20 Unique Wedding Cakes That Are Just Too Pretty To Eat

I have a weird obsession with wedding cakes: at the age of six, I told my dad that I didn't want a husband, only a wedding ceremony, with a beautiful gown, and a huge wedding cake (I guess I even knew back then that I’m more likely to become the crazy cat lady than a traditional wife). Since then, my hasn't really stopped, and anytime I walk by a cake shop, I always stop for a second to admire the art of wedding cakes… and in this post, I tried to collect 20 of the most beautiful, and unique wedding cake designs.

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20 Wonderland

via aliceinweddingland.co.uk

Alice in Wonderland has been one of my childhood favorites (the kind of favorite that I watched three times a day for years), so I couldn’t leave a Wonderland-inspired cake out of the list. Not to mention, this vintage, tea-party inspired wedding cake looks amazing, even if you are not a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

19 Ombre Magic

via brides.com

From hairs and nail art, to clothes, and now wedding cakes, ombre is just pure perfection.

18 Light It Up!

via disneyweddings.com

Who says castle designs can’t be unique? This magical castle wedding cake looks like it's being lit up by little fairies!

17 After All This Time? Always.

via revelist.com

I know, the Harry Potter references already make this cake awesome, but can we stop a second and admire the colors, the patterns and the detailing? It’s just gorgeous.

16 Original Princess Wedding Cake

via bridal.com

I can’t even describe what is going on on this cake, or why it is so unique, but there is just something about the silver-powder white color combination, and the varying textures that just make me want to have this cake as a decoration in my home!

15 Take Me To Paris

via angesdesucre.com

Inspired by the classy feeling of the queen of old macaron shops, Ladurée, this special macaron wedding cake couldn’t be any more perfect, especially with the rose decoration around the cake stand.

14 Cake Meets Art

via disneyweddings.com

If you would like to take the castle design to the next level, it seems like you can hire an architect to create your dream wedding cake…but honestly, wouldn’t it be a sin to eat this cake?

13 Stained Glass

via azulphotography.com

With the crazy detailing and beautiful colors, this stained glass inspired cake has to be one of the most unique wedding cakes ever.

12 Cupid’s Arrow

via onefabday.com

If all the talented, minimalist designers of Etsy would come together to create the most romantic, yet still simple wedding cake, it would be this piece.

11 Zombie Rush

via pinterest.com

Make your Walking Dead binge-watching more memorable with a zombie inspired wedding cake!

10 Black & White Minimalism

via brides.com

This cake is soo simple, yet it still has every element of a super romantic cake from a dancing couple to a chandelier and even a small bow.

9 Hello Sailor!

via pinterest.com

Tattoos, bold colors, red lipstick, pin-up girls… this cake captures the many reasons I adore the daring '50s style.

8 Rainbow Mix

via cakecentral.com

This cake would be perfect for a small beach wedding, and I bet it tastes like heaven.

7 Vintage Flowerchild

via tumblr.com

Shabby-chic lovers, this one is for you! This wedding cake is really unique: it’s not too pink or decorated, but with the realistic daisies, it looks flawless.

6 Fairy Dust

via brides.com

The black and white wedding cake goes perfectly with the gold, edible glitter, and if it was my imaginary wedding cake, I would love the idea of the “fairy dust” decoration instead of the traditional details.

5 Painted Florals

via cakecentral.com

If you are bored with the regular flower decoration and would like to find something more elegant, take a look at this painted flower wedding cake, which is another creation too pretty to eat.

4 Games of Thrones

via greenweddingshoes.com

Besides the Harry Potter wedding cake, there must be a GoT cake as well on the list, and just like the Harry Potter cake, this looks like a stunning painting as well.

3 Black Marble

via modwedding.com

Black base with gold detailing and a white flower… this cake looks like a beautiful jewelry box, and I’m officially in love.

2 Tilted Geometric

via brides.com

I’m not sure what I love the most about this cake: the flower decorations, the color combination, the tilted design or the different shapes of the cakes.

1 Jeweled Perfection

via cake-geek.com

To end the list, I chose something more fancy and elegant. Instead of the usual decor elements, this wedding cake is decorated with real jewelry… which probably costs more than my rent.

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