20 Ways to Incorporate Nature Into Your Home

Turn your home inside out... or should I say outside in, by blending the natural world with your interior space. If you're a nature lover, like me, then you're always looking for new ways to make your home feel like the great outdoors.

Incorporating Mother Nature in the house can really transform how a space looks and feels.  It's also a friendly reminder to get outside when you can, but makes those days when you're stuck inside all the better.

Here are 20 ways that you can bring a little bit of nature into your home.

20 Add House Plants

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This may seem like the most obvious way to bring nature indoors, but it cannot be overdone. Put plants in every room of the house, just make sure you pick the appropriate plants depending on how much light is available.

19 Pick Wild Flowers

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If you see pretty flowers you should first stop to smell them, then pick just a couple to put in a vase.

18 Make an Indoor Herb Garden

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Bringing your herbs into the house allows for tasty fresh herbs all year round. They also smell great and can be placed in small pots throughout your kitchen.

17 Display Those Stones or Rocks You've Collected

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Ever grab a shell from a sand beach? Or a pretty stone or pebble from a stream? They tend to end up shoved away somewhere, but bust those bad boys out and display them on a shelf. It can also be therapeutic to rearrange them like a zen garden.

16 Make a Wall Hanging With Driftwood

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An easy DIY project – Take a pretty branch or piece of driftwood you find and make it into a piece of art! Paint it and hang it.

15 Hang Art

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Take one of your many pictures of natural landscapes or pretty sunsets, and blow it up and hang it on the wall. This is an instant reminder of the great outdoors when you're stuck inside.

14 Fill Pretty Glass Jars With Sand

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Any time I go on a vacation or visit an exotic beach I like to take a bit of the sand and save it. Find some pretty glass jars to fill and display them around the house. You'll notice the sand is different all over the world.

13 Make a Terrarium

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Building a little terrarium is really fun. There is a lot of creative freedom here.  Have fun picking out the container and the plants and then get to creating a little tiny world... Terrariums are very low maintenance to keep alive which is an added bonus.  Here's some help or inspiration to get you started.

12 Choose Natural Wood Furniture

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Pick pieces that are very minimal in style and look like they were snagged right from the wild. Rich wood colors and raw natural edges are beautiful and not to mention unique.

11 Paint in Earth Tones

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Give any space a quick and easy makeover with a fresh new color on the walls. Choose earthy browns, greens, blues and whites.

10 Buy Yourself Flowers

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Don't hesitate next time you're at the market... Just find the bouquet that speaks to you and buy it. Bring them home and display them in a pretty vase.

9 Hang Sheer Curtains

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Feel the rays as the sun beats down into your home. Let as much sunshine in as you can by changing up your window treatments to sheer curtains or tapestries.

8 Use Fabrics With Plant Patterns

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There are so many opportunities to incorporate nature by upgrading the textiles in your home. Placemats, napkins, throw pillows, dish towels... The list goes on and on.

7 Hang Vertical Gardens

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Make that blank wall into a living wall. There are endless techniques for creating vertical gardens, moss walls, etc. Look no further for an in-depth tutorial.

6 Incorporate the Smells of Nature

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Trick your nose into thinking you're outside by using scented candles, diffusers, incense or potpourri.

5 Craft a Mobile

Mobiles are a great way to be creative and have a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home. I like to incorporate things I find in the wild such as sticks, shells and pine cones and then mix with twine, beads and store bought feathers.

4 Decorate With Natural Fibers

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Natural fabrics and fibers are a great way to keep things real. Add a jute rug or chunky knitted wool throw to your space. When picking a fabric/fiber, make sure to choose earthy tones inspired by nature.

3 Tie Eucalyptus to the Shower Head

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Hang a large bunch of eucalyptus from the shower head. Doing so looks amazing and your showers will be very aromatic. It'll turn your bathroom into an instant spa!

2 DIY Wood Panel Wall

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Accent a wall in your home with rustic wood paneling. Stikwood provides a peel-and-stick wood panel that is easy to install. It will provide your home with that instant reclaimed wood look.

1 Hang a Landscape Tapestry

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Don't have enough art to hang on your walls? A simple way to fill a lot of space is to hang a tapestry. There are some really amazing photo wall hangings nowadays such as this one.

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