20 Weird Celeb Selfies They Want Us To Forget (But We Didn't)

Everyone has taken their fair share of selfies and celebrities are no different. When we feel good, we automatically bust out our phones and take a few selfies, and if the lighting is just right, that just makes it perfect. Our favorite Hollywood stars love snapping photos of themselves just as much as they enjoy working in front of the camera. But, when these celebs post a hilarious selfie, that's just all the better.

When stars like Chrissy Teigen show off her nighttime routine or model Brooklyn Decker shares a funny selfie showcasing her double chin, it shows fans that they are just regular people, too. Some of these celebs might regret uploading these photos because of all the negativity on social media, but at the end of the day, they are human and they want people to know they are no different when it comes to sharing silly pictures.

Here are 20 weird selfies taken by celebrities that they might want to forget, but fans definitely won't.

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20 Kevin Bacon's Pudgy Cheeks

Photo Via: www.orlandosentinel.com

Actor Kevin Bacon looked like he ate way too much bacon after this selfie of him was all over the Internet. Bacon shocked fans with this unrecognizable selfie looking fuller than his usual self. However, it seemed like the actor was wearing really good prosthetic makeup for a commercial or movie.

19 Chrissy Teigen's Most Unflattering Face

Photo Via: accessonline.com

Chrissy Teigen has no shame in her game when it comes to unflattering photos. The star regularly shares selfies with her fans when she is just being her normal self. Take the photo above were she's proudly showcasing a double chin while rocking blackhead strips.

18 Kanye West's Awkward Fan Selfie

Photo Via: blazepress.com

If there is one celebrity in the world that hates taking photos with fans, it has got to be Kanye West. The rapper appeared to be in no mood when two fans walked up to him to take this very uncomfortable looking snap. Let's guess that West's team just lost that day and he wasn't feeling too happy about taking selfies wit his fans.

17 Amber Rose Meets Her Ex's New Woman

Photo Via: oxygen.com

Speaking of Kanye West, it was extremely awkward when this selfie of West's ex, Amber Rose and current wife Kim Kardashian West made its way on the Internet. While making amends with an ex is great and all, this photo just makes fans cringe, especially with all the negative things West said about Rose in an interview a while back.

16 Al Sharpton's Strange Gym Selfie

Photo Via: nypost.com

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton made everyone in the world cringe when he took this selfie while at the gym. It was shocking to see how thin Sharpton was when this photo hit the web and he received a ton of backlash and negative feedback on the photos with people stating that he looked like a 12-year-old in his P.E. clothes.

15 Christiano Ronaldo Gets A Facial And Body Sculpt

Photo Via: unilad.co.uk

When soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was asked in an interview which player he's most impressed by, he so humbly stated, "Myself, in the mirror." Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in the world, but his cocky attitude rubs a lot people off the wrong way. It's also no surprise that fans would find the star taking selfies as he is getting a facial and body sculpts.

14 Cara Delevingne Kisses A Rat

Photo Via: thesun.co.uk

Celebrities love to snap photos of their pets, even sharing kisses with them and showing tons of affection towards them. However, model Cara Delevingne prefers to shares photos of her kissing a rat that we're hoping is a pet and has its shots. Either way, this photo made some fans feel a little grossed out.

13 Amanda Bynes Has A Meltdown

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Amanda Bynes was a successful child star whose tragic breakdown a few years ago had thousands of fans concerned about her health. From posting awkward selfies to getting crazy piercings on both sides of her cheeks, she was definitely not the Amanda Bynes we knew when she had her breakthrough on Nickelodeon. Thankfully, she seems to be getting her life back on track.

12 Chris Brown's A Moron

Photo Via: thesun.co.uk

For some reason, people still admire Chris Brown after his horrific actions towards ex-girlfriend Rihanna. But the singer seemed to figure out exactly what he was when he decided to take this selfie. Whether he realized it or not, Brown is a moron and the picture says it all.

11 Nicolas Cage's "I Just Woke Up" Look

Photo Via: blazepress.com

Yikes! When this fan found out that she was sitting next to actor Nicolas Cage she took full advantage and snapped this humiliating selfie with him. Cage appears to be just waking up from a nap and was definitely not prepared to have his picture taken. It did make for one of the funniest celeb selfies.

10 Brookyln Decker Is The Queen Of Double Chins

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

Brooklyn Decker is a beautiful model and actress, and like Chrissy Teigen, this star loves showing off her "ugly" side. Here, Decker shows off her best double chin with television and radio host Larry King. In fact, this isn't the model's first go around when it comes to sharing her unattractive selfies, just Google her and you'll see way more.

9 Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Awful Sun Burn

Photo Via: glamour.com

The queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian shocked fans when she shared this photo of her awful sunburn. Did anyone ever tell her to remove her huge sunglasses from her face before sitting out in the sun? Good thing she has a whole makeup team to hide that terrible burn. Ouch.

8 Tyra Banks Alien-Like Selfie

Photo Via: hollywood.com

Tyra Banks has always been open about her look, which also includes her "five head" that she even jokes about constantly. However, not only is she proudly showing off her forehead here, she sort of looks like an alien and it's rather uncomfortable to look at.

7 Hilary Duff's Baby Isn't Feeling The Selfie Life

Photo Via: moms.com

Hilary Duff is the proud mother of two gorgeous children, but it appears that one of her kids was definitely not prepared to take a selfie with the actress. The photo does make it funny and memorable, but Duff may have to give her kids a lesson or two on proper selfie etiquette.

6 Britney Spears Looks A Little Loopy In This Selfie

Photo Via:resilientspringfield.org

While Britney Spears has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her career, she's made a comeback, but it looks like her selfie's haven't. With her hair in a mess and showing fans her best duck face, the former pop star does look a little loopy here.

5 Tyler, The Creator Tries To Get Creative With Mini Sunglasses

Photo Via: bemethat.com

Tyler, The Creator must have found these small sunglasses at a kid's birthday party because they are definitely not made for adults. However, the artist believed it was the perfect opportunity to take a ridiculous selfie with them on and looks rather silly. His phone case even matches his shades.

4 Lady Gaga Goes Au Naturel

Photo Via: kakaozzank.co

Lady Gaga decided to bravely showcase her makeup-free selfie with the world, which shocked some fans because she is usually dolled up from head to toe. However, it was nice to see the pop star show off her natural beauty rather than seeing her in some of her wacky outfits that she usually wears on the red carpet.

3 Conan And Paul Rudd Get Too Close For Comfort

Photo Via: teamcoco.com

Late night hose Conan O'Brien and actor Paul Rudd are some of the funniest guys in Hollywood, so this photo of the two men getting up close and personal with one another shouldn't shock anyone. Do we think these two stars regret taking this photo? That's up for debate.

2 50 Cent Steals Little Girl's Shades For Shameless Picture

Photo Via: youtube.com

Rapper 50 Cent showed fans his more sensitive side after he uploaded this photo wearing a little girl's pink heart shaped sunglasses. The “In Da Club” rapper made sure that fans knew he also had a funny and carefree side than what people may believe.

1 Justin Bieber's Millionth Almost Naked Selfie

Photo Via: theloop.ca

How many times have people come across an almost naked selfie of Justin Bieber on the Internet or on his personal social media accounts? The answer is way too many and it's almost embarrassing how much the star is into himself.

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