20 Times Toddlers Were Basically Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Have you ever watched a toddler before? I don’t mean babysitting – but like REALLY watched and observed a toddler? I think we can all agree that toddlers are the funniest form of human beings. They are just so cute and tiny. Something about their inability to properly speak and their clumsy way of walking is amusing. When you really think about it, some of the things they do look a bit like what adults look like after a few drinks.

Here are 20 times toddlers were basically just tiny drunk adults.

20 This kid knows exactly what pre-gaming is all about.

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A trip to the liquor store is always in order before heading out.

19 Trying to locate the straw of your mixed drink.

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Motor skills are not quite there yet.

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Just like adults after a few drinks.

18 Happy dances

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The moment you score a girl's number at the bar – this calls for celebration!

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17 The random things you'll do.

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"Maybe if I give Amber these flowers, she'll take me back!"

16 You start annoying your friends.

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Toddlers can be such jerks sometimes. Poor grandma! But as adults, we aren't any better. We can sometimes be found doing the same things to our friends.

15 Picking fights for no reason

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"This is mine now."

We have all witnessed or heard about a dumb fight that happened during a night out downtown.

14 Dancing nonstop

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When there's a bit of alcohol in your system, every song is your favorite song... and your fear of dancing publicly suddenly goes out the window. So, DJ, turn it up!

13 Trying to get someone's attention from across the room.

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"How you doin'?" 

At this rate, you've forgotten all about caring how you look or sound. Once your target has been located, you make your move.

12 The simplest things become really fascinating.

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"Oh my god guys! Check out this wall! It's opening on its own!!!"

11 When you feel all the emotions.

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Depending on how you handle your alcohol, sometimes you'll smile, laugh, and cry all in the same minute.

10 Let's not forget how toddlers look exactly like drunk girls walking in heels...

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Some heels will kill your feet by the end of the night!

9 Especially, when they are trying to find their way out of the bar or club.

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"Just don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall. Made it!"

8 The uncontrollable spit up.

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"Oh, crap. I'm so sorry bro."

Holding it in is just not an option. These nights are the nights we hope no one will remember.

7 Passing out.

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Getting to your bed after a night out can be such a chore. Exhaustion will take over and PLOP! Down you go.

6 And I mean anytime, anywhere.

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This is a perfectly good spot to fall asleep.

5 Sleeping in the car until your jam comes on.

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After a late night out, your on your way home from the bar trying to rest your eyes and stop the world from spinning. All of a sudden your favourite song starts blaring in the car. Without a doubt, you'll be dancing along with it.

4 Trying to look sober at the post-bar restaurant...

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"Maybe if I keep looking at the menu, the server won't notice I'm tipsy.."

Have you ever tried acting sober so no one will notice you have been drinking?

3 But failing to look sober at said resto.

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"Are you ready to order?"

"I'll just have this, thank you."

Sometimes the food just looks that good.

2 Having to work the next day.

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Nothing sums up our feelings of having to work after a night of drinking as much as this little girl.

1 Hiding your hangover.

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You may not be able to stop people from sounding like they're speaking through a megaphone, but at least you can mask your bloodshot eyes by throwing on some sunnies.

Drink responsibly kids!

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