20 Unflattering Pics Of The Real Housewives They Want Buried

Real Housewives are used to putting it all out there. These women know that drama pumps up ratings. Even so, there are times when they're caught looking less than perfect and they probably wish that they could get certain pics off the Internet forever.

These well-heeled females do care about image. For some of them, it could be argued that image is everything. Sometimes, these celebs put up a front that's not an accurate reflection of who they are. They may exaggerate their wealth or try to make audiences believe that they have it all together, when they are really just as flawed as the next person.

Part of the fun of watching the housewives is trying to figure out what's real or faux.

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20 Luann de Lesseps Has Had Run-ins With The Law

Via Thedailybeast.com

54-year old Luann isn't really a countess anymore, but she's still quite a character. She's a woman who is a lightning rod for controversy.

In 2017, Luann got arrested on charges related to her addiction issues, according to Usatoday.com. Two years later, she was busted for breaking probation rules. This mug shot probably isn't her fave pic.

19 Brandi Glanville Looks So Sad Sometimes

Via MTOnews.com

Brandi was absolutely crushed when her relationship with Eddie Cibrian didn't work out. Now, he's with LeAnn Rimes. Sometimes, it seems like she still hasn't gotten a handle on managing and moving past her profound emotional pain.

In April of this year, according to Pagesix.com, Brandi broke down when she saw this pic and other photographs from that night.

18 Kyle Richards Prefers Her Tweaked Image

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Kyle is a woman who likes to give off an "air of confidence", according to Bravotv.com. There's nothing wrong with that. While Kyle doesn't hide "before" pics, she loves the way that she looks now, after having her nose redone.

Kyle has the cash to tweak her image whenever she wants to. She's become who she wants to be.

17 Bethenny Frankel’s Health Issues Drag Her Down

Via Us.blastingnews.com

Bethenny is a go-getter and very little slows her down, but she does deal with health challenges that sap her life force. In late June of this year, according to Bravotv.com, Frankel revealed that an allergic reaction put her life at risk.

She needs to very careful about avoiding foods that contain fish, or she may go into anaphylactic shock.

16 Lisa Rinna Has Her Off Days

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Lisa is all about the hustle. She'll always do what it takes to stay in the public eye and make money for her family. She even did adult diaper ads to keep her family afloat, according to Abcnews.go.com.

Sometimes, Lisa Rinna skips the Beverly Hills glam so she can get things done in comfort. Who can blame her?

15 Kim Zolciak Gets Shade For Her Evolving Image

Via Wetpaint.com

We all change with this passing years. We're not supposed to stay the same. Sometimes, though, "Housewives" change so much that they get dragged for the changes. This happened to Kim when she debuted a new lip look online.

According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, fans "begged" her to stop doing stuff to her lips. She was defiant with her detractors.

14 Green Was The New Black For Teresa Giudice And Fellow Inmates

Via Usweekly.com

Teresa admittedly wore her prison uniform well, but it was still a prison uniform, right? Getting convicted of a crime and sent to prison isn't really something to be proud of. Teresa surely wishes the whole thing didn't happen.

According to Abcnews.go.com, Teresa blamed her hubby for her stint behind bars. She had trouble letting go of the bitterness.

13 Nene Leakes Gets So Emotional

Via Realityblurb.com

NeNe has had good reason to get emotional. Her husband, Gregg, was battling cancer and that put a strain on their relationship, according to Popculture.com.

Luckily, Gregg's treatment was successful and he was declared cancer-free in June of 2019. It's great that this couple could get through such hard times. This stuff is never easy.

12 Kelly Bensimon Doesn’t Always Smile For The Camera

Via Dailymail.co.uk

Kelly knows how to look good for the camera, because she learned the ropes during her modeling days. Now and then, she prefers to go super-casual and skip the photogenic smiles, too.

Bensimon gets shade for her erratic ways, but says he's not mentally unbalanced. She's just honest. Kelly blames Bethenny for the RHONY chaos.

