20 Twitter Reactions To Westworld Season 2 Premiere

One of the highlights of the weekend (and every weekend moving forward for the next 10 weeks) is Westworld. Season two premiered on Sunday and of course it made a huge splash. Social media was abuzz with everything from reactions, to questions to where they think the plot is going this season... There is no doubt that this show has the world banding together to answer one question in particular:

What is going on in Westworld? It has officially been two years since season one ended, we are all trying to figure out what took so long, and if the wait is worth it. The general consensus is that fans are pretty happy with what took place and what’s to come.

However, there is also a barrage of questions that are leading to some pretty hilarious discussions online. And Twitter was full of them. See 20 of the best reactions below.

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20 Ghost

Aww, poor Ghost. He just disappeared from Game Of Thrones and honestly, we just assumed he died like everyone else in that show. But it turns out he traded one show for another one.

Ghost can really do some damage in the theme park, he’s always chewing people up like it’s nobody's business.

Okay, so obviously this isn’t really Ghost and we would like to think that if a crossover episode was going to take place between the two popular shows, it would involve more than just a dog. But this is a testament to just how desperate fans are to find out what the images in every scene mean. We just assume that this is one of those shows where every last detail counts. We’re kind of right.

19 Bernard's Glasses

Ha, this is one of those details that no one would have noticed unless someone pointed it out. This is so accurate. Does Bernard even need those glasses? We are beginning to think he doesn’t — he is a host after all.

Do robots need glasses?

When you really think about it, the glasses are just apart of his costume. We now have to question everything Bernard does, like is he really writing things down on that notepad?

Everything we thought we knew and admired about Bernard has turned out to be one big lie. He was programmed to be that smart. He was programmed to get along so well with the other hosts. We kind of feel gypped. At this point, the glasses thing is just a slap in the face.

18 What Is Happening?

Fans of the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia know that the characters are regularly confused about everything. So a compilation of their level of confusion is a great way to describe everyone who watched the premiere episode of Westworld on Sunday.

There are so many questions with absolutely no answers, and knowing that nothing will be revealed anytime soon.

I just can’t get over how accurate this is. Especially the scenes with Dee making a face that I am sure everyone made when something mind-blowing happened in Sunday’s episode. The feeling of part anger and part confusion is a rare one, and it’s not every day that a show can make fans feel that way. I am genuinely confused as to where this season is going. Even the so-called hints in the opening credit aren’t helping us.

17 Bernard The Entire Episode

During the entire episode, there was one constant theme: Bernard looked just as confused as the fans of the show were.

You know you have a problem on your hands when one of your main characters is looking like they too are searching for answers. This can either be good acting or the cast really has no idea what goes on from week to week, which wouldn’t be a surprise because a lot of shows keep the cast members in secret, as an effort to have genuine reactions in scenes.

Something tells us this isn’t the case with Bernard or the actor playing Bernard, Jeffrey Wright. This little boy looks so uncomfortable and there is no question that this is how Bernard looked and felt the entire episode.

16 What Year Is It?

If you don’t laugh out loud when you see this meme, then something is wrong with you. This is how people in Westworld look when they pop up in a scene — even though we haven’t seen them all episode.

Not only are the fans trying to figure out what year it is, so are the characters.

One person on Twitter had a theory that the characters are roaming around in different time eras. Some people have even theorized that Maeve and Lee were together either in the past or the coming future, and Lee is the father of Maeve’s daughter. Oh snap! This makes a lot of sense and honestly, it would make my day seeing these two actually have a life together. Or at least confirming that they have a connection that explains how drawn they are to one another.

15 The Best Part Of West World

This person is taking shots at Westworld.

How can you fix your Twitter fingers to say that the best part of the show is the end credits? Before I blow up on this guy, I checked to see if maybe he was referring to his name being apart of the ending credits? Maybe he worked on the show and was excited to let everyone know? Nope. He is just being bitter AF because he didn’t like the episode or he was so mad that he couldn’t piece things together, so he’s throwing shade.

