20 Times Parents Embarrassed Their Kids . . . And It Was Hilarious

Whether intentional or because they’re just being themselves, parents always seem to find new and interesting ways to embarrass their kids. We’ve highlighted some of the hilarious examples of how parents embarrassed their kids. Prepare to cringe and be glad it isn't you!

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20 Water for the Weary

Via: winkgo.com

This guy thinks it’s cool to brag about his hip problems and is trying to simultaneously create a new trend in drinking water. Perhaps he doesn’t know there is a third option: Just get a cup!

19 Pressure to Pee

Via: winkgo.com

Maybe this dad drinks a lot of water too, because it looks like he’s been holding that in for a while. It might actually be a little funny if he had cropped out the water hose.

18 Burn on a Bag

Via: distractify.com

It would be interesting to see if the “girl in the house” found her sunglasses (along with this little note) first. Pretty good burn from the parents, who have their fingers crossed that she couldn’t get a good glimpse of his “pee-pee” through those dark shades.

17 Snail Mail Selfie

Via: winkgo.com

It’s great when Baby Boomers embrace technology, even if they do it using ancient electronics and outdated communication methods. You have to wonder how many Polaroid prints they shook through before getting the right angle.

16 Farmers Market Funk

Via: reddit.com

This man’s the coolest cat at the farmers market, selling his best beets and jams under the moniker of “Dr. Dray.”

15 Payback for Pooping

Via: imgur.com

Judging by that huge grin on her face, this little girl had no idea what she was signing. Or maybe she was just relieved to drop a load off. The “I’m so sweet” shirt makes her look even more innocent.

14 Highway to Humiliation

Via: oddee.com

Few punishments can feel more humiliating than broadcasting to the world what you did wrong. In case nobody recognizes her hidden behind the hoodie, her parents are standing close by to make sure her name was on the sign, too.

13 Meanest Mom Want Ad

Via: tehpear.com

Here’s one kid you won’t see on the highway, at least in his car. Apparently the meanest mom on the planet is putting it up for sale.

12 Dominating Daddy

Via: winkgo.com

Well, that’s one way to show the daughter’s boyfriend who’s bigger, badder and sexier.

11 Shopping in Short Shorts

Via: bossip.com

Rather than the boyfriend, this dad decided to dress like the daughter with a nice little caption on his coat to explain the situation. Probably the worst punishment is walking through Walmart with him!

10 Playing with Profile Pictures

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Nothing ruins cute profile pictures like your parents emulating your every move.

9 Maternal Material on Display

Via: sarcasticsarcasms.blogspot.com

This dad doesn’t mind sharing his wife with anyone . . . on social media at least. While mom didn’t seem to mind the complimentary posting, it only took a few minutes for the kids to complain.

8 Poetic Justice

Via: somecsrds.com

This poor guy tried to sound all eloquent about turning 22, but his dad left a crude comment that took us all to a darker place.

7 Fruit for the Future

Via: sarcasticsarcasms.blogspot.com

Either this little girl’s parents are totally clueless as to what this looks like or they plan to use the picture later as an illustration for “the talk.”

6 Traveling Solo

Via: imgur.com

This little girl posed for a picture on a family road trip, unknowingly being the butt of her parents’ joke.

5 Dinner and a Date

Via: happyplace.com

This mom isn’t even trying to pretend her son’s a virgin, but she’s not quite ready to be a grandma. She even left him some dinner to eat after he’s worked up an appetite. Too bad she punched a hole in his birth control!

4 Birth Control Blanket

Via: funnyjunk.com

This dad is making sure his daughter never makes it to the stage of needing a condom by giving her this lovely blanket of his all-seeing-eyes face, which is sure to cut down on any canoodling beneath the covers.

3 Final Warning to Wash Up

Via: sarcasticsarcasms.blogspot.com

It’s tough sharing a bathroom, and most people don’t want a tainted towel when jumping out of the shower. Perhaps this guy should finish his business before pulling back the curtain.

2 Shot on Social Media

Via: youtube.com

This father’s YouTube video went viral when he publicly reprimanded his daughter for trashing her parents on Facebook. His grand finale was shooting nine rounds of “exploding bullets” into her laptop.

1 American Pie Parenting

Via: her.ie

The most embarrassing parent is so embarrassing he probably doesn’t exist in real life. Jim’s dad on American Pie is a true gem to watch as he advises his son on life, love and, as much as Jim may hate it, sex.

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