20 Times The Cash Me Ousside Girl Disappointed Dr. Phil And Her Mom

She is a child of many names. Danielle Bregoli, the Cash Me Ouside Girl, the girl from Dr. Phil's show, Bhad Bhabie, etc. Whatever any of our readers call her, we cannot deny calling her a viral sensation. Her appearance on the good doctor's show did, in fact, go viral in a huge way that we are still talking about in 2019, for some reason. Well, technically, there is a reason ... it is because Bregoli used her 15 minutes of fame as a springboard into having a full-blown, successful rap career to prolong those 15 minutes.

Still, while she has found success in music with strong collaborations with popular musicians like Kodak Black and Lil Yachty, her bashful antics away from the sound booth are deserving of another trip to Dr. Phil. If the doctor will even be willing to have her back on, of course, given how much of a disappointment she has likely been to him, as someone who tried to help her.

20 Claiming to Have "Made" Dr. Phil

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Danielle Bregoli's first appearance on Dr. Phil's show was such a huge viral hit that the good doctor could not help but invite her again for a follow-up chat months later. He may have immediately regretted this when she berated him claiming he was "nothing" before she came on his show, despite having the fact he had said show for two decades.

19 Spending $40,000 on New Teeth

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According to TMZ, one of Bregoli's first big purchases that she made in her post-Dr. Phil life was using her newfound cash to spend $40,000 and two four hour sessions to get porcelain veneers to repair her crowding in her bottom teeth. Considering normal people get braces to make a similar teeth fix for cheaper, Dr. Phil might call this a waste of money.

18 Buying Herself a Billboard Cover

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Being on the cover of Billboard is a luxury that rappers wait years to earn, but Bhad Bhabie, she bought her way to the cover straight into the rap game. According to TMZ, she paid top dollar to put her advertisement over Lil Wayne's Billboard cover to appear as if she herself was on the cover.

17 Getting Jordan Concert Cancelled Over a Tweet

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A few months back, TMZ reported that Bhad Bhabie's concert in Jordan was cancelled and it all had to do with a bad joke in a tweet. After a tweet written in Arabic (a language Bhabie does not know) tagged her, she made a joke thinking she was asked if she likes McDonald's, but actually, the Palestinian tweeter was telling followers to boycott the concert because they think Bhabie supports Israel. The promoters in Jordan considered Bhabie's retweet to be a "breach of contract."

16 Ripping Off a Clothing Brand

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To capitalize on the success of her Dr. Phil appearance, Bregoli opened up her own merchandise store, which included her "CashMeOusside" catchphrase styled like the Champion brand logo. Which was a bad idea, as she was forced to take the shirt down after Hanes sent her a cease and desist, according to TMZ.

15 Feuding with 6ix9ine

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Last year, before 6ix9ine was in hiding after taking the stand against gang members, he was embroiled in a feud with Bhad Bhabie. When approached on the street by The Hollywood Fix, they asked her thoughts on the rainbow-haired rapper, and she said: "I like his music, I don't like him as a person." 6ix9ine responded on Instagram by claiming that she was just mad because he didn't want to do a song with her.

On Instagram Live, she denied that her or her team ever asked to do a song with 6ix9ine and threatened to get her friends to come to Brooklyn to beat him up and start some "real problems."

14 Exposing Trippie Redd's Text Messages

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Piggybacking off her feud with 6ix9ine, she compared Trippie Redd (another rapper) to 6ix9ine and his own nasty allegations after Redd DM'd Bregoli to "come over" and "come alone." Redd was 19 at the time while Bregoli was 15-years old. Even worse, while being interviewed by DJ Akademiks, Bregoli admitted she kissed Redd when they were both underage.

13 Throwing Jabs at Jojo Siwa

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On Twitter a couple of years back, a user praised child star Jojo Siwa for being a positive role model, unlike Bhad Bhabie. After Siwa thanked the user and said kids shouldn't worry about "growing up so fast," Bhabie took it as a diss. In only so many words, Bhabie responded with ... well, the PG version of it would be to say she told Siwa to stick it where the sun don't shine. "Exactly my point," Siwa responded.

12 Allegedly Dating Much Older NBA Youngboy

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NBA Youngboy is a rapper with enough of a rap sheet of criminal history to fill out a whole list. While she's denied dating him, they've been closely linked for the past couple years to the point she got a tattoo of the 20-year old back in August. Her own dad told The Sun in 2017 that he was worried his daughter would get "exploited" hanging out with Youngboy.

