20 Tourists Who Had No Respect

There are 195 countries and seven continents in this gorgeous world. Every country has its own natural wonders with unique cultural differences that make them special in their own way. With so much to see (and so much to do), traveling seems to be the front runner on everyone's to-do list.

As many know, traveling can be quite consuming. It's tiresome, can be expensive, and the physical act of traveling can take more time than actually exploring the land. It practically takes an entire day just to fly to Australia from the US!

To many, traveling is a noteworthy time to experience things they would have never been able to beforehand. However, as we can see from this article (and even from our own traveling experiences), not every tourist travels with the same kind of respect they carry for their own homeland. Many of the people in these photos seem to ignore all the warning signs and internal ethics we're supposed to take with us everywhere we go. Instead of taking nothing but pictures, these 15 people decided to disrespect another culture's grounds (and for some, million-year-old structures).

20 Toppling Over Oregon's Popular Rock Formation

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Inside Oregon's Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, there was a natural sandstone formation that created such a gorgeous act of nature. People traveled near and far to see the stone in its glory. In fact, the stone was 18 million years old! Sadly, a group of rude tourists did everything they possibly could to kick and bulldoze this stunning formation and now it's nothing but a pile of rocks.

19 Vandalizing Ancient Egyptian Artwork

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Most tourists understand that going to Egypt is going to be a historic teaching moment. From the pyramids to the wall-art, everything that's preserved in Egypt is meaningful because it's so old. However, a 15-year-old student seemed to miss that message after he scribbled his name inside the Temple of Luxor near the Nile. The artwork was over 3,500 years old.

18 Not Allowing Nature To Do What's Natural

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Here we see a beach full of turtles arriving to do what nature does: lay their eggs. Knowing the routine of these turtles, hundreds of humans traveled to take pictures of these turtles to watch them hatch their young. This, of course, scared the turtles and can cause a huge problem in the turtle population if it continues.

17 Not Cleaning Up After Yourself In The Hotel Is A No-No

Daily Mail

The mess above was actually left behind by actress Amanda Bynes. She apparently left behind ashes, expensive bottles of makeup, and clearly had no respect for the cleaning staff to had to clean up after her. Is it really that hard to throw this mess into the trashcan? Nevertheless, other tourists have done a lot worse and it doesn't leave hotel workers with a good taste in their mouth.

16 Read The Sign, Please

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The World War II Memorial in Washington DC was created in 2001 to honor the millions of men and women who lost their lives during the war. Out of respect, the creators added a sign that pleaded with visitors to not throw change in the fountain or swim. But clearly, this sign means nothing to tourists who do exactly what the sign asks them not to do.

15 This Couple Drew Their Initials On A 400 Million Old Rock Formation


Illinois' Starved Rock State Park is home to a 400-million-year-old sandstone rock that was also sacred grounds for Natives. That meant nothing to two tourist hikers, though, after they drew their initials inside a heart. The park released the image on their social media pages and are still looking for the couple who vandalized this sacred ground.

14 Gee, Great Coat Rack

Bored Panda

There are plenty of pet peeves while flying. You're stuck on a plane with a bunch of people you don't know and everyone's just trying to get comfortable. However, most people understand the concept of personal space – except this passenger. How did this red-coated passenger not think this would be bothersome to the person behind them?

13 Chernobyl Is No Place For Selfies

The Florida Post

Chernobyl was a nuclear incident that happened in Soviet Ukraine, causing one of the most well-known disasters in the world. The area around the Chernobyl base is totally radioactive is unsafe for tourists, wildlife, plant-life, and beyond. However, there are some tourists who are able to get into the area and, for whatever reason, feel the need to take selfies. Is a selfie really worth your health?!

12 Shoes Should Stay On!


There's something about bare feet that truly freaks people out. Our own feet is one thing, but the feet of random strangers is another. When it comes to traveling, shoes should be kept on. And if your feet are really bothering you at least leave your socks on! Sweaty, traveling feet tend to smell and are the most unappealing thing that no one deserves. Please, keep those shoes on!

