These 20 Trollmasters Went To Great Lengths For Hilarity

Anybody can be funny as a one-off kind of thing. That's no big deal at all. But it takes some real comedic prowess to be funny all of the time. Every one of us has got a handful of jokes that we tell our coworkers when we're shooting the breeze by the water cooler, but being really, truly funny is so much more than laying down a few recycled one-liners. To be comedic geniuses, we can't have every little witticism rehearsed. We have to learn how to be spontaneous and how to turn the tide of any situation toward more hysterical shores.

We admire people who know how to be funny just for funny's sake, and we especially admire people who know how to get under our skin a little with all of their shenanigans. We admire them so much in fact that we even have a special word to describe them—trolls. They're not just goblins living under bridges anymore, they're laugh-inducing geniuses who know exactly how to get our goat, and exactly how to press our buttons and even in what order. So today we're gawking at the antics of these 20 trollmasters who went to great lengths for funny.

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20 Old lady makeup on fleek

When kids catch grownups doing grownup tasks, like cooking dinner or washing the car or applying makeup, they always want to get in on that action. Especially once they become toddlers, they're all about helping out—and, honestly, that only makes them more adorable.

What's even better is that at that age, they're super trusting. They trust that we won't steer them wrong because we never have. Ah, but, alas, how could any of us resist the temptation to teach these children a valuable lesson about the harsh reality that, in life, people will perpetually use them as a punchline? We don't have that kind of willpower.

19 Littlefoot, is that you?

If it weren't for this picture, we might have gone our whole lives without realizing that vehicle backup cameras provide an excellent opportunity for us all to flex our trolleous maximus muscle.

This prank is so simple and the pay off is so hilarious that, really, we can't afford not to do it. We've got a garage full of toys and an internet full of pictures we could print out to tape to the back of someone's car. The only thing that we have to do now is find ourselves some friends, and then, rest assured, we'll be pulling this prank, too.

18 What is art, anyway?

We've crunched some numbers and performed a few tests in the lab, and as a result, we've figured out that, in order for a couple to be considered a couple, they must meet this requirement.

One person must be the funny one; one person must be the serious one.

We're not saying couples have to be an Andy and an April in order to succeed. We're just saying opposites really do attract, and relationships that have a "Sure, you can pick a coffee table. It'd be hard to screw that up" person, and an "Imma buy this hippopotatable, LOL" person seems to make a great team, that's all.

17 She lost all her chill a few years back in a work accident

Ah, this poor girl. Her anti-Meghan Trainor style of humor may strike you as uncalled for and abrasive, but that's just because you don't know the full story. See, this girl, this poor social media user, lost all of her chill a few years back in a tragic work accident.

She'd tried her best to be patient. But, try as she might, her coworkers' stupidity wore her down. In the end, the last of her patience, which had been worn so very thin, gave way, and now, she is but a hilarious snarky shell of her former self. It's tragic, really. But mostly it's just funny.

16 Nice name, is that Scottish?

Oh, how funny! We went to school with a Hashtag McYoloSwag! And, you know, that's a pretty rare name. We've only ever come across it once in our lives, so we have to wonder if this isn't the same person.

Whenever they use this pencil, they'll remember the time they got trolled.

And they didn't just get trolled, this person. They got trolled by their girlfriend. Their better half went out of her way to make sure they knew she was the ultimate prankster of this relationship. Well, now that she's thoroughly asserted herself as the alpha, we hope they can get back to being a little more chill.

15 Oh, gee, thanks for clearing that up -_-

Ah, well, now, that does make sense. To make a rose, draw a lettuce, but paint it red. To make a lettuce, draw a rose, but paint it green. We can't believe we didn't think of that before. Thank you so much, Tumblr user, for clearing that up for us. Forgive us for asking silly questions.

GAH! Come on! You can't just assume that everybody has the bare minimum artistic talent required to draw a head of lettuce! We can barely draw stick figures, what makes you think we're ready for this advanced level of artistry?! We need more steps than this. HALP!

14 He just really can't stand the thought of potassium

Via: 9gag.com

Little kids, for all their squee and precious-osity, can be a tough crowd to please. When they're good, they're really good. But when they're tired or hangry or when they just don't get their way, that's when they unleash the beast.

A child's inner troll is the most unsettling troll of all.

We don't know what this person did to make their son so mad, but we imagine next time, they'll think twice about it. This kid was already up in arms when it came to bananas and their ready availability of potassium, but push him over the edge, and you'll regret it. Oh, boy, will you regret it.

13 They thought they could get rid of him...but they were wrong!

Ha ha! Take that, life! You may be able to knock some people to the ground, but that doesn't mean that you'll be able to keep them there! Try as they might, the people who run this stadium just couldn't keep this guy from watching his favorite team play.

We will never be as ready for some football as this guy is. We've never rented a crane for sports. We used to live across the street from a softball field, and you couldn't even have paid us to go watch a game. Not only do we admire this troll's prowess, we're also impressed with his dedication.

12 Finally, a good use for a Smart Car

Via: imgur.com

Oh, wow. Would you look at that? Usually, when we see a picture of a Smart Car on the internet, it's because someone is making fun of it. It's a rare thing indeed to see a driver of one of those vehicles committing a funny themselves.

Troll or be trolled, that's the Smart Car way.

We're not trying to throw shade or anything, but them's the facts. When it comes to Smart Cars, more often than not, they're the punchline, not the ones doing the joke delivery. Still, it's nice to see a change of pace this time around. Trolls are so revolutionary and forward-thinking!

