20 Weird Pics That Show Nail Trends In Russia Are Wildly Different

Each country has its own culture, so it makes sense that they'd also have vastly different trends. From fashion to food to mani-pedis, there's a lot that different countries can share with one another...

But in this case, most people living in the US don't really want what Russia is offering up.

Sure, salons like Nail Sunny have taken IG by storm with their often-stunning work. But at the same time, many of the offbeat trends don't quite translate.

While ladies in the US are usually fans of clean nail jobs with sharp lines and bright colors, the nail enthusiasts in Russia sometimes go a bit wild (and in more ways than one). Here are 20 examples that show just how differently Russia's nail artists approach their craft.

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20 A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase 'Nail Biting'


No woman wants cavities in her teeth, but how about on her hands? As it turns out, gals in Russia don't mind having a few cavities and a bit of gingivitis on their nails. These spooky tooth-looking nails are straight out of Russia, and they seem to be totally trending.

19 Disembodied Baby Hands Freak IG Out


Everyone loves Kylie Jenner, right? And the birth announcement for little Stormi back in 2018 was pretty epic. Remember the adorable image of Stormi holding onto her mama's perfectly manicured finger? Well, nail artists in Russia loved the image so much, they recreated it... with creepy 3D art. Honestly, we're not feeling it.

18 Braces On Your Manicure? Why Not?


The teeth were one (very eery) thing. Braces, though? Isn't this a bit much? Of course, it's probably mostly for show. After all, you can't do much with train tracks holding your fingers together. But knowing the salon these came out of, it's probably 14K gold in those braces! And hey, at least these teeth don't have any visible cavities.

17 Hopefully, It Only Looks Painful


Nail Sunny steals the show once again with these epic(ally disturbing) nails. Want to look like you got in a fight with a rose bush? This salon's got you covered. No, literally—covered in thorns. Clearly the artist is making a statement... But what exactly does it mean, and how does that gal get anything with literal barbs sticking out of her skin?

16 Refreshments At Your Fingertips... Literally


Your first thought is "awww" with these mini baby bottles, right? But consider the fact that the contents of those bottles are apparently real... And variations of this style—straight out of Russia—feature grownup beverages instead of milk. And we're pretty sure you can drink the liquid out of the nails—at least, if IG comments are to be believed.

15 Just Keep Swimming...


Maybe ladies who are hoping to fall pregnant would favor this style... But something tells us it's not going to catch on in the US anytime soon. Maybe women in Russia have a different take on this interpretive-art type nail look, but we just see little swimmers. Not exactly a corporate-friendly look, either.

14 What's The Attraction With Teeth?


Teeth are one thing... At least they're mostly white and sort of fit on the nail? But what about a mouth—a gapingly empty mouth without teeth—plus dentures to plop in? The underlying manicure job would have been decent enough on its own, but adding a literal cup with dentures in it? So Russia.

13 Creepy Crawlies Charm Customers...


Don't let the cute and sunny pink coffee cups fool you: Nail Sunny is not here to play around. Nope—they fashion full-on silicone bugs onto their customers' nails. They even share videos on their IG to show the process: slicing open the squishy fake bugs, then adhering them to the nails. *Shiver*

12 And Even Live Bugs Are Fair Game


A nail salon in Russia caught some serious heat for this nail style. According to Bored Panda, the salon started catching live ants to place inside clients' nails. Evidently, the nails had open space inside with sugar water or some other sustenance for the ants. This style is more of an ice cube look, but doesn't the ant look creepily real, too?

11 Prickly Pedis Are A Thing


Cactus on your toes, sure, cute. But on your fingers? Ouch. If you thought typing was practically impossible with a standard manicure, head on over to Russia for a serious challenge. And it's not even the pricky bits that give us pause—it's the truly cacti-looking sprouts sticking off this gal's fingers.

10 What A Doll... Well, Part Of One


These eyeballs are so eerily real; they even blink. Maybe the salon took inspiration from the makeup and eyelashes they offer, but even so, this is going a bit far. The eyeballs move and blink on their own (think your childhood doll!) a la Chuckie. Please just wake us when Halloween is over.

9 What's That Smell?


Turns out it's not just the bugs that nail salons in Russia proffer up to clients. This charming pile of stuff comes complete with flies buzzing around it, as if the look enough wasn't sufficient to convey the thought. It looks like a pretty simple design at least, so at least it probably didn't take too long to get this smelly job done.

8 Tastes Are A Bit... Eclectic


Cute food-inspired nails are totally our jam. Fruit-flavored yogurt? Yes. But mini meat grinders? Eh, not so much. It really worries us what exactly the salon used as the ground-up meat... And why wasn't the gorgeous pointed nail underneath enough for the lady who requested the look? Can we please just get more yogurt nails instead?

7 Multi-Purpose Fake Nails Are Sort Of Scary


That doesn't look sanitary... Or safe. But Nail Sunny gets credit for this concept: a literal cheese grater affixed to customers' nails. There's a vid floating around online of someone cutting up cheese grater-type metal and shaping it for fingernails. Grainy video of actual cheese grating comes up with a simple search, too. Yum.

6 Sprouting Some... Cilantro?


Ok, dirt under your fingernails and all that. But whose idea was it to sprout what looks like cilantro from clients' fingernails? And is that real dirt? We have many questions. The main one being, what happens when these little bits of plant matter lose their green? Fresh greens are one thing—dry and dead weeds are another.

5 The Pimple Popping Trend Gains Traction...


Because who doesn't want to pop fake pimples on their fingernails? Lots of people, apparently. As if YouTube vids of doctors (and everyone else) squeezing zits and abscesses weren't enough, now we have manicures with ooze, too. Our main question is, what happens once you pop those pimples? Somebody get this gal some cream or something.

4 Someone's Looking At Me...


Even if you really loved A Star is Born, this manicure is more reminiscent of a horror flick than a blockbuster. We get the idea of honoring your fave celeb or movie, but the person who did this manicure doesn't exactly get our vote for best special effects. We're sure the text is meaningful and everything, but saying that's Lady Gaga is a bit of a stretch...

3 In A Full-Service Salon, Lashes Are Multi-Purpose


So some salons offer multiple services, like blowouts and fake lashes. But when they start mixing the mediums? The results aren't as pretty. At least, we hope these are fake lashes and not the sweepings-up of customers' hair cuts. It looks like this mani would shed everywhere, and who's got time for that? Besides, you'd think you had something stuck to your nail and be picking at them all day anyhow.

2 Seafood Isn't Looking So Fresh


Pearls are gorgeous, sure. But do they have to be affixed to a manicure atop oysters? We get that seafood is classy and therefore oysters are a high-ticket item... But open shells sticking off your fingers? Can we just get the plain pearls, please—no slimy mussels on the (far) side?

1 Attentive Service Plus... Snails


Looking at salons in Russia like Nail Sunny, it's kind of hard to believe that their clientele really wants these off-the-wall nail styles. It's a full pampering experience, obviously, but if the end result is miniature snails on each finger, are you really getting a good deal? We vote no.

Sources: Bored Panda

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