20 Ways Mustang Owners Annoy Everyone Else

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the world and is also one of the most popular. Since its conception all the way back in 1962, the Mustang has been one of the most successful cars to have come out of the Ford factory. Over the years, the car has gone from a two-seater concept car to a monster machine and has undergone many changes in the process.

Due to its legendary status, the car has also featured in a number of movies and television shows and has been effective in product placement. In fact, during the celebrity era of the 1960s, the car became somewhat of a celebrity and was associated with the glitz and glam of Hollywood stardom. However, it was its role in the super slick movie, Goldfinger, that really lifted its iconic status, even stealing scenes from the slickest guy of all, James Bond. Yes, the Ford Mustang is certainly one of the best out there, so much so that it even had a song written about it.

Sadly, despite its amazing history, those who choose to drive such a magnificent automobile are also usually rather annoying. Yes, it seems the Mustang attracts owners who drive it to show off, and not for the mechanics. As a result, Mustang owners tend to struggle with controlling the car, and not fully understanding how to drive it. So, let's take a look at 20 ways Mustang owners annoy everyone else.

20 They Think Their Car Is A Supercar

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Ford Mustang owners need to realize that they are not driving a supercar and that despite what they may think, the Ford Mustang is never going to be a supercar. For some reason, Ford Mustang drivers often believe themselves to be sporting a dangerous supercar, cruising down the street and giving it the big one that they are driving something quite special.

Yes, the Ford Mustang might be special in its own way, but when compared to the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Mercedes, it just doesn't quite cut the mustard. Sadly, this doesn't stop Ford from promoting their Mustangs as rival supercars, which only encourages those who buy them.

19 They Forget How Cheap They Are

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Ford Mustang drivers are so blindsided by the history and legendary status of the Mustang that they often forget how cheap the car is. That's right, the Ford Mustang is just a regular muscle car, a car that most people with a full-time job can afford. In fact, the majority of Mustang owners are young people, which only shows just how cheap the automobile actually is.

Over the years, the car has been known for its accessibility to the working class, with the car often cited as being the "car for the people." However, these days, Mustang drivers have seemingly forgotten and instead act like the car is on par with a McLaren Mercedes.

18 They Are Obnoxious With The Exhaust

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Are Ford Mustang owners really that obnoxious? The answer is yes, and here's why. The Ford Mustang is known for being loud, a trait that has attracted people to the car over the years. Sadly, although petrolheads love loud pipes, Mustang fans seem to like them even louder and do their very best in irritating just about anybody that so much as gets near them.

Even though the track really is the best place for loud exhausts, Mustang drivers prefer to rev their engines wherever they can, even outside their house – Mustang drivers really don't care.

17 They Think They Are Really Cool

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There is no denying that the Ford Mustang is a cool car, or at least it used to be anyway. Sadly, these days the car isn't quite what it was, but that doesn't mean it's terrible.

Nevertheless, those who own Mustangs are much different, mostly in that they are ridiculously uncool and somewhat annoying. For some reason, Mustang owners are unable to see this and instead believe themselves to be the coolest people on the planet. Yes, whether it be teenagers, adults or the middle-aged, Mustang drivers think they are the bee's knees when it comes to cruising.

16 They Can't Drive

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For some reason, Ford Mustang drivers think they are the best drivers on the planet and have no problem in letting you know. However, despite what they may think, Mustang drivers are actually one of the worst and are renowned for being irritating on the roads.

Unfortunately, because the Mustang is so highly respected in the automobile world, it tends to get a lot of owners who have no clue how to drive it. As a result, Mustangs are seen plummeting down the road on the daily, zipping in and out of traffic and annoying everybody else around them.

15 They Never Signal

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Ford Mustang owners are often voted as the worst drivers on the road, mostly because they don't adhere to traffic safety regulations. That's right, from cruising through red lights to speeding past speed limits, Mustang drivers are the very worst.

However, it is one rule, in particular, that seems to be irritating people the most, with Mustang drivers accused of never having the decency to signal. Sadly, not only is this highly infuriating, but it is also extremely dangerous. In fact, a lack of signaling is one of the most common causes of accidents on the road.

14 They Are Smug

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Let's face it, a lot of car owners are smug. Ferrari owners are smug, Lamborghini owners are smug, Audi owners are smug, heck even Mini Cooper owners can be smug. However, for some reason, Ford Mustang owners seem to be the smuggest. That's right, Mustang drivers are often caught basking in their own self-indulgence, believing themselves to be car connoisseurs.

Due to the Mustang's iconic history, Mustang drivers think this also makes them iconic. Plus, they just love to let you know all about it and end up chewing your ear off about how much their Mustang is better than whatever you have parked in your garage.

13 They Drive Too Fast

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The Ford Mustang might be cheap, but it can certainly pack a punch. That's right, Mustangs over the years have been known for their speed, especially when one considers the size and value of the car. Sadly, most Mustang owners think it's acceptable to drive extremely fast, and seem not to care about the other people around them.

Plus, the Mustang is one of the most dangerous cars on the roads, with drivers more likely to lose control and crash than any other car. Furthermore, just to make matters that much worse, the Mustang is most likely to be stolen and illegally raced.

12 They Are Usually Driven By Teenagers

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Since its conception, the Ford Mustang has had a reputation for being associated with young people. Sadly, this hasn't always worked in its favor and has become somewhat of a hindrance for the legendary vehicle. For instance, teenagers can sometimes be much more reckless when it comes to driving, as the Mustang is known for being one of the most crashed cars in the history of automobiles. Furthermore, teenagers like speed, with young people often pushing the limits on the famously speedy vehicle.

However, it is not just teenagers who are fond of the famous car, with people of all ages having the ability to irritate while sitting in the driver's seat.

