20 Weirdest Things Food Bloggers Have Eaten

The food blogger is an esteemed online guru dedicated to bringing delicious, mind-blowing recipes, flavors, and reviews to their readerships. But not all food blogs are about insanely gooey chocolate chip cookies and all-organic vegan delights. Some have chosen to take the road less traveled and made a departure into the weird, the funky, the unique, and the downright bizarre. Think you can stomach it? Then read on for a trip into the culinary unknown...

20 Whale Steak

via: supermerlion.com

Megan of Megano Travels copped a bite of her boyfriend’s bona fide whale steak during a whale watching tour in Iceland. The meal wasn’t exactly to her taste— Megan described it as “too steak-like and chewy/fatty."

19 A Mummified Human Toe Cocktail

Via: ibackpackcanada.com

Served in a highball glass with Yukon Jack whiskey, the Sourtoe Cocktail is a simple drink spiced up with an unorthodox garnish: a honest-to-goodness real-life human toe. Blogger Corbin Fraser of I Backpack Canada went lips-to-toe with the freaky cocktail and became yet another member of the exclusive Sourtoe Cocktail Club, which is made up of individuals who have braved the encounter. The only rule for initiation? “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow— but your lips have got to touch the toe.”

18 Actual Flowers

Via: theviewfromgreatisland.com

A recipe doesn’t have to be horrifying to be unusual. Case in point: this almost too-pretty-to-eat pansy salad by Sue of The View from Great Island. When your daily servings of veggies double as floral arrangements, what’s not to love?

17 Worm Covered "Scare-amel" Apples

via: girlmeetsbug.com

Daniella Martin of Girl Meets Bug has a epicurean resume longer than most people’s actual CVs, but this entomophagist (that’s science-talk for bug-eater) doesn’t just chow down on beetles and cockroaches on her own time. Her “scare-amel” apples, complete with crunchy mealworm coating, were the hit of her office Halloween party.

16 A Four-Course Snail Dinner

via: eatdrinkandbekerry.com

There aren’t many people who would turn down a five-course dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant and Kerry of Eat, Drink + Be Kerry was no different— even when four of those courses were made of snails. Nothing says fine dining like a plate full of snail liver, right?

15 Sriracha Candy Canes

Via: pepperscale.com

For Sriracha sauce addicts, it can be hard to get enough of the spicy Thai condiment. But does this hot sauce belong in candy canes? According to Johnny of Candy Gurus, the answer is, ehhhhh. The canes turned out more sweet and cinnamon-y than Sriracha’s trademark garlic and chili— but for fans of Big Red, they just might hit the spot.

14 Dandelion Pesto

via: americanfoodroots.com

Is the bane of every landscaper’s existence somehow a viable, healthy meal ingredient? Your lawnmower might not believe it, but David Lebovitz does. His unusual pesto uses dandelion greens in place of basil to be served on fresh pasta or anything else your inner flower-child thinks she can forage from Mother Gaia.

13 Edible Art

Via: leesamantha.com

When you’ve got a real hankering to devour Adele’s beautiful, flawless face, Lee Samantha is the woman who can make it happen. Her cute, healthy lunch art depicts adorable animals, cartoon characters, scenes from Harry Potter, and more! Whoever said that it’s so bad to play with your food, anyway?

12 Garlic Tiramisu

via: weird-foods.com

Is there anything more perfect than the tiramisu’s heavenly balance of chocolate and coffee? No, there isn’t— just like there’s nothing quite as bizarrely gag-worthy as the gloopy chocolate and overwhelming garlic of this abomination discovered by Cat Jones of Weird Foods. On the bright side, if your date is a Dracula type, he won’t want to split dessert.

11 Ham and Bananas Hollandaise

via: badjellyblog.com

With just five ingredients, this vintage recