20 Totally Inappropriate Scenes From Pixar Movies

Every year kids flock to the movie theatres to watch the newest animated flick. These movies are for a younger audience. Adults usually struggle to stay awake. Of course, there are many classic animated films that both young and old can love. They do their best to entertain the parents in the audience. Well, they can go a bit far with that sometimes.

Pixar Studios produces hit after hit each year, and they release the most beloved films in Hollywood. They even took over from Disney for a bit. However, look a bit closer at these famous movies. There is a wide range of hidden jokes and mature humor. There are several jokes aimed at adults and are not appropriate for kids. Indeed, many scenes probably belong in an R-rated movie. Regardless, they slipped by and remained in these classic movies.  Here are 20 Totally Inappropriate Pixar Scenes.

20 Toy Story – Woody and Bo Peep Flirting

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Toy Story is the movie the started it all for Pixar. The classic film is the first in Pixar's most beloved franchise. It's also the first movie to feature a scene that most kids probably didn't get. At one point, Bo Peep and Woody can't stop flirting with each other. It's easy to see that they have chemistry. Bo Peep tells Woody that she can find someone to watch the sheep. She's implying that they can take the chance to be intimate. The scene is a bit out of place in a movie like this.

19 Ratatouille – One Can Get Too Familiar with The Vegetables

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Ratatouille seems like an innocent kids movie. It features an adorable little mouse so it must be squeaky clean. Below the surface, the film features a lot of jokes that went over kids heads. For instance, Chef Skinner throws Alfredo Linguini out of the walk-in fridge but doesn't realize he's talking to Remy. Instead, he assumes Linguini is doing something suspicious with the vegetables. He even utters the line, "One can't be too familiar with vegetables." It's a bit odd that Chef assumes he's going to be intimate with vegetables. Perhaps, this is from experience.

18 Monster’s Inc. - Bathroom Humor


Monster's Inc. is a sweet movie about a little kid and the monsters in the closet. Okay, that doesn't sound sweet, but the film is. Regardless, movies like this need to be careful about the messages they send kids. For instance, Sully searches for Boo in the men's bathroom. Mike walks in and assumes he's a peeping tom. The joke would seem tame in a teen movie, but here is a bit risque.

17 Cars – McQueen’s Fans Flash Their Headlights

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Cars is an animated film that kids love. It features fast and funny vehicles, so there's a lot to love about it. Of course, the movie features a ton of adult jokes that are not appropriate for younger fans. At one point. Lighting McQueen's approached by two of his biggest fans. They like him so much that they flash their headlights. The implication is they're flashing him in another more adult way.

16 Toy Story - Sid’s Bizarre Toys

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Toy Story features a lot of moments that seem a bit too adult. The jokes are aimed at an older audience sometimes. Indeed, a few jokes are even out of place. For instance, Sid enjoys torturing his toys. He also attaches a hook to a pair of long female legs. He creates a literal "hooker." The joke is an apparent reference to a very adult job.

15 Cars – Hooking Up To Another Car

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Cars and Toy Story contain most of the adult jokes and inappropriate scenes. In particular, Cars finds a way to make everything about being intimate. In the movie, the vehicles often hook up to each other. The joke is evident as they're literally "hooking up." Most kids probably didn't get that joke, but the adults in the room did.

14 The Incredibles – Elastic Girl Checks Herself Out

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The Incredibles might be a movie about a superhero family, but not all the scenes are kid-friendly. In particular, one scene involving Elastic Girl. Bob and Helen both get new suits when they return to a life of crime-fighting. Elastic Girl is on a mission when she randomly passes a mirror. Helen then takes the time to check out her rear end in the mirror. She isn't happy about the new outfit and how it highlights her bottom.

13 Ratatouille – “I Have A Little One” Scene

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Pixar enjoys slipping in subtle and not so subtle jokes. These jokes are for adults, but the audiences are usually made up of kids. So some of these jokes seem out of place. In Ratatouille, Alfredo Linguini implies he has a little help and makes the international sign for little. The implication is that he's talking about a body part that is smaller than a mouse.

12 Toy Story - Mr. Potato Head’s Confrontation

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Pixar enjoys making adult jokes that seem unintentional. It happens often and usually in Toy Story. In Toy Story 3, Lotso snatches off Mrs. Potato-Head's lips. Her husband then proclaims, "Nobody takes my wife's mouth but me!" He's noble by standing up for his wife, but he might one to think twice before talking.

