20 Unsettling Facts About The Girls On TLC’s “Unexpected”

Unexpected is the latest reality show that focuses on teenage pregnancies. 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, which air on MTV, were the first televised teen pregnancy reality shows. The first season of Unexpected focuses on three teenage girls, Lilly, McKayla and Lexus and their unconventional pregnancy journey. The show depicts the impact of their early pregnancies on their lives, partners, as well as their families.

Some people argue that teen pregnancy shows, Unexpected included, tend to make teen pregnancies appear as a normal thing. People have also accused these types of shows of glorifying teenage pregnancy rather than trying to educate teenagers against taking a similar path. Some studies have also proven that the rate of teenage pregnancies has gone slightly up because of these shows. Here are a few facts that are unsettling about the show as well.

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20 The Girls Become Active Very Early

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It is already hard to imagine young girls having kids in their late teens, what about the fact that some of these girls get active as soon as they enter their teens. According thethings.com Lexus swiped her v card when she was just 13 years old. Lexus’ mom woke up one night to find her daughter missing. Long story short, she found her at her boyfriend’s house.

19 One Girl Sought Birth Control When It Was Too Late

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When Lexus finally came to the decision to use birth control, she could not have any because she was already pregnant as narrated by thethings.com. Although her menses were twelve days late she could not accept that fact that she might be pregnant. News of the pregnancy shook Lexus so bad she was actually inconsolable for some time.

18 Another Admits That She Didn’t Think Getting Pregnant Was So Easy

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Lilly has proven repeatedly that she is not the smartest kid out there. According to starcasm.net she says that she had no idea that getting pregnant was so easy. What everyone is wondering is why her mom had never had ‘the talk’ with her considering that she had gone through the same thing. At 17 years, Lilly surely must have also known about the consequences of her relations.

17 Their Boyfriends Don’t Always Stay

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The fact that teen couples have children together does not mean that they have to stick together. Lexus and Shayden broke up after Lexus gave birth. According to screenrant.com, Shayden was rude and immature. He was also one of the shows least favorite character. Everyone hopes that Lexus finds someone more suitable for her than Shayden.

16 One Girl Thinks That Having A Baby Means That She Is Married

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Lilly, on the other hand, has her own analogy as revealed by babygaga.com. She believes that she is married to James because of the fact that they have a child together. Lilly also thought of giving her child his last name. Her mom, who is opposed to the whole idea, says that she should wait until she is married to do so.

15 The Same Girl Dropped Out Of School

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From her one-liners, we do not think Lily’s decision to drop out of school was the best idea. However and as explained by thethings.com, Lilly had a reason for doing this. Other kids treated her so bad at school during her pregnancy that she eventually gave in to the pressure and quit school.

14 One Of The Teen Moms And Her Mom Were Pregnant At The Same Time

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McKayla and her mom, Shannon have not always had the best mother-daughter relationship. When the two ended up pregnant at the same time as narrated on starcasm.net, Shannon saw their situation as an opportunity to get close to her daughter. She even tried to convince McKayla to have a joint baby shower.

13 One Pair Of Grandparents Still Hasn't Learned To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

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Her grandparents raised McKayla because her mom, Shannon got into questionable behavior after McKayla’s dad passed away and could therefore not care for four-year-old McKayla. Her parents had no option but to take custody of the girl and raise her. Eventually, Shannon cleaned up her act and has a somewhat loving awkward relationship with her daughter.

12 The Grown-Up Moms To The Couples Do Not Get Along

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We have already established that McKayla and Caelan’s moms were both teen moms. Caelan’s mom who has been nicknamed Saint Shelly, however, thinks that she has made better choices in life than McKayla’s mom. According to screenrant.com, the two moms hardly see eye to eye because of Shelly’s holier than thou attitude.

11 One Girl Thinks She Is Truly In Love

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These young girls have no clue what it means to raise a child let alone what falling in love with a person is. According to intouchweekely.com, season two’s teen mom Chloe believes that she is in love with her boyfriend. Not to burst her bubble, but most teenage relationships do not last long and without proper guidance, most teens cannot tell the difference between love, infatuation, and having a crush.

10 One Of The Girls Was Saving Herself For Marriage

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Babygaga.com tells the story of another teen mom in season two by the name of Emiley. Emiley was supposed to wait until she was married before giving herself to a man, therefore her mother did not see the point of having ‘the birds and the bees talk’ with her. To make matters worse, Emiley’s boyfriend is not a nice person.

9 None Of The Couples And Families Are Prepared To Have A Baby

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No girl wishes to become a mother when they are in their teens neither does any mother want the same fate for their daughter. Teenage girls are supposed to be in school and the moms busy taking care of other important things. That said, none of the moms and daughters are really prepared to care for a baby and tvovermind.com agrees with this.

8 One Of The Teen Moms Almost Didn't Make It When She Was Pregnant

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Lilly and her boyfriend James were driving in their brand new car when they had a head-on collision with a truck. According to screenrant.com, Lilly was just a few weeks pregnant at the time of the accident and she believes that they made it out alive only because God was watching out for her unborn child.

7 The Moms Do Not Like Their Daughter’s Boyfriends

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Most moms do not approve of their daughters’ boyfriends especially when they come between their girls and their studies. According to babygaga.com, Chloe and Laura’s mom have both been caught on camera vocalizing their detest for the young men dating their daughters. Sadly, there is hardly much they can do about it.

6 Their Moms Sometimes Wish They Could Have Custody Of The Children

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Kelsey, Lexus’ mom once threatened to take custody of baby Scarlett because she felt that Lexus and Shayden were not being responsible parents as stated by newsweek.com. We wonder whether they think they can do a better job at raising their grandkids if given a second chance at parenting.

5 The Girls Think That Their Show Is Better Than Teen Mom

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Lexus has gone on record to admit to Us Weekly that their show, which focuses on teenage pregnancy, is much better than MTV’s Teen Mom. Sadly, a couple of teenagers having babies instead of studying and enjoying life is nothing to brag about. She goes on to say that, the show is more real and that their stories are better.

4 Unexpected Girls Are Portrayed Better Than Teen Mom Girls

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People seem to think that Unexpected is better than other similar shows that touch on teenage pregnancies. Tvovermind.com says that Unexpected better highlights how teenage pregnancies affect families and how they all work to raise the additional family member. However, the conservatives wonder whether the girls are really working to avert teenage pregnancies or to promote them.

3 The Girls Are All Daughters Of Teen Moms

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All the three girls’ moms gave birth to their daughters while they were in their teens as revealed by screenrant.com. Lexus' mom, Kelsey and Lilly’s mom, Kim were 16 and McKayla’s mom, Shannon was 19. This is one of those scenarios where a mother would not want her child to follow in her footsteps.

2 One Of The Grandmothers Was Also A Teen Mom

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Lexus’ mother was a teen mom and so was her grandmother. She is a third-generation teen mom as disclosed by starcasm.net. Although the correlation is baffling, studies have shown that girls born by teen moms are likely to be teen moms themselves. We hope the three are armed, ready to prevent this from happening a fourth time.

1 The Girls' Boyfriends' Moms Were Also Teen Moms

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The other two girls, McKayla and Lilly also fall into a similar pattern as Lexus. Both their mothers in law were also teen moms. According to screenrant.com, McKayla’s boyfriend, Caelan was born to a 19-year-old teen mom while Lilly’s boyfriend, James was born by a 15-year-old teen mom. Both their boys’ fathers were MIA so we can only hope that they do not do the same even though statistics say that this is likely to happen.

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