11 Not Getting Royalties from DJ Suede

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A big reason why Bregoli's antics on Dr. Phil's show was because the song "Cash Me Ousside" by DJ Suede using Bregoli's audio. According to TMZ after obtaining legal documents, Bregoli agreed to let Suede use the audio and offer a 50/50 cut, but Suede never offered royalties. She sued for $250,000.

10 Talking Smack About Chanel West Coast

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Chanel West Coast is a personality from the show Ridiculousness on MTV. While explaining a club meltdown in a video from TMZ, Chanel West Coast name-dropped the Cash Me Ousside Girl as the kind of "ignorant fool" who gets famous for acting ignorantly. When TMZ asked Bregoli her response, Bregoli said she had no idea who Chanel was the hour prior. Ouch.

9 Rivalry with Lil Tay

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Another one of Bhad Bhabie's rivals is Lil Tay, who is even younger than Bregoli herself. Tay is currently 12-years old, but got famous for cursing on the internet. Tay is friends with Bregoli's rival, Woah Vicky, and they're enemies by association. Tay had Vicky's back when she brawled with Bregoli in 2018.

8 Dissing Soulja Boy

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In a bizarre 2017 Twitter exchange, Danielle Bregoli seemingly started beef with rap veteran Soulja Boy for no apparent reason with an f-bomb. Soulja responded similarly in kind, calling her "ugly" before Bregoli said she made more money that week than he did all year. The whole thing went on forever to the point that even Dr. Phil probably found himself cringing.

7 Feud with RiceGum


After RiceGum made a reaction video on YouTube about Bregoli's Dr. Phil show appearance, she continued to throw verbal jabs at RiceGum every chance she got. Then, RiceGum wrote and released a diss track against her. She reacted in her own reaction video, calling RiceGum names and saying his face reminded her of a "toenail."

6 Throwing Water at Iggy Azalea 

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Back in November 2018, an altercation of sorts happened between Bhad Bhabie and fellow rapper Iggy Azalea at Cardi B's Fashion Nova show. Prior, Iggy Azalea made a joke at Bregoli's expense on IG and Bhabie responded by making fun of her tour getting cancelled. In footage caught by TMZ, Bregoli tried to fight Azalea after throwing a drink at her. Azalea looked stunned and confused as security escorted Bregoli off the premises.

Azalea later responded on IG: "So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently and thought I'd fight a child?! LOL Anyway! The fashion nova party is LIT."

5 Trying to Beef with Kylie Jenner

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During an interview on The Cruz Show, when asked her thoughts on Kylie Jenner, Bregoli flat out said "I don't like her," calling Kylie an attention seeker. She then told TMZ at LAX that she'd "whoop every Kardashian" if they retaliated. Years after both comments, none of the Kardashians have so much as publicly mentioned Bregoli.

4 Punching Someone on a Plane

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When she was still 13-years old, New York Daily News reported Bregoli had a confrontation with another woman on a Spirit Airlines flight complaining about Bregoli taking too long to put her luggage in the overhead compartment. After Bregoli punched her, she, the woman she attacked, and her mother were all kicked off the plane.

3 Framed Her Mother for Substance Use

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One of the things mentioned during her first visit to Dr. Phil that always go overlooked is how she framed her mother with a heinous crime. As explained in the episode, Bregoli had put some sugar in a small plastic bag, chopped it up with a straw, and added a razor blade to make it look like a known substance, which Bregoli told police her mom was using after calling 911. When police arrived to the scene and learned Bregoli had lied, it was the child who got arrested for making a false police report.

2 Embarrassing David Spade

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In 2017, David Spade ran into Bhad Bhabie at a restaurant and decided to take a picture for the 'gram. If Bhabie looks less enthusiastic about the pic, it's because she was too young to know who he even was. When she posted her copy of the pic to IG, she said she seriously thought Spade was the waiter. How embarrassing.

1 Losing a Fight to Woah Vicky

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Even our readers who are not familiar with Bhad Bhabie in the slightest have probably seen her recent viral video where she fought Woah Vicky, another social media personality. They've feuded for a couple years now, but after Bhabie "pulled up" (as she explained on IG) on Woah Vicky at a Georgia studio.

While the internet narrative has been that Babie got beat up, she herself denied it. "Anyone who says I got beat up is delusional," Bhabie told IG, according to an NME report. "She grabbed my hair and somehow ended up on top of me the whole time. My face stayed untouched, not even a lash missing."

Sources: Instagram, nme.com, tmz.com

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