20 Ways Babies Will Ruin Their Moms Before Their 1st Birthday

While most moms don't exactly throw over-the-top first birthday parties like celebrities do (there are definitely no designer outfits or wild themes), they do want to have friends and family over. It's so wonderful to celebrate a baby's first year and look back on all of the memories from the past twelve months.

Of course, while there are so many happy things to think about (all the cuddles in rocking chairs and developmental milestones), there are some stressful and not-so-great things as well. Moms know that having a baby can be difficult, and it's something that should be talked about.

From issues that crop up while breastfeeding to other bodily functions, here are 20 ways that babies will ruin their moms before their first birthday.

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20 New Moms Are Definitely Sleep-Deprived

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Before a baby's first birthday, moms will be sleep-deprived, and it can be really tough. According to The Guardian, a study discovered that "the first three months after the birth of a first child were particularly gruelling: women lost just over an hour of sleep compared with before they became pregnant."

Moms can't exactly sleep a full night when they have a newborn, of course, so there isn't an easy way to fix this.

19 Connecting With The Baby Doesn't Always Happen ASAP

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New moms expect to connect with their baby ASAP, but that's not always the case. This can be really hard on her and can create quite a lot of stress.

As a midwife named Amanda Ashe told Today's Parent, “You can’t put a time frame on when a mother will bond with her baby."

18 New Moms Feel Alone A Lot

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Today's Parent talks about how alone new moms can feel. This is definitely a way that babies can make it hard on moms before their first birthday.

While of course it's good to have people around you, from your partner to other relatives and your friends and that can help, you will have times when it's you and your baby. You wake up at four a.m. and feed them or you can't get back to sleep after, and you will feel alone.

17 Breastfeeding Can Be Pretty Unpleasant Sometimes

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Today's Parent notes that breastfeeding can be unpleasant, and this is something that many new mothers go through. Whether it's just not going smoothly or it's not actually working out at all, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Moms will for sure think that their baby isn't even a year old yet and this is already something that is incredibly difficult.

16 New Moms Have Trouble Balancing Work And Motherhood

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When moms decide to go back to work, they can have a lot of trouble balancing work and motherhood. As Community.today.com explains, "the financial reality is that mom can’t stay home for too long, which means the return to work happens soon for most mothers."

While this is something that is thankfully talked about a bit more now, it's still a way that babies can make it rough for their moms before their first birthday.

15 The Postpartum Period Can Take Longer Than Expected

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Moms know that they'll have to heal from giving birth, but as it turns out, the postpartum period can last longer than they think that it will.

What To Expect says that this is typically six weeks but also mentions "Keep in mind that every new mom is different, so everyone will recover at a different rate with different postpartum symptoms"

14 The Baby's Bodily Functions Can Get Gross

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Parents say that they talk about poop so much after having a baby, and everyone would have to agree with that.

When it comes to how babies make it tough for their moms before their first birthday, gross bodily functions have to be on the list.

As Today's Parent explains, "Don’t be alarmed when you see your little one’s first messy diaper — meconium is the black, tar-like stool that builds up in the bowel while baby is in utero."

13 A New Mom's Marriage/Relationship Will Have Some Growing Pains

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Couples think that having a baby will bring them more love than ever before. While this is true, it's also true that it will create a bit of strife in the relationship. Parents are tired and focusing on this little one so much.

As The Huffington Post puts it perfectly: "Amazing changes do happen to parents, but it doesn't come without the aches and pains of being changed."

12 Birth Can Be Physically Painful

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Giving birth is supposed to be a magical miracle... and while every mom would say that bringing their little one into the world is beautiful and wonderful, they have to admit that sometimes, it can be painful.

According to Kids Health, "Other causes of pain during labor include pressure on the bladder and bowels by the baby's head and the stretching of the birth canal and vagina." (Ouch...)

11 The Brain Fog Is Hard To Deal With

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The Huffington Post says that "mom brain should be considered a medical condition" and every new mother would most likely agree with that.

Babies can make it a tough time for moms before their first birthday because of the brain fog that moms experience. While of course moms joke about "mom brain" it doesn't exactly feel that funny or positive when you feel like you can't remember anything and are just so tired.

10 Because Of Contractions, Moms Can Feel Pretty Hurt For A While Postpartum

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New moms know that the postpartum period will mean healing (and yet at the same time, not getting much sleep). But moms can also feel hurt for a while and that's because of the contractions that they experienced.

According to Flo.health, you can have a sore back, and "Sometimes the contractions can be so intense that some women continue to experience pain and aches weeks after delivery."

9 Moms Might Experience Some Unpleasantness Down There

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The unpleasant feeling of actually giving birth might not actually end there, as some new moms experience unpleasantness down there afterward.

WebMD says new moms could feel "soreness" and also have some "discharge." The website suggests that you "Use a squirt bottle with warm water to keep the area clean while you pee."

8 It Feels Like Babies Need To Be Fed All The Time And That's Exhausting

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Moms of course know that babies need to be fed... but many new mothers say it feels like the baby has to fed all the time. This can get exhausting.

According to Today's Parent, "If the baby is otherwise gaining well, having at least two or three poopy diapers each day and your nipples are not sore, frequent feedings may just be the norm for your baby."

7 Engorgement Is Tough

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If you're experiencing an engorged chest, this can be incredibly hard, but it does occur, and new moms have to not only get through it but figure out how to make it better.

As Today's Parent explains, "This normally happens when milk production ramps up about three days after baby is born." The website suggests "frequent breastfeeding" to help.

6 There's Too Much To Balance Every Day

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Babies will also make it hard for their moms before their first birthday because moms will find that there is way too much to balance every day. Life just feels so incredibly jam-packed.

According to The Bump, moms filled out a survey and said, "more information on how to juggle the cleaning, cooking and general day-to-day while caring for an infant would have been appreciated."

5 Mastitis Is Definitely No Fun At All

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According to Mayo Clinic, if you're breastfeeding, you could experience Mastitis. This is not any fun and any mom who has had it will say that it's really tough.

The website explains that it's "an inflammation of ... tissue that sometimes involves an infection. The inflammation results in ... pain, swelling, warmth and redness. You might also have fever and chills."

4 A Baby's Head Might Not Look 100 Percent Normal At First And This Would Stress Mom Out

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Kidspot.com.au says that "misshapen head" can happen to babies. This would stress moms out so much that they would wonder if this is a regular thing that happens or if something is off and needs to be fixed.

Mayo Clinic says that babies can have "flat spots" and that this is okay: "better head and neck control will help your baby keep pressure more evenly distributed on the skull."

3 Hormones Last Longer Than Moms Expect

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As Today's Parent says, "Remember those hormones you dealt with during pregnancy? They don’t actually level off the minute junior is born."

If you have friends who had babies before you did, you might recall them saying that they were so tired and felt "off" or weird in the period after having a baby. And then when you experienced it yourself, you realized that they were totally right. This is definitely because of hormones.

2 Babies That Seem To Cry For No Reason

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Before their baby's first birthday, moms will often discuss that sometimes, it feels like their little one is crying for no reason. They don't necessarily seem tired or hungry. They're just piling on the waterworks.

This is another way that babies can make it rough-going for their moms before they even turn one. Your motherly instinct is to help them, and you're confused about what's wrong.

1 Moms Have To Be Responsible 24/7 And It's A Big Adjustment

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As a mom shared on Reddit, it was "a shock to realise I was in charge of a tiny human 100% of the time."

Moms have to be responsible 24/7, and it's a big adjustment. Even though it's magical to start a family and newborns are so adorable, it's definitely true that even before their first birthday, babies can ruin their moms in all of these ways.

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