20 Twilight Redesigns That Are Way Better Than The Original Characters

The Twilight series – both the books and the films – were panned by critics when they came out more than a decade ago, even while fans saw ticket and book sales skyrocket. It made household names for much of the cast, even as they were ridiculed, which means that it created a ton of fan art as a result!

Fans who were disappointed with the films or simply wanted to recreate the characters in their own styles had an opportunity through platforms like DeviantArt to make their dreams a reality. A plethora of styles and mediums saw Bella, Edward, Jacob, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and even the unfortunately-named Renesmee transformed into anime characters, given new wardrobes, Disney-fied, and more. If the actual characters of the franchise felt flat or two-dimensional, even these cartoon version might help fans find more depth!

20 This Snowy-Haired Rosalie

Via Pinterest

In the Twilight book series, Rosalie is described as supermodel-levels of gorgeous. Her pale blonde hair is mentioned repeatedly, and, while actress Nikki Reed went to great lengths to achieve Rosalie-style locks (and destroyed her own hair in the process), this bit of fan art more closely resembles the Rosalie as depicted in the books.

19 This Cute Trio

Via DeviantArt

The love triangle of Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black just got a whole lot cuter thanks to this fan’s rendition! Not only has this artist nailed the looks of all three characters (while simultaneously reducing them to cute cartoons), but even their carved pumpkins symbolize the deeper personality traits and desires of all of them!

18 This Romantic Couple

Via Fanpop

Blending a bit of the actors who played the roles in the Twilight films and this artist’s interpretation of the characters, this is a pretty romantic redesign of Emmett and Rosalie. While Rosalie is shown to be the tragic, beautiful figure that she is, she still has big, protective Emmett always looking out for her.

17 This Dark Alice

Via Pinterest

Book Alice and Movie Alice were fairly close in their resemblance, but we might actually prefer this fan’s redesign of Alice as something a little more Gothic and witchy! While she still retains Alice’s pixie haircut and golden eyes, we kind of love the Hot Topic-esque makeover she was given with the help of facial piercings and fishnet gloves!

16 This Protective Jacob

Via Pinterest

The whole “imprinting” aspect of the Twilight franchise rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but this fan chose to see something far more innocent in the burgeoning love between Jacob and Bella’s half-human daughter Renesmee. Here, he looks more like a ripped daddy taking care of his daughter than anything remotely creepy or icky, which we can get on board with!

15 This Simple Bella

Via Pinterest

Bella Swan has been redesigned and reimagined in a myriad of ways from many fans as Twilight swept the world in the late 2000s, but this simple, minimalist design is one of the most lovely. Clearly depicting Bella towards the end of the series, as a more poised and confident woman rather than her lip-biting adolescence, we appreciate the subtle beauty in this.

14 This Shirtless Jacob

Via DeviantArt

Sure. Taylor Lautner might have gotten exceptionally ripped when he came back for the later Twilight installments, but no amount of real muscles can combat an avid fan’s imagination! Case in point: this piece of fan art that shows a shirtless and ab-tastic Jacob alongside his furry alter ego. How did Bella choose Edward, again?

13 This Future Love Scene

Via Pinterest

This is another work of art from an artist who liked to imagine the future between Jacob and Renesmee, when his affection for her can morph into something more romantic. After all that time spent pining after Bella, it’s nice to see Jacob finally get some affection back (even if it is with his semi-ex’s daughter).

12 This Watercolor Scene

Via Pinterest

While the movies themselves were mediocre at best, some of the cinematography can’t be denied its beauty, especially in the first film. Clearly, this artist took that idea and ran with it, and created this beautiful watercolor scene featuring Edward and Bella in their meadow (but before he sparkled in the sun).

11 This Jasper And Alice Drawing

Via DeviantArt

Another couple who faded into the background under the glare of Edward and Bella is Alice and Jasper. Created by the same artist who did the pair of Emmett and Rosalie, this image does a better job of showing the actors who played the characters while still retaining the artist’s individual style and taste for minimal color.

10 This Vampire Bella

Via DeviantArt

After spending so much time wishing she could be a vampire, Bella finally got her wish in Breaking Dawn, and, after giving birth to a baby that almost killed her, is transformed into a woman who craves blood with red eyes. Bella just became a total boss – finally! Wanting to depict a stronger protagonist was definitely this artist’s MO.

9 This Redheaded Edward

Via DeviantArt

While Robert Pattinson worked with what he had as Edward Cullen, the character in the books was described as an otherworldly beauty, with bronze hair rather than Pattinson’s brown locks. This artist chose to draw their own version of Edward by gifting him with reddish-bronze hair, color-changing eyes, and a crooked smile, as described in the books.

8 These Old-School Fashions

Via DeviantArt

As we learn more about the history of the Cullens and what era they came from, it makes sense that fans would be interested in what these immortal vampires wore. This fan opted for an anime style as a way to showcase their wardrobe: Alice as a 1920s flapper; Carlisle as a 17th-century noble; and Jasper as a Confederate soldier.

7 This Undead Family

Via DeviantArt

While the beauty and romance of the Cullens is much lauded throughout the series, it’s important to remember that they are, in fact, dead – something this artist chose to depict quite clearly! Add to that a bit of a punk aesthetic – just check out Alice and Jasper’s outfits and the Converse shoes on most of the characters – and we have a whole new version of the vampire family!

6 This Cartoon Movie Poster

Via Pinterest

Rather than reimagine the Twilight characters as anything other than themselves, this fan chose to simply put a cartoon gloss over everything and make some of our favorites into these wonderful 2D creations! Clearly based on the actors rather than any novel’s description, we’d say the features of each star is clearly illustrated here!

5 These Tudor-Style Cullens

Via DeviantArt

Looking more like very attractive dolls than any member of the Cullen family, this artist decided to mash up the Tudor style of dress (think Henry VIII and Elizabeth I) with Edward, Bella, and Renesmee, who looks like a miniature version of her cartoon mother here! Aside from their hair color and golden eyes, we might not have known this little family!

4 This Storybook Version

Via DeviantArt

Like something out of a fairy tale or children’s book, we have this sweet and beautiful look at Renesmee and Jacob alone in the woods together. For whatever reason, Renesmee is dressed more like a princess or a maiden and that, along with the shimmering lights, creates this illusion of magic that we’re totally here for.

3 This Doe-Eyed Mother-Daughter Duo

Via Pinterest

Resembling Disney characters or similarly doe-eyed animations, we’re swooning over this portrait of a now-vampiric Bella and a baby Renesmee. After the trauma of going through pregnancy – and nearly dying for it – Bella is reborn, now with red eyes and perfect skin, alongside her half-human daughter, whose golden eyes she definitely inherited from her father.

2 This Sleepy Bella And Jacob

Via Pinterest

While plenty of fan art depicts Jacob and Renesmee, either when she’s a child or when she’s older and they can have a romantic relationship, Bella and Jacob are often shunted aside in favor of Bella and Edward. While this image may depict Renesmee, we think it’s Bella here, riding on the back of Jacob the wolf and feeling more at peace than she has in a while.

1 This Disneyfied Couple

Via DeviantArt

Bella and Edward are considered so beautiful once they’re both vampires together that of course it would make sense that they’d go Disney and be just as pretty in 2D! Here we have Bella as, well, Belle of Beauty and the Beast with Edward as Prince Adam/Beast, Charlie Swan, and, just for fun, Chip and Lumière helping them find their way though the forests of Forks, Washington.

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