11 Finding Nemo – Drinking Problem

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Finding Nemo might be about life under the sea, but they deal with problems like the rest of us. Indeed, some of the sharks have a bit of a drinking problem. One of the sharks Bruce isn't just a terrifying shark. He also admits he has a drinking problem and runs a support group for sharks like him. It seems odd to include such a serious matter as a joke in a kids movie.

10 Toy Story 3 – Barbie and Ken Flirting

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Toy Story is a kid's movie but features a lot of flirting. Well, even toys need to have some fun from time to time. Ken and Barbie take flirting to a whole new level. in Toy Story 3, Barbie likes what she sees and compliments his ascot. Of course, she pauses at the perfect time to make it seem like she's praising a body part. She's flirting with Ken and likes what she sees.

9 The Incredibles – Bob And Helen Got Busy

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The Incredibles features a few subtle jokes that went over the kid's heads. These jokes are hiding in the film, but most adults caught them. At one point, Syndrome has the family captured. He then realizes that Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl married and have kids. He even states that they "got busy." Well, it's not hard to explain that one. It might be hard to tell that to a 5-year-old, though.

8 Cars – Top Down Truck Stop Gentlemen’s Club For Cars

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Cars likes to parody the real world all the time. Movie and locations are often similar to real life but with a vehicle twist. The film sneaks in a few adult jokes that weren't appropriate for the kids. At one point, there's a shot of the Top-Down Truck Stop. It might be hard to tell, but it's a gentlemen's club for cars. The sign even mentions convertible waitress.

7 The Good Dinosaur – Illegal Substances

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The Good Dinosaur stays away from the intimate references but went head first with the illegal substances. At one point, Arlo and Spot eat bad fruit and have a wild trip. They start hallucinating and seeing strange things. The implication is they've had illegal substances and start seeing bizarre things as a result. It's a bit odd to reference using a substance in a kids movie about a dinosaur. Of course, that might be how the writers came up with the idea.

6 Inside Out - The Bears In San Francisco

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Inside Out is a sweet movie about the difficulties of childhood. It follows all the complex emotions children go through. It's the perfect teaching movie for adults and kids. Despite the deep meaning, Pixar still finds time to throw in some adult humor. The emotions discuss the fear of bears and one of the emotions mentions seeing a bear in San Francisco. The reference is to the LGBTQ community out in San Francisco. It's a harmless joke, but chances are most kids missed it.

5 Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear’s Excited Reaction To Jessie

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As noted, Toy Story makes most of the adult jokes in the Pixar films. They all do it to a degree, but Toy Story takes it to a whole new level. Buzz Lightyear has a thing for Jessie. Indeed, he's so excited at one point he can't hide it. Just like a 16 years old boy, Buzz springs into action. When he sees Jessie his wings pop up like a...well, you get the idea. Seems like a joke aimed at an older audience that could relate.

4 A Bug’s Life - The Intoxicated Mosquito

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Pixar feels the need to teach the kids about the dangers of the world. Indeed, they even make things a bit too real at times. For instance, in a Bug's Life, they show the dangers of drinking too much. At one point, a mosquito orders a Bloody Mary and drinks it till he passes out. It's a funny joke, but it seems a bit dark for a kids movie.

3 Finding Nemo – “One Tentacle Is Shorter Than The Rest” Scene

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Finding Nemo is one of the most popular films in the Pixar universe. It tells a beautiful story with wonderful characters. Of course, they sneak in jokes most kids won't get. For instance, Pearl mentions having a tentacle that is shorter than the rest. Of course, Peal's talking about a private part on the body. Most young children probably had no idea what they were referencing. Well, most adults didn't either apparently.

2 Cars – A Lemon Party Joke References NSFW Meme

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There truly is no joke that Cars won't touch. Indeed, they even reference NSFW memes. At one point, the cars discuss a possible lemon party. Now, here's some advice, do not search that meaning. It references a NSFW meme that is more than just an adult joke. Anyone that does search that phrase is in for one weird lesson.

1 Toy Story – Deleted Casting Couch Joke

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Toy Story's blooper reel features one of the most controversial jokes. In the scene, Stinky Pete offers the two barbies a role in Toy Story 2 while he holds one of the girl's hands. The scene is similar to real-life situations called casting couch. The joke is even more troubling due to all the legal issues Pixar is facing. The studio apologized for the joke, and its dark meaning.

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