11 Vicki Gunvalson Was Having A Bad Day

Via Pagesix.com

Invasive surgery isn't a skip in the park and Vicki opted for invasive cosmetic surgery in order her get the look that she wanted. She revealed that she'd had a facelift in late July of 2018, according to Usmagazine.com.

She was 56 when she had the procedure and said that her surgeon took out her fillers during the operation. Ouch.

10 Lisa Vanderpump Can Be Melancholy

Via Usmagazine.com

Lisa always seemed so perfect, but she's human, just like the rest of us. She's had some grief to deal with which made her very sad. She lost her brother and also had to deal with feuds with the other housewives...the whole Lucy Lucy Apple Juice thing.

Then, her mother, Jean, passed away, according to People.com.

9 Tinsley Mortimer Wasn’t Living Her Best Life

Via Realityblurb.com

This year, Tinsley let the world know about her struggle with depression. Wealth and privilege don't shield people from depression. It can happen to anyone. Haunted by family memories and unsure of romantic ties, Mortimer has broken down on-air, according to Allaboutthetea.com.

A breakdown gets even more dramatic when it happens while a circus costume is being worn.

8 Yolanda Hadid’s Health Problems Took Their Toll

Via Bravotv.com

When Yolanda was dealing with symptoms of Lyme Disease, some of the other housewives were skeptical and mean. It's not good to decide how much pain another person is feeling. It's better to just be compassionate.

Hadid took a break from the glam when she was really ill, according to Thedailymail.co.uk. Some people didn't like the natural look.

7 Denise Richards Wasn’t Fond Of This Pic

Via Celebsfirst.com

Denise Richards has the confidence that comes from Bond Girl status. There aren't too many women who can call themselves Bond Girls. However, she has days when she throws on clothes and gets out of the house quickly. She has stuff to do!

When she hasn't gotten dolled up, the paparazzi find her. She wishes they wouldn't, according to Instagram.com.

6 Kandi Burruss Makes Some Interesting Faces

Via Bravotv.com

Kandi has an expressive face and some of her expressions are pretty theatrical. Kandi often gets called out for her dramatic ways. One example is when she posted a pic of herself working out in heavy makeup, with perfectly styled hair, according to Atlantablackstar.com.

This is what Burress signed up for. People love to sound off about the housewives.

5 Erika Jayne Loses It Sometimes

Via People.com

Erika is often steely, calm and collected. She projects coldness, probably as a defense mechanism. When she finally loses it, she definitely goes into overdrive. It's like an opera diva acting out a tragic scene in front of a captivated audience.

Erika does have a softer side, according to Bravotv.com. She usually needs to be triggered before it comes out.

4 Ramona Singer Is Overdramatic

Via Monstersandcritics.com

Like almost all housewives, Ramona can be overdramatic. We'd be awfully bored if these women weren't hamming it up. The problem with Ramona is that she doesn't treat the little people too well, according to People.com.

Is this real housewife a real bully? Some think she is, including Bethenny Frankel, who was repulsed by Ramona's treatment of staff in Mexico.

3 How Did Kim Richards Hurt Herself?

Via People.com

Kim Richards is a bit of a mystery. It's hard to get a handle on this woman, even though we're all aware of her issues. She's cryptic in terms of how she communicates with the world. It's hard to know if she's ok or not.

Kim used crutches in May of 2018, according to People.com, but the backstory isn't clear.

2 Sonja Morgan’s Style Is Hit And Miss

Via Lipstickalley.com

Housewives like Sonja pride themselves on their style. They can buy expensive stuff and they figure that buying it and wearing it means that they've got personal style mastered. The thing is, layering on an array of gaudy status symbols sometimes looks tacky.

Sonja has her own fashion line, according to Realityblurb.com. Would you wear it?

1 Will Dorit Kemsley Regret Wearing Visors?

Via Bravotv.com

Speaking of gaudy style, Dorit's visors really take the cake. Yes, the visors cost a bundle. Yes, the visors are "high fashion". However, what works on the runways sometimes looks utterly ludicrous in the real world.

Dorit's plastic visor by Dior set her back $385.00. Can she really afford that these days? Her bank account was recently frozen!

Sources: Usatoday.com, Pagesix.com, Bravotv.com

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