11 Climbing Up Sacred Grounds


The Uluru is a massive sandstone rock that can be found in Australia. As sacred land for indigenous tribes, the Anangu please ask tourists to take nothing but memories. Climbing to the top of the rock is prohibited and so are pictures! Unfortunately, some tourists ignore these warning signs and do it anyway, creating long lines, trash, and disrespecting sacred grounds.

10 Zoo Animals Are In Cages For A Reason

The Independent

Some people stay away from zoos due to the treatment of animals, while some adore going because it's a family-friendly activity. No matter who you are, many people are aware that you shouldn't try to get up close and personal with the animals. That's why they're in cages, people! As we can see in the picture above, one man wanted to get closer to a tiger and let's just say it didn't end well.

9 What's With Tourists Ignoring The Rules?


As sad as it is, maybe we need to start creating larger signs for tourists to see. I also think they should be a little more threatening than just "Keep off arch." Created out of sandstone, this delicate arch can be found in Utah's Canyonlands National Park. Due to the arch being close to a cliff and the fragile condition of the stone after rainfall, ignoring warning signs is a very bad idea.

8 When In Rome...

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Locals and travelers alike complain about how many people are touring Rome in the summer months. With so much history to see and small, windy roads, Rome is packed at all times. Sadly, those who come to witness Rome also end up trashing it. Even with trashcans on many corners, some tourists still tend to leave their trash around Rome's beauty.

7 The Air Freshener No One Asked For

Bored Panda

It's not clear why this man has a facemask on but one can assume it's because of the scent of his feet. We all get sweaty feet when traveling due to walking so much and sweating, but to air them out so publicly is a real head-scratcher. At least keep them UNDER the seat! Having them air out so publicly is pretty disrespectful to passengers around him.

6 Buddhist Propaganda And Graffiti


After being opened to the public in 2007, visitors have gone above and beyond to leave their mark inside the 1,000-year-old building. Found in China, the Haifeng Pagoda is 13 stories high and has ancient artwork inside that has also been defaced. Do we seriously need security around every historic or ancient monument in the world or can we behave?

5 The Audacity To Climb A 69-Year-Old Tortoise


Turtles can go on to be hundreds of years old. They're stunning creatures who are truly peaceful. It's also up to us to protect these slow-moving tortoises. However, at one zoo in China, it appears a guest sat on a 69-year-old tortoise whose breed can only be found in two countries! To disrespect such a majestic animal is beyond disturbing.

4 Who In Their Right Mind Vandals The Great Wall of China!?


One of the biggest tourists attractions in China is the Great Wall of China. Back in 2016, a tourist was videotaped kicking a section of the Great Wall of China. He kept kicking the wall until bricks and rocks began tumbling down. Being built in 221 to 206 BC, the Great Wall is a UNESCO Heritage Site and the hunt for this man was strong.

3 They're Called Armrests — Not Footrests

Bored Panda

Again with the feet! Can we please keep all hands, feet, and jackets to ourselves when traveling?! No one wants a stranger's feet by them while on an airplane. Especially gross ones that look like that! It's not cool to have bare feet on a plane but at least have the decency to wear socks.

2 I'm Guess This Air Bnb Host Will Never Rent Out Again


Air Bnb is truly a gift for tourists who are looking for a more local feel. Sometimes, Air Bnbs tend to be cheaper and are more accommodating than most hotels. There are more rules than hotels, but if you're a respectful tourist, it's no big deal. The tourists above, however, will not get a good rating on the app... Likewise, I don't think this house will be renting out their space any time soon.

1 There Are Trash Cans For A Reason, People!


It's heartbreaking when tourists feel the need to litter when traveling, simply because that's what other people do or they're too lazy to find a trashcan. If you're old and mature enough to visit a new culture, you should be respectful enough to throw away your own trash. It creates work for people who don't deserve it and truly creates a gross space for locals and respectful tourists.

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