20 Weird Facts About Aquaman's Anatomy

While Aquaman tends to be the butt of quite a few superhero jokes, the character can do far more than just talk to fish.

While Aquaman isn’t considered the most popular hero from DC comics, he’s certainly a widely recognized one. Arthur Curry first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 back in 1941. He eventually joined the Justice League in the 1950’s-60’s and has now been featured in a live action DCEU film. Jason Momoa brought the character to life for fans to see, and while the film wasn’t well-received all around, it proves that fans would like to see more of his character, not just Superman and Batman.

While Aquaman tends to be the butt of quite a few superhero jokes, the character can do far more than just talk to fish. He has a lot of abilities that casual fans aren’t aware of. His powers make him one of the most prominent members of The Justice League and many of them are simply genetic. Here are 20 Weird Facts About Aquaman’s Anatomy.

20 He Can Talk To Marine Life Telepathically

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One of his most well-known skills is his ability to communicate with sea life. While the hero has been mocked relentlessly for it, the power certainly comes in handy.

He uses a telepathic ability to summon sea life of all kinds to help him save the world, or at least the world’s oceans. This telepathic call can be heard worldwide, which is impressively powerful.

19 He’s Amphibious

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While fans are aware Aquaman has special abilities in water, not everyone stops to realize he’s actually amphibious.

The exact details of how he is able to survive outside of the water have been rewritten over the years, but he has always been able to live both on air and on land. His Atlantean genetics make it possible to breathe underwater.

18 He Is Half Human, Half Atlantean

The reason he can breathe underwater is because he is half Atlantean. His backstory has shifted around over the years, but in the Silver Age they made him the daughter of a human lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean Queen.

His half-Atlantean side is where all of his water-based powers originate from.

17 He Can Control Water

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Aquaman does far more than just talk to fish. He can also control water, though to what degree varies depending on the medium.

This power can be so strong that Arthur has been known to control tides and waves. Depending on the source, he uses a hand made of water or a special trident as a way to control this ability.

16 He Can Manipulate The Weather

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Along with controlling water, Aquaman has also controlled the weather before. The two abilities mix together as he creates massive tidal waves and at times, entire tsunamis.

Arthur has even been shown summoning lightning, though not to the same extent Thor can. He has to ask for Poseidon's permission to do it.

15 He Has Super Strength

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Like many of his fellow Justice League members, Aquaman possesses supe strength. This stems from his Atlantean side.

His royal lineage from his mother’s side makes him more powerful than an average Atlantean. He can lift several tons himself and has even moved tectonic plates in order to repair a trench.

14 He Has Numerous Magical Abilities

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While it isn’t one of his most prominent abilities, Aquaman has actually worked with magic before.

At one point, he had a hand completely made of water, known as the Waterbearer hand. It gave him numerous magical abilities, including healing others and the ability to open interdeminsional portals. While these skills disappeared once he no longer had the hand, they were major powers he possessed at one point.

13 He Has Super Speed In The Water

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While he isn’t nearly as quick on land as The Flash, Aquaman has superspeed of his own when he’s in the water. He could easily out-swim any other hero in the Justice League.

He can even launch himself up to 60 feet in the air from the water below when he couples his speed in the water with his ability to super-leap.

12 He Is Nearly Invulnerable

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Most superheroes with super-strength also happen to be nearly invulnerable, and Aquaman is no different.

While every hero has their weakness, he’s able to endure quite a bit. He can withstand major blasts from human weaponry, survive intense pressure at the deepest points of the ocean, and can tolerate major temperature extremes.

11 He Has Superhuman Stamina

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It makes sense that superhuman stamina comes with the territory of being half-Atlantean.

His stamina is so great, he can swim at a speed of 150 miles per hour for about four hours without any major breaks. He could go even further with the help of dolphins or another sea animal towing him along. It would definitely be hard to out-swim him.

10 He Dehydrates Quicker Than Most

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While Arthur’s human side helps him survive on land, he does dehydrate quicker than most because of his Atlantean roots.

His aquatic nature means he has to have regular access to water. Hostile, dry environments, such as the desert, leave him vulnerable to drying out and dehydrating. It’s definitely a weakness to be aware of.

9 His Reflexes Are Enhanced

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Along with all his other impressive genetic abilities, he also has incredibly quick reflexes, making him a dangerous opponent. He’s obviously quick in the water, but he’s also extra agile on land.

These reflexes make him an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Mix his enhanced reflexes with super-strength, and his enemies don’t stand much of a chance in a close fight.

8 He Heals At An Accelerated Rate

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Along with all his other impressive genetic abilities, he also has incredibly quick reflexes, making him a dangerous opponent. He’s obviously quick in the water, but he’s also extra agile on land.

7 He Had A Hook For A Hand

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Aquaman has had his hand replaced multiple times. He had a hand made out of water as well as a hand made out of a hook.

The character went under a rewrite going by the name Orin rather than Arthur. Orin was much darker and had a harpoon hook in place of his missing hand. Eventually he had a prosthetic instead, but the hook certainly looked intense.

6 He’s Been Able To Fly Before

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While it doesn’t make much sense for a water-based character, Aquaman could actually fly at one point.

The ability hasn’t been shown too often, but the Trident of Poseidon gave him all kinds of powers, which included flight. While he can fly, he still prefers to spend most of his time in the water.

5 He Has Been Resurrected

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In the comic book world, it’s no surprise when a hero who has perished is resurrected. Aquaman has been one of those revived heroes.

Orin, as the hero was called rather than Arthur, lost his life, and was resurrected as a Black Lantern. Basically, Aquaman was a zombie. Eventually, he was fully revived to his full self with a strange side effect: he could call upon perished sea life.

4 At One Point He Was Completely Human

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While Aquaman’s Atlantean roots have been well-established, at one point during the Golden Age he was completely human.

Rather than being genetically gifted with his abilities, he somehow learned all of them. It doesn’t seem plausible that a mortal could simply learn to talk to fish and breathe underwater, but apparently Arthur did it. His backstory finally made more sense in the Silver Age when they made him part Atlantean.

3 He Has Been Completely Made Of Water

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Aquaman is well-associated with the water, but a lot of fans don’t know he was once completely made of water.

Zatanna turned him into a living form of water called The Water Wraith in order to help him save Atlantis. He had god-like powers, but his personality completely changed. They didn’t stick with that particular storyline for very long.

2 One Version Of Him Couldn’t Survive On Land

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While it’s already been stated that Aquaman dehydrates easily on land, there was one version of him that couldn’t survive on land at all.

Silver Age Arthur needed water every couple of hours to survive. If he was captured on land for too long, that would be an easy way for a villain to rid themselves of the hero.

1 There Is a Looney Tunes Version Of Him

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In a strange turn of events, the Looney Tunes made their own version of Aquaman called Aquaduck.

He was a part of an entire Looney Tunes Justice League called “Justa Lotta Animals” in the 1980’s. The team simply wouldn’t have been complete without him. It was a silly nod to the character kids could enjoy.

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