11 What is she, a Disney character's sidekick?

We don't know where this horse gets off being so sassy. So her owner was good enough to braid her hair back for her to keep it off her neck. It's summertime, we bet horses get sweaty necks just like all the rest of us. Why the sudden onset of sass?

This was so deliberate and so clearly the mark of a troll, we can't help but feel this horse is a sidekick to a Disney character, and spitting water into their boots is the only way she has of conveying to them that whatever it is they're about to do is stupid. Maybe that's just us, though.

10 A brilliant display of a troll's camouflage in the wild

*Nature show narrator's voice* In its natural habitat, the Parking Garage Troll—scientific name trolleous nochillicus—has the chameleon-like ability to blend in with its surroundings. Not to hide from predators, but rather to hide from prey, and not because they're going to catch the prey or anything.

It's mostly just because they find it funny.

Can you even imagine it? Being such a humongous, such a lacking in chill troll that you match your outfit to a bunch of poles in a parking garage just to confuse the people you're going to meet up with? Pretty sure it doesn't get anymore trolly than that.

9 Don't tell us what to do, bag

Like heck, we're going to sit here and let some smart alec bag of flour tell us what we can and can't look at, ya hear? If we want to flip this bag over and read what's on the bottom, that's just what we're going to do. In fact, that might even be the whole reason we bought the stuff in the first place!

Yeah, that's right. We purchased this product just so we could disobey its orders. We're real rebels, yo, as authentic as they make 'em! We're not about to be told what to do by a—oh, wait, this was just a prank. Whoops.

8 Don't worry about him, Mom and Dad, he'll be fine!

Via: imgur.com

It's funny, every parent wants their kids to go to college, but once their kids actually get there, that's when their instinctive Parental Worrying Mode gets triggered, and they immediately regret ever wanting their kids to move out in the first place.

So far, college is going great.

Parents always worry about their kids, but as this picture shows, there's really no need for them to. After all, if you've raised them right, then there's no reason to believe your kid won't toe the line and stay on the straight and narrow. 'Course, if you raised your kid to be a troll like this guy, that's a different story.

7 It's a trolling tradition

This is a text within a text within a text. This whole picture is so Inception-esque, we can't even stand it. We're almost tempted to pick up our cellphone and text a friend which, as we said earlier, is something we have yet to acquire and ask them to send us the text about the text about the text where one person asked another to send them the water drinking meme.

But since we just now got confused as to how to word the previous sentence, we wouldn't dare try to convey that message in real life, so we guess it's just as well that we have no friends.

6 Passive aggressive road disputes are a one-way street

Trolling is essentially just passive aggression but instead of being fueled by a quiet, unaddressed rage, trolling is powered by a person's inherent desire to watch people suffer. But, like, not in a mean way, just in a funny way.

Passive aggression is the hammer in any trolls toolbelt.

If you pulled the Jenga peg labeled "passive aggression" out of the Tower of Troll, the whole thing would come crashing down in a heap. But instead of coming off as annoying and frustratingly non-confrontational, when mixed with the art of trolling, passive aggression becomes a viable, indeed, even enjoyable form of humor fun for the whole family.

5 Once we find our stilts, we are *so* gonna get him back for this

As people who aren't even five feet tall, can we just say we are personally offended by this? And even if we can't say it, we're saying it anyway. We, the short of stature, have had all the teasing we can take, and we. Are. FED UP.

This emotional roller coaster of feelings is one ride that we're glad we're not tall enough to ride. We can't handle all this rage! Hey, listen, pal! We may be short, but that's only because we're as tall as our temper. Now, knock it off with the lint roller sticking before we get our step ladder and slap you silly!

4 Strange, but we like it

We admire trolls. They make us laugh with their absurdity and their "couldn't care less even if I wanted to" kind of attitude. There's just something special about trolls, and for a long time, we couldn't quite figure out what that was. But at last, we think we've figured it out.

Trolls tick differently.

Their minds aren't wired the way the average person is. Where any ordinary Joe Six-Pack would hop on a plane and just be excited to be traveling, trolls would use their vacations as an opportunity to confuse and amuse—hence this person's strange, laborious, yet highly hilarious rock scattering scheme.

3 She waited nine months for this moment

Anybody who thinks that moms are too sweet and too cinnamon rolly precious to be trolls, are deluding themselves. If anything, mothers are the biggest trolls out there. We mean, how could they not be?

Our mom is our greatest confidant, meaning she gets the low down on every situation we ever encounter. She's got the goods not just on our hopes, dreams and feelings, but also when it comes to our weak spots. They know how to get us good every time. Even if we've only been in the outside world for a few minutes total, that won't stop them from snarky.

2 It's the chupacabra of ponies

Hmm. We don't know, you guys, we're usually pretty good at being able to tell when we're being lied to, and we get the feeling the person who posted this ad was just trying to have a laugh at our expense.

A dog is a dog no matter which way you shave it

We could see through this ruse a mile away. Besides, if this miniature pony is at all like that horse that spat water into her owner's boots, we're not too sure we want a pony after all. That's one childhood dream of ours that might be better off unrealized.

1 Hooray. Celebrate good times. Come on

We don't know if the fact that things being overly literal is so funny signals that we've evolved as a society, or if it's a sign that we've evolved as a society. But fortunately, even if we had the answer to that conundrum, we're too distracted by all the hilarity to care.

This amazing and all too serious birthday party may be free of all vibrant colors and festive decorations, but this party's accessories are short, sweet and to the point. And when you're getting up in years and have less and less time to spare before the great dirt nap, isn't brevity itself a gift?

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