20 Truck Drivers Who Got Stuck

A big rig is one of the most challenging vehicles to operate on the road. Some people find it difficult to even maneuver a long car, such as a pickup. They would be amazed at the level of skills that rig drivers possess to handle such massive vehicles. Bad weather only makes their job even more difficult.

Although rig drivers are extremely skilled at maneuvering big vehicles, sometimes things don't go according to plan. Considering they spend a tremendous amount of time on the road, they can run into trouble. Whether it's bad weather or the GPS that's put them in a difficult situation, they sometimes get stuck. We gleaned photos of rig drivers who got stuck.

20 Powerlines

via WHAM

There's mistakes and then there's epic disasters. In this case, this was an epic disaster. A rig driver realized only after knocking down fifteen powerlines that his bed was up and making complete chaos on the road. It's understandable if he knocked down one or two, but fifteen is pushing it.

19 Slippery Slope

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If rig drivers didn't have a hard enough time operating their big vehicles, they also have to deal with bad weather. When it snows, a rig driver's life becomes more challenging on the road. Some roads are so slippy that regardless of the driver's skill, he or she is bound to face a tough time.

18 Mudslide

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Nature has a way of making your day or ruining it. Drivers on a Californian highway were unfortunate enough to get stuck in a mudslide. One of the drivers was behind the wheel of a big rig. Needless to say, rescuers had a tougher time getting the rig out of the mud than the cars.

17 Sharp Turn

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One of the aspects that makes driving a rig so challenging is the length. It can be a difficult to maneuver a longer vehicle in tight spots. On sharp turns, the driver has to be extra careful. It was unfortunate that this driver ended up in the ditch. In his defense, that was a really sharp turn to make.

16 End Of The Road

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As unfortunate as this driver was to get to the end of the road, it could've turned out worse for him. It's easy to pass this off as a foolish mistake, but when you're on the road the entire day, every day, these types of things happen to the best. It must've been horrific for the driver to experience.

15 Snow

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Most kids look forward to playing in the snow, while many drivers loathe it. The big problem with snow is that judging the road can be tricky. What looks like an even surface can be fraught with pits. That's what the driver of this rig found out. The flat surface turned out to be not so flat.

14 Clingy

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The driver of this dump truck found himself in a heap of trouble in South Carolina when his bed hooked onto the above bridge. This could've turned out to be a lot worse if he had flipped over and other cars were under the bridge. Accidents like this show you that things could've always turned out worse.

13 To The Rescue

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It seems that no good deed goes unpunished. This FEMA truck was on its way to deliver supplies to help people who needed it when the driver got stuck in a flood. You've got to give credit to this driver for persevering through the worst conditions to ensure they deliver the supplies.

12 Firetruck In Trouble

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BBC reported that a firetruck fell into a hole in Los Angeles and needed help to get out of the sticky situation. The driver was reversing from a street after responding to a burst water main before the pavement collapsed. The truck fell in and got stuck. That's a massive hole.

11 Under Siege

via The Star Kenya

Disaster can strike any time, any place. The above incident happened in Kenya. A mudslide was the culprit of this truck getting stuck, so the driver and the passenger had to climb out and sit on the roof to ensure their safety. That's a tremendous amount of mud to have swept onto the bridge.

10 Blown Away

via Holeintheclouds.net

Even rigs have their limits. When you overload it, disaster is inevitable. It seems that everything was going fine for these gentlemen until they decided to unload the truck. That's when the load overpowered the truck and raised its rear. The picture makes it seem like the wind blew the truck away.

9 Tight Spot

via Examiner

You gotta respect the audacity of this driver to try and maneuver such a big rig through a narrow path. If that wasn't challenging enough, the narrow path had a nasty turn. Getting that rig out of there is going to be a very challenging task. Wouldn't be surprised if authorities ban rigs from that path.

8 Chilling On The Beach

via Boston Globe

Technology can help you, and it can steer you in the wrong direction. When a driver of a big Pepsi rig decided to put his fate in the GPS's hands, he ended up stranded on the beach. The GPS led him down the wrong path and ruined his day. This driver is not the only one to be the victim of a GPS.

7 Drifting

via CNN

The last vehicle that you want to drift with on the road is a rig. Bad weather can have devastating consequences for rigs. That's what these two drivers found out when they got onto a slippery road. Their rigs spun out of control, and they ended up stuck on the side of the road.

6 On Its Last Leg

via Oil City News

This tanker was unfortunate enough to lose its rear wheels. When that happened, it was game over. Although this driver didn't mean to cause an inconvenience to other drivers, his rig ended up blocking the entire road and ruined everyone's day. Everyone loses when a rig gets stuck.

5 Wrong-Way

via Birmingham Mail

After this driver made a delivery, he took a wrong turn and ended up on tram tracks. He was heading for the highway but took the wrong street. Reports indicated that tram commuters were inconvenienced for hours and had to make alternative arrangements due to the stuck truck.

4 Trash Happens

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The driver of this trash truck was busy doing his job when he felt the back of the rig drop. Much to his disappointment, he discovered that the back wheels fell into a hole. Some roads have been used for so long that they cave in after a while. It's unfortunate that this truck had to be the hole's victim.

3 Up In The Air


The truth can be stranger than fiction. If somebody had told you that this had happened to this rig and hadn't shown a picture of the incident, you would've struggled to believe that it was true. Funny things happen when disaster strikes. This has got to be one of the strangest positions that a rig has been in.

2 Squeezed

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One of the things that rig drivers have to be careful of is the height clearance. It's easy to lose track of that when you're stuck in traffic and trying to get through the city. The driver of this rig got stuck under a bridge in New York, and the consequences were devastating. Can you imagine the traffic jam this incident caused?

1 Ice Road Truckers

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On certain roads, rig drivers have no choice but to cross an iced river. It's unfortunate, but that's another challenge that they have to overcome. That didn't work out well for this driver because his rig fell through the ice. He was fortunate to have help to get out, but it was a while until the ice on the wheels melted.

Sources: news.bbc.co.uk

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