20 Ways to Make Your Bathroom a Relaxing Place

We want bathrooms to be peaceful oases where we can wash away our day's stress and grime. Unfortunately for many of us, our bathrooms are dull, drab, uninspired spaces where we keep our toothbrush and shampoo.

Are you looking for some easy ways to make the bathroom a space that you actually want to be in?  With these tips, your bathroom may very well transform into your new favorite room in the house!

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20 Add Lavender or Sage Scented Candles

Via: thebudgetdecorator.com

Candles are the epitome of relaxation. Group them together for a nice look and get ready for the calm sent to fill the air. I'm really in to lavender and sage right now for both their smell and their colors. Both scents are known to be great destressers to boot!

19 Add Plants... The More the Better!

Via: bloglovin.com

Adding greenery to the bathroom makes a huge impact. Hanging plants, vines, air plants and terrariums... All are great options. Pick plants that thrive in humid environments, that do well under whatever light conditions you have in your bathroom. Pothos, philodendron and spider plants are some examples of plants that do well in this environemtn. Check out this more comprehensive list here.

18 Add a Pretty Bath Caddy on the Tub

Via: tfdstyle.com

Just the perfect thing to hold your wine and book during that relaxing bath! Most home decor stores will offer bath caddies for sale. If you feel ambitious, here is a DIY tutorial on how to make your own just how you want it.

17 Put Flowers in a Small Vase

Via: decozilla.com

Who doesn't love flowers?! Repurpose any small glass jar (after removing the label of course) and add some flowers to your space. Set them on the sink, behind the toilet, or by the window.

16 Get Rid of All the Labels

Via: blog.freepeople.com

Ridding the bathroom of all those busy marketing labels is the quickest way to clean up this space. Use reusable glass jars for soap and shampoo. This allows you to buy bulk soap too, which is cheaper in the long run. For a little extra somethin'... put flowers and herbs inside!

15 A Natural Stone or Wood Bath Mat Goes a Long Way

Via: fox.com

Adding natural materials like bamboo or stone will make the bathroom an instant spa. It also feels quite therapeutic when stepping out of the shower.

14 Display Your Pretty Towels on an Antique Ladder

Via: planete-deco.fr

Snag a rustic ladder at a yard sale or antique shop and fill that empty wall in the bathroom. It is perfect to display your most favorite towels.

13 Roll the Rest of the Towels and Display Them in a Basket or on a Shelf

Via: diyncrafts.com

Rolling towels both looks beautiful and saves you lots of space. You'll feel like you're stepping in to a Japanese spa.

12 Put a New Fresh Coat of Clean Paint on the Walls

Via: studio-mcgee.com

Upgrade your bathroom with clean, fresh colors. Natural pastels and shades of white work perfectly to brighten up the space.

11 Declutter Using Baskets

Via: unskinnyboppy.com

Put all those loose random objects together in baskets throughout the bathroom. Leave the baskets out on the shelves since they look rustic and beautiful, or tuck them under the sink for peace of mind knowing everything is stowed.

10 Embrace the Natural Light With a Lace Curtain

Via: adore-vintage.blogspot.com

I am all about natural light, and the last thing you want to do is put a big dark curtain over the bathroom window! The lace adds a vintage feel while allowing lots of that natural light in. It also provides privacy from the outside world.

9 Hang a Few of Your Favorite Necklaces on the Wall

Via: theburlapbag.com

Looking to fill that weird blank wall? Pick a couple of your favorite necklaces and hang them as decor. This way you get to enjoy your jewelry all the time (since you can only wear one at a time). Just make sure that the necklaces are made of high quality metals that won't rust!

8 Upgrade Your Mirror With a Rustic Frame

Via: hometalk.com

Use old picture frames to upgrade that plain mirror on the wall. If you can't find one that fits exactly, it is pretty simple to make one yourself that has that exact finish to match your space.

7 Add a Portable Speaker to Make Baths More Relaxing

Via: mywonderlist.com

Music just makes everything better. Waterproof speakers such as this one are great for showers, baths and getting ready.

6 Keep Bubble Bath on Hand – Always

Via: everydayhomeblog.com

There's nothing better than a relaxing bubble bath. Be sure to always keep an assortment of bubble bath and bath bombs on hand for when it is most needed.

5 Switch Out the Shower Head For a Rain Shower

Via: jacklondonkitchenandbath.com

My favorite upgrade for the shower; Switching out that plain old shower head for a rain shower head. Instantly feel like you're showering in the wild. This amazing swap will make showers all the more luxurious.

4 Upgrade the Tile in the Shower to a Natural Stone

Via: thewowdecor.com

Looking for an upgrade with BIG impact? Get rid of that boring tile on the shower walls and replace it with big natural stones.

3 Dim the Lights

Via: decoratingideas1.com

Dimming the lights is always a great option to have in the evenings when you're about to step into a hot bubble bath. Check to see if you're fitting will allow for a dimmer switch. If that seems too difficult, just replace one of the lights in your bathroom with a lower watt bulb for a similar effect.

2 Poo-Pourri Spray Helps to Eliminate "That" Smell

Via: household-tips.thefuntimesguide.com

Everyone should have this on hand. It speaks for itself... One spray in the John before you go, and it leaves the bathroom smelling like nothing ever happened.

1 Add Floating Wood Shelves

Via: shanty-2-chic.com

These DIY shelves are the perfect way to add pretty storage space to your bathroom. Add them above the toilet, or on that blank wall. Super customizable and the whole tutorial is right here.

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