry sandals trend, but she added her twist to it with a baseball hat and, again, velvet.

4 The Only Kid We Know That Could Pull Off Fringe

via Harper's Bazaar

Not everyone opts for clothing items with fringes because it is quite daring; the voluminous cowboy look is not for everyone. However, five-year-old North makes the trend look badass with her oversized fringe leather jacket layered on top of a lace slip dress.

Yes, we could wear this look too, but we probably wouldn't look as chic as North.

3 North West Is A Real Rocker

via Harper's Bazaar

Watch out ladies and gents, this chick is on fire! Look at her throwback to the '90s jacket! We haven't seen that print in so long, we almost forgot about it.

This tiny tot makes the oversized moto jacket look so chic with her sneakers and signature choker. Kim would never look as tough in that rad jacket, and neither would we.

2 Who Wore The Fur Better? North

via Harper's Bazaar

Not everyone is a fan of fur, but we cannot dismiss how fashionable North looks in this photo. Someone, please get this tiny fashion icon a modelling contract ASAP.

Without a doubt she stole the show from Kim that day because her street style game was on point. With a leopard fur coat, she wore baggy jeans, a graphic tee and Burgundy Doc Martens - teach us, North!

1 North Is Not Your Average Tot

via Harper's Bazaar

Every day for North is a new day to show the world that she could always do better than her mama when it comes to fashion. Even when the beautiful little one is headed out to ballet class, she dresses like a star.

Here she is with a pink fur coat and a jewelled choker, going to ballet class and slaying it. Who looks that good all the time?

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