@Nsbulk is drinking that haterade but we can almost guarantee that every Sunday—like many others—he will be glued to his screen trying to decipher every detail. He knows he has nothing else to do.

14 In The Future

This person isn’t wrong. Why is this man blowing into this contraption like he is about to get into a hardcore Atari gaming session? Did you notice that I said this "man" and "contraption"? Because I have no idea who he is or what that is.

In addition to the technology being beyond our comprehension, I also can’t keep the many, many characters straight.

Besides that, this is supposed to be a show about the advancements of the future, so are you telling us, Westworld, that we are still going to have to resort to old world tactics? We haven’t had to blow into a cartridge since Nintendo 64... @aAo8tors32 really opened our eyes to something we probably wouldn’t have noticed if he didn't bring it up.

13 Ikea

Wow. This is so accurate that I have shivers going down my spine. There isn’t one person in this world that hasn’t had to spend an obscene amount of time trying to put together a confusing AF Ikea item, only to have to give up because they can’t tell what’s up from down.

This is exactly how I feel about the premiere from start to finish. In fact, this is how I feel about everything starting from season one. I have never truly understood every facet of this show and one would assume it would get easier and more understandable as the season went on. But, surprise, it wasn't. So I assumed that we would get some answers in the premiere episode of season two and, of course, we didn’t.

12 What Happened Last Season?

Don’t worry @Mr_Besteves, we too did the same thing. And you summed it up perfectly. These people made robots to control them and then they decided they didn’t want to be controlled anymore...

What do people do when they no longer want to be controlled? They rise up.

This is the most basic description I can give in regards to this show. It’s sad that it takes this many people so long to realize that this is basically what they are trying to explain when they are describing this show to someone. That is a testament to how messed up and confusing this show is. I have to admit this guy's tweet stumped me for a moment, though. I had to actually think if that description was correct.

11 Scared Of Electronics

There is no doubt that Westworld has us all pretty shook when it comes to our electronics. Basically, they can rise up on us at any moment and we are certainly not prepared for that. The only way we can save ourselves now is by showing them the utmost respect, but even then, it might be too late.

We have used and abused them, we never clean them, essentially we don’t have a chance in heck. The entire show is about robots who are sick of being abused and having their lives controlled. With the way technology is going, we have so many voice-activated machines that one day they are going to clapback at us and we won’t know what to do. Talk about unprepared.

10 Facts

Watching season one of Westworld only once is a rookie mistake. You have to watch it at least twice to get the full effect of it. This can be related to a lot of TV shows. Sometimes so much is going on that you really have to sit back and go through it again.

Things usually make sense the second time around. That being said, you end up linking yourself to some kind of expert. All of a sudden, you feel like you are the go-to person for all the answers.

This person said it correctly: you definitely feel like a smug book reader.

Their friend agreed wholeheartedly without saying the words “I agree.” I assume it will be the same thing with season two. So get ready to rewatch an entire season two of Westworld again. It’s really the only way you will ever understand it.

9 Bernard And I

Everyone could relate to Bernard on the premiere episode. He looked like he was sweating bullets the entire time. Not only did he look highly confused, but he also seemed like he was constantly looking over his shoulder. He had good reason to, since you could apparently just die in Westworld at any moment.

Also, he of all people, see the destruction that the hosts can cause. The amount of sweat coming off of Jordan Peel’s face is about the amount of sweat that Bernard would have pouring from his face if he could actually sweat.

I low-key feel for Bernard, he is basically watching this creation dwindle out of control. If anyone who watched the premiere says that this wasn’t them on the edge of their seat, they lyin’.

8 Black Mirror

First of all, when your show gets compared to Black Mirror you know you’re screwed. That is another show that is all kinds of messed up. However, at least fans of Black Mirror can say that at the end of every episode, things make sense and there is some sort of conclusion.

Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's an anthology series, but still. Fans of Westworld know that they are in for the ride of their lives during the next nine episodes.

They have also come to terms with the idea that even at the end of those nine episodes, the chances of them knowing what is actually happening is slim to none. That being said, it has given them a sense of entitlement. That they can keep up with a show that will probably never reveal the entire truth. It’s certainly a commitment.

