20 Touching Photos Of Dogs Before & After They Were Adopted

There's really nothing like the experience of having a pet, and for a lot of us, our dog is a huge part of our family. Most of us have fond childhood memories of playing with our dog outside and inside, cuddling with them while watching movies, and just generally enjoying some quality time together. That's why it can be so hard to say goodbye to a family pet and why we cherish the time we have with them. It's basically impossible to not fall in love with dogs; we want as many of them as possible, let's just be honest. The day that us dog lovers got our family dog are definitely some of the best of our lives (if not THE best day ever).

Sometimes it feels like we're not choosing the dog, but they're totally choosing us.

While it's common to get a dog from a pet store, it's just as common to rescue dogs or adopt them, and that is always going to be a really sweet, inspiring story. Not all dogs are bread and given automatic homes. While others don't have it so great until they're found. These 20 dogs were all adopted and the photos of them before and after their adoption show quite the contrast.

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20 An Adorable Husky

It's pretty amazing to see how different this dog looks in these two photos. This is a Siberian Husky who was adopted by their owner after basically living outside all their life. According to Doggo, the owner said, "I have 7 dogs and 5 of them are from the streets. But last year I had around 25 and all of them got adopted.“

It's impossible not to want to give Luna a big hug and run around for a while playing with her. And call me a crazy dog woman, but her name totally suits her. I'm happy she has a new home and a better owner.

19 A Water-Loving Dog Named Joli

The person who adopted this dog—named Joli—posted these two photos on Reddit and said, "6 months ago, Joli was half of her recommended weight and too scared to sit in the seat. Today she's 20 pounds heavier and had a fun day swimming in the river."

It's almost too cute when we see dogs swimming around. It's like they are having the best day ever and they can't even believe how fun it is. It's just pure joy on their faces. We should definitely let this sweet dog be our inspiration and to remember to live our lives to the fullest. Let's let Joli be our guide!

18 This Dog Is All Smiles Now

This dog's owner posted these photos on Reddit, and while they didn't give the dog's name, maybe we can come up with our own name for this sweet pup. Someone on Reddit mentioned she looks just like their own dog Daisy, which is an adorable name, indeed.

The owner posted the caption, "Now that we have a smile..our next step is a haircut."

Keep on smiling, sweet doggo!

The toy in the bottom left corner of the second photo is pretty cute, too. It just fills me with so much joy.

(Another Reddit user loved the toy, too, and asked what store it came from. And just in case anyone wanted to know, the owner said Marshall's. You know, just in case anyone wanted to match!)

17 A Child's Best Friend

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and yet these photos prove that a dog can totally be a child's best friend, too (who even came up with that phrase anyway?). How happy do these two look in the second photo? It's truly adorable to see.

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If any of you grew up with a family dog, then this photo probably makes you super nostalgic and brings on all the feels. I can just imagine all the good times that these two are going to have together and all of the memories that they're going to make. It's nice to know that good things still happen, like this adorable dog that got adopted by this family.

16 It Makes Sense To Call This Snow-Loving Dog 'Wynter'

The tale of Wynter the dog is super sweet. Wynter was outside when someone (who does this a lot) found her and helped her by taking her to the vet. After her visit, they found her a good home.

Again, the contrast between these two photos is pretty amazing.

This dog's owner posted these photos on Reddit with the caption, "My dog Wynter - from living in the streets to relaxing in my backyard." They continued, "Wynter is the sweetest dog. She is great with my kids, old dog, and kitties. When the temperature drops she becomes super spunky and when it snows she goes crazy."

15 The Sweetest Dog Named Sully

It's truly amazing and inspiring what can happen when a dog finds a happy, loving, caring home, and that's the case with this dog, Sully.

As his owner posted on Reddit about him saying, "Just about two years ago, I adopted a scared, underweight, matted little dog. Now he smiles at me with the sweetest face and gives me endless love. I’m so lucky to have my sweet Sully."

It's really impossible to call this dog anything other than "sweet," so we will forever refer to this pup as "Sweet Sully" (and wish that we could give him a big hug).

14 Sami, Now Pretty In Pink

Sometimes couples will get a dog before they have a kid — either as a way to take on some responsibilities before raising a family or just because dogs are cute and always a good idea. This couple adopted this adorable dog Sami and posted their story on Reddit.

The guy wrote the caption, "My gf and I found Sami five months ago. Taking care of her is a challenge, but she has become the love of our lives. We are so happy!"

Taking care of any puppy is a challenge, but it's amazing they're taking care of her.

Anyone who is a dog owner can relate to being so thrilled to have this sweet dog in their lives. Plus, let's be real here, Sami looks amazing in her pink outfit.

13 Pierre On His Foster Anniversary

When a dog is adopted into a loving home, that day is called their "gotcha day" and the second photo is of this dog, Pierre, on that anniversary, according to their owner on Reddit.

I have one thing to say: look at those ears!

Those are the cutest ears that I have ever seen and I'm pretty sure that anyone looking at this cute dog would totally agree with me.

Let's wish this doggie an amazing "gotcha day" and be super glad that he found an amazing home to be a part of. It's the best news that we could hear.

12 Princess And Passion Are Dog BFFs

If anyone cries hearing about these dogs, they're definitely not alone because the tale is just so amazing. Princess and Passion lost their owner and were adopted from a pet shelter. Their new owners made sure that Princess got the leg surgery that she needed and now they are called Frannie and Freida.

What makes these two event sweeter is they're siblings!

They seem to get along pretty well, at least judging from the second photo where they look so happy. They look especially thrilled to be hanging out together. Nothing is sweeter than puppy siblings who get adopted as a unit.