11 They Always Creep Forward At Red Lights

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One of the most annoying things in the driving world is when a car creeps up to a red light before the light has changed. And guess what? It's usually Ford Mustang drivers who do this. That's right, Mustang drivers are known creepers which only highlights their immaturity and impatience.

Plus, this doesn't bode well for the rest of the journey, with it unlikely that a Ford Mustang driver will even stop for the red light in the first place. Yes, Mustang drivers are also known to jump red lights, which in turn causes thousands of accidents each year.

10 They Always Want To Go In The Fast Lane

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What is it about Ford Mustangs and speed? For some reason, Mustang owners believe themselves to be Formula one racers by treating regular roads like their own personal race tracks. As a result, Mustangs can often be seen speeding down the fast lane, over the speed limit, and annoying everybody else.

Not only is this incredibly irritating, but it's also extremely dangerous and contributes to the saddening statistic that the Ford Mustang is one of the most likely cars to be in an accident. Sadly, this doesn't seem to deter Mustang drivers from cruising down the fast lane. In fact, it only seems to encourage them.

9 They Always Talk About Their Car

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Ford Mustang owners love to talk about their cars, from where they bought it to how long they have had it; talking about their Ford Mustang is their most favorite thing in the world.

In fact, Mustang owners love talking about their car so much that they often memorize every single thing about their beloved vehicle. Honestly, next time you meet a Mustang owner, ask them how old their car is and they will tell you the exact date, hour and second that they bought it. Yes, Mustang owners love their cars more than their families and children and even refer to their Mustang as their own flesh and blood.

8 They Love To Badly Modify Their Cars

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There is no denying that the Ford Mustang is a legendary vehicle, especially now that it's associated with James Bond and Steve McQueen. However, despite already being exceptionally cool, some Mustang owners often attempt to make it even cooler by modifying the thing beyond recognition. Sadly, they usually end up failing and instead turn the once incredibly awesome automobile into a shell of its former self.

That's right, over the years, the world has been subjected to bad paint jobs, embarrassing wraps, and peeling paint, with each Mustang worse than the last. When will these people learn!?

7 They Are Arrogant

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Ford Mustang owners love talking about their cars. So what do they talk about when they are not talking about their cars? Themselves of course! Yes, Mustang owners are known to be quite self-centered, and especially love it when they get to talk about two of their most favorite topics: themselves and their Mustangs.

Just be careful, because when a Mustang owner starts speaking, it takes a long time to get them to shut up. However, you could stir the pot a little and claim that the Chevrolet Camaro is the best muscle car in the world. Go on, try it...

6 They Give The Car A Bad Name

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The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars of the last century and is often cited as one of the best cars in the world. However, when we think of the Ford Mustang we also tend to shudder. Yes, although it might be a fantastic automobile, it's also driven by some of the worst people on the planet. In fact, the Ford Mustang is often voted as the car that has the most annoying drivers.

That's right, Mustang drivers are some of the worst drivers in the world and often top lists worldwide with regards to their terrible driving skills. Unfortunately, the Ford Mustang as a car also suffers and has a bad reputation as a result.

5 They Pretend The Car Has No Problems

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The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in the world and has most definitely earned its legendary status over the years. However, although it might be an amazing vehicle, it's by no means perfect. That's right, the Mustang has a lot of problems, from squeaky steering to oil leaks, to bubbling paint jobs and engine failures. Yes, the Mustang does have some serious problems yet the majority of Mustang owners seem to ignore it.

For a Mustang fan, the Ford Mustang is the best of the best, therefore nothing could ever be wrong with the thing.

4 They Love The Horn

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There is nothing worse than a driver who loves to beep their horn, especially when they don't seem to stop. Yes, eager beepers are the bane of the roads and can be extremely irritating, not to mention distracting and dangerous.

For some reason, Mustang owners seem to be the worst offenders and are often caught blasting their horn whenever they can. But why? Most drivers claim that Mustang owners love to toot in order to show off their vehicle to anyone in sight. However, Mustang owners say its because everybody else on the road is stupid and that they are doing their very best to annoy them and their beloved Ford Mustang.

3 They Used To Be The Coolest

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One of the most annoying things that Ford Mustang owners have done is tarnish the image of the iconic vehicle. That's right, back in the day, the Ford Mustang used to be the coolest vehicle around and even had the ability to stop people in the street. Yes, the Mustang really was a scene stealer and really was the car to own at the height of its fame.

However, these days, they are linked to idiotic drivers, arrogant nobodies, and boy racers with a point to prove. Sadly, this has somewhat distracted people from appreciating the automobile as a fine piece of engineering, with the focus now on the annoying and irritating people that drive it.

2 They Think Everybody Envies Them

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Ford Mustang owners can be extremely deluded, so much so that they think everybody in the world is envious of them and their beloved car. However, although the Ford Mustang is incredibly iconic – not to mention fast – it doesn't mean that everybody wants to drive one. Sadly, Mustang owners just can't fathom such a concept, and automatically assume that you’re either jealous and don't want to admit it, or that you’re just poor and can't afford your own Mustang (they aren't even that expensive).

Whatever the case may be, there's no denying the legendary status of the Mustang as a car, but that doesn't mean that everybody wants to own one.

1 They Are Reckless

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Ford Mustang drivers are known for many things, especially when it comes to dangerous driving. Yes, Mustang drivers are often called reckless while on the road and are often in a number of dangerous situations. So why are they so impulsive? Mustang drivers are usually young, and often get caught up in showing off and acting cool. Sadly, this reflects on the car, giving the Mustang a bad name.

Although the Mustang can be a difficult car to drive, it is still up to the driver to operate it safely and follow the rules of the roads. Basically, if the driver attempts a reckless stunt, they need to be able to own it.

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