7 All Season Long

J.P. has hit the nail on the head. Since season one, fans have been pondering what was happening. Even when they think they know what's happening, it turns out that they don’t know jack.

This meme of Steve Urkel is spot on and that is saying a lot because he was smart AF.

For a genius to be confused about what is happening in a TV show that has been on now for one whole season and starting the second season. This little Indiana Jones getup he has going on is a perfect compliment to someone seeking answers. It does give us confidence knowing that Urkel is on the case. Maybe he can make sense of what is happening. People are out here trying to crack the code!

6 Doesn’t Look Like Anything To Me

“Doesn’t look like anything to me” is officially the new saying of Westworld.

In fact, they should have made it the tagline for this season. It has made Dolores look like a complete rockstar, and in addition, it has made whoever says it look like a cold SOB.

Dolores seems to have shut off her humanity like she is a vampire from Vampire Diaries. She has no remorse for people and rightfully so. But her adding that line is the perfect touch. It reinforces the fact that she truly is on a mission of her own. She is for once looking to benefit for herself and if that means she has to throw out cold one liners than it is what it is. Homegirl is on a mission of her own.

5 Freeze All Motor Functions

The fact that “freeze all motor functions” is a statement that used to hold so much merit is baffling. It now means absolutely nothing. How can something go from being the main way to shut down a host, to meaning absolutely nothing — and losing control so quickly?

This meme is a hilarious way to describe how unaffected these hosts are by the statement that once help so much weight. Not only is this guy's actions so telling, it's also hilarious that it describes how completely screwed the people behind the scenes are. They can’t find the glitch in the system and yet they keep trying to fix the problem with the same phrases and actions they were using before.

What they need to do is quit their job before they become a casualty of one of their hosts.

4 Bernard The Host

This is a big deal. Fans of the show did not realize that Bernard is a host until the last episode of season one.

Even though some people may have had their suspicions, to have it confirmed was an amazing reveal.

But, we didn’t realize that the only person that knows he is a host is Dr. Ford. So that means the fans have a leg up on the characters, which is usually the case, but I feel like this is a big deal. What a secret! It’s awesome to watch these characters walk around thinking that they are in the know and the whole time they are so far behind and nowhere near figuring out what’s what.

This is true tea and the Morticia Addams sipping tea meme perfectly describes it.

3 Equal Opportunity

There is no truer statement about this show. Westworld really is an equal opportunity employer. They don’t discriminate who they screw over or how one gender or race is treated over another. Fans of the show love the idea that males get just as much nude time as the females do, as well. This says a lot for a show on a major network (HBO).

@JazzyRaspberry just said what we are all thinking. This isn’t an important part of the show but it is a fascinating revelation and had garnered a lot of attention online. A discussion about how much is shown—and for how long—has its own thread on social media! The one thing that people are complaining about is the fact that Rodrigo Santoro has not participated.

2 Maeve Pulling Up On Lee

Having a Rihanna meme to describe how cool a character can be is probably the ultimate form of flattery.

Who doesn’t want Rihanna to narrate their life?

Excuse me if I am speaking out of turn, but I truly believe that Maeve is an old-timey version of Rihanna. She talks the talk and walks the walk. She stay rolling up on Lee and puts him in his place when need be.

No word of a lie, the way Rihanna walks up to the person in the video reminds me of how Maeve approaches almost everyone in the saloon and out in the desert. She has absolutely no fear there is probably no one better to be compared to. In an alternate universe, Maeve could be Rihanna’s mom.

1 On A New Narrative

This is so true. There are many people who watch TV shows on their computers at work. Anyone who does this knows that it can take hours to get through even one episode. On the other hand, there is a number of people who stayed up late to watch the repeat of Westworld and now they can barely function at work.

They are choosing to call this a “new narrative,” in reference to when the characters are introduced to a new storyline. This isn’t a bad idea when someone doesn’t have the energy to function, because they can just brush it off as if they are being prepared for a new narrative. Unfortunately, with this attitude, the new narrative could be getting your butt fired for coming into work so tired that you can’t even function.

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