11 Ready To Play Some Basketball!

These photos of this cute dog (whose name the owner didn't post on Reddit) were snapped one year apart. I can definitely see a change within that year. Especially since it seems this pup found their new love: basketball!

Come on, NBA, hook this pup up!

There's just something about playing ball with a dog. It's almost too much fun. It makes us feel young and carefree and like we have no cares in the world (just like the dogs probably feel). I could stand to feel that way, and that's another reason why we love dogs so much. They remind us to smile and enjoy ourselves, and we can all use that reminder every once in a while.

10 This Dog Is Super Cuddly Now

As the owner who posted these snaps on Reddit said of this dog, "From scared of his own shadow to super cuddly good boy." It's easy to see the change in this dog since they seem to have put on some much-needed weight in between these two photos.

You can almost see this doggo's smile in the second picture.

We often see dogs wagging their tails and seem to associate that action with dogs being happy, and that seems to be the case here, too. This is definitely one happy adopted dog and it makes me feel good knowing there are some good people in the world. These photos are proof that adopting a dog is the greatest gift.

9 Roxy The Hug-Loving Dog

This dog's owner posted on Reddit and said, "On the left is the day we adopted Roxy. She was happy to be bailed out after spending 9 months at the shelter and being returned twice. It took her a little while to warm up to me but now she hugs me every chance she gets. I love her so much."

What is cuter than a dog that loves to hug its owner? We can see how in love and content this doggo now is with their owner. Personally, I'm going crazy from the cuteness factor of these two photos.

These make me want to run out and adopt as many dogs as I can.

8 Dinky The Adopted Dog, Five Weeks Later

It's amazing to see such a change in a dog after only five weeks of being adopted. It's a testament to the power of adopting pets. As the owner's Reddit caption reads, "My small angel, Dinky, 4 days after adoption vs. 5 weeks after."

Dog names are so interesting since sometimes, people call their dogs human names like Susan or Charlie, but other times, they choose more dog-specific names like Lucky.

Dinky is definitely a unique name for a dog but I really like it.

It's sweet and playful and suits this dog perfectly! She definitely looks happy to have found such a great home and owner.

7 Skylar The Crazy Cute Dog

Skylar's owner posted these snaps on Reddit and said of this sweet dog, "My favorite type of crazy!" and called him "the happiest dog around now."

I can definitely see a huge difference between these two photos. In the first photo, the dog doesn't look as happy as he does in the second. But he certainly looks like he's having tons of fun and enjoys playing with his owner.

Can a dog have a friendly, funny personality? Absolutely! Dogs have as many personalities as humans do. Also, Skylar might be crazy, but she's crazy cute! (Yes, it's cheesy, and no, I don't care.)

6 Callie The Sweetheart, Only One Day Later

We might not expect a dog to settle into a new home after only 24 hours after being adopted (since they can be nervous and need a second to settle into their new surroundings). Yet that's exactly what went down here. It's so nice to see a doggo's life turn around for the better.

She definitely seems to like that dog bed better than a crate!

This owner posted on Reddit,"What a difference a day makes! Little Callie who found her forever home with me at the weekend. Bottom picture taken Monday afternoon - she’s settled in very well!"

Honestly, this couldn't possibly be sweeter. Is there anything better than a sleeping dog?!

5 Oreo On The Car Ride Home

Okay, so it was amazing to see Callie do so well after only one day in her new home, but now we have Oreo (this is best name ever, BTW) who settled in on the car ride home. This is just so awesome, I don't even have the words for it. Look at that smile!

Oreo's owner said on Reddit, "I picked up my very first foster today. The left is Oreo at the shelter and the right is her on the car ride home."

I can tell that this new owner was a good fit and that this dog is going to be very happy in their forever home. The fact that they look so full of joy to be going home with this owner gives me so many feels.


4 Now That's Love

Here's another instance where a dog needed to put on some pounds, and after being adopted into a good home, that's exactly what this dog did.

We can see the change in weight between the first and second photo.

The owner said on Reddit, "The day I got her vs today, six months later! One of us put on six kilos in that time.."

This bond between this dog and owner really says "that's love" and it's hard not to look at them and smile big. There are so many dogs who need homes and to be adopted; it's good to see so many of them being rescued.

3 A Dad's Best Friend, Too

Someone posted this on Reddit with the caption, "My dad and his best friend - adoption day vs. 2 months later!"

So now we know that a dog is a man's best friend, a child's best friend, and a dad's best friend, too. Basically, a dog is anyone and everyone's best friend. They just want to be loved.

It can't be said enough: it's so good to see dogs finding good homes and being loved and cared they way they should have been all along. It's easy to tell from these photos that this dad and his dog are the best of friends. They seem to be having a good time. The bond between dog and owner is a truly special thing.


2 Zeus Enjoying A Beach Day

They say that life's a beach and that's the case for this sweet, adorable dog named Zeus. He had his first beach experience in the second photo and it's safe to say that, yup, he really loves the sand!

Let's get this little man a life-vest and see if he can swim!

This owner posted on Reddit, "My lil man Zeus, on the left is before we adopted him (he came to Canada from Cuba) and on the right is 2 months after adopting him. We took him to the beach for the first time the other day!!"

There are really no words for how awesome it is to see these dogs enjoying themselves and being part of a loving family. (And this photo makes us want some beach time of our own with our dog.)


1 Jess: Happy, Carefree, And Outdoors

I might be tempted to say that I've never seen a happier dog than Jess in the second photo, but then again, all of the dogs on this list seem super happy and healthy. Still, though, it's worth pointing out how awesome it is that she looks so great.

As her owner posted on Reddit, "Jess came to us after spending 7 years in a puppy farm and was initially too scared to come inside. 3 years later and she is the happiest girl i know."

Don't these photos make you want to adopt a dog (or five)?! It's hard to say no.

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