20 Unflattering Images 50 Cent Wishes He Could Delete

Rapper and actor 50 Cent is always making headlines, whether it be about his music or his personal affairs. He has been in the business for years, so his fans have been by his side through his highest achievements and his less-than-admirable situations.

Like any celeb, there are plenty of pics of 50 Cent online, some which are not exactly flattering. Not all photos are good – not even acceptable. Surely 50 Cent would wish that some of the pics of him could be erased from the universe, but once they’re out there, the pics are here to stay.

These 20 unflattering images of 50 Cent are fun for us to see, but he’d prefer they were never posted. Celebs must get used to the fact that folks will post any pics they can get, even those that are nearing terrible.

Peruse these 20 photos and see the not-so-fabulous side of 50 Cent.

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20 Need Coffee…Now

Via: xxlmag.com

It seems like 50 is in dire need of a caffeine fix. He can barely keep his eyes open. His pal seems perky, but the rapper is napping. Some Starbucks would be a good idea, or even some java made from the pod machine behind him. Any pick-me-up would be a benefit to the fella falling asleep.

19 Must Be Laundry Day

Via: thetelegraph.co.uk

50 is rapping like he always does, but he doesn’t seem to require a shirt to perform. He’s either hot, thinks this look is cool, or he forgot to do the laundry. As they say, the show must go on, so 50 is happy to grab the mic and rap topless. As long as he does a good job, the fans won’t care if his chest is exposed.

18 Delirious Daydreaming

Via: thesource.com

50 seems to have his head in the clouds, either daydreaming or just thinking about what he’ll do next. There’s also the chance that he’s bird watching or simply staring at the ceiling. Whatever he’s doing, this pic makes him look like he’s not entirely aware of what’s going on around him. If he’s wondering if the sky is blue, he doesn’t have to look up to find out the answer.

17 Ridiculous Rings

Via: digitng.com

It must be difficult to do much of anything with such gigantic rings on every finger. We get it that 50 is showing off his wealth, but this look is absurd. His hand must weigh an extra five pounds, and the chance of someone trying to steal his jewelry is greatly increased as he flashes his fingers. Perhaps 50 can tone down his flair for accessorizing and stick to a simpler style.

16 Fifty Flops Over

Via: twitter.com

50 is evidently tired, perhaps from too much time on set or due to lack of sleep. He’s not shy about falling asleep in the middle of the room, but if he’s a snorer, then he’ll embarrass himself in front of everyone. Maybe after a catnap he’ll be back to work with more energy.

15 Terrycloth Time

Via: twitter.com

Looks like 50 didn’t have time to put on his clothing before snapping this bathroom selfie. He must feel so fresh and clean that he wanted his fans to see how wonderful he can be right after bathing. Of course, 50 has a cigar to celebrate this everyday moment. He may fog up the mirrors, but at least he’ll get a buzz.

14 Playing The Field

Via: rollingstone.com

We all know that 50 isn’t a ball player, but he’s dressed to stand on the field and have some fun. Being that he’s wearing blue jeans, it’s obvious he’s not ready to play, but that big silly smile must mean that he’s excited to be there. Let’s go Mets!

13 Kicked To The Curb

Via: sohh.com

It’s unclear why 50 is sitting on the curb, but he’s not looking particularly thrilled about it. Maybe he has a flat tire, but it sort of looks like he’s tying his sneaker. Let’s hope whatever happened didn’t cause 50 to lose his cool, because no one wants to see a celeb curbside for long.

12 Flaunting His Fortune

Via: thesource.com

OK, we get it 50. You’re rich. Flaunting it for all to see isn’t exactly the humble approach, but he’s evidently proud of his earnings. Maybe he ought to put all that money in the bank rather than holding a stack of big bills. One false move and he’ll misplace it all or spend it without a second thought.

11 Lots Of Liquor

Via: hahz4k.com

Having a drink with friends now and then is a nice way to connect and chill, but too much of a good thing is a not-so-good idea. If 50 and his friends down that whole bottle, they’ll be hungover the next morning. Even celebs aren’t immune to a pounding headache.

10 Tooth Be Told

Via: Liveabout.com

50 loves to sport a big smile, but this close-up of his mouth is a little too much. He’s obviously happy about something special, but seeing every nook and cranny of his teeth is quite the sight. There’s no need for 50 to frown, but perhaps next time the camera won’t zoom in so closely. We can practically check him for cavities.

9 From Muscles To Malnourished

Via: irishmirror.ie

50 loves to stay in shape, and usually he’s muscular and toned. He takes off his shirt enough for us to know. That said, for a role he had a while back, 50 lost a significant amount of weight. His skeletal frame and gaunt look was quite alarming. Let’s hope he didn’t cause any permanent damage.

8 Lots Of Bread

Via: gossipthot.wordpress.com

50 is putting his money where his mouth is. Along with his bread is his “bread.” A sandwich made with a stack of bills is a sight to see, but the visual is rather obnoxious for those who are struggling. Celebs usually have more money than most, but 50 tends to show off his fortune when he’d be better off playing it cool.

7 The Dangers Of Texting And Walking

Via: wpde.com

Texting while walking is a bad idea. A person could walk into traffic or bump into a tree or pole. 50 didn’t get the message that it is better to stop somewhere safe than text on the go. He’s not only a danger to himself, but to those around him too. Surely the text could wait until 50 found someplace to sit.

6 Counting His Coin

Via: urbanislandz.com

50 is obsessed with money. While he is enjoying what seems to be a popsicle, 50’s face is surrounded by wads of cash. He’s lying in a bed of money, showing off his wealth while smiling at his success. It’s one thing to be proud of one’s accomplishments and quite another to boast about it.

5 Finishing His Fruity Drink

Via: hollywoodstreetking.com

50 is dressed in a dapper suit and slurping on a frozen fruity concoction. He’s not worried about enjoying a drink that some would consider “unmanly,” and why should he if he likes the taste? In any event, there’s no such thing as a “feminine” drink, but a guy like 50 seems like he’d down a few shots of hard liquor before being spotted sipping something strawberry.

4 Hats Off

Via: scoopnest.com

50 is relaxing with his hat over his eyes. Maybe he’s trying to sleep or just thinks this laid-back look is cool. Could be both, but why bother to take a selfie of it? 50 seems to crave attention, but he doesn’t really have to since he’s already a star. Staying relevant is his daily to-do.

3 Polka Dot Party Suit

Via: peepingmoon.com

We’ve all heard of the yellow polka dot bikini, but a polka dot suit doesn’t have its own song. There could be a reason for that, since not too many men would want to wear one. 50 isn’t your average fella, so he’s cool with the unique look. He’s happy to put on a tux that hasn’t been seen a million times. Will he wear it again? Probably not.

2 Dangerous Driving

Via: feedolist.com

Sitting out the window of a moving car is an idea for idiots. 50 may think he’s invincible, but one big bump in the road and he could get seriously injured. It may feel cool to sit and catch a breeze, but is the thrill worth the potential repercussions? If a cop comes by, 50 will be in big trouble. Put on a seatbelt and sit like a normal person.

1 Getting Around

Via: instaphenomenons.me

There are lots of ways to get around, and it appears that 50 has found a ride that suits him. He’s more into fancy cars and private jets, but when it’s time to get basic, this mode of transport is a good call. He can even drive passengers around and get tips. More money in 50’s pocket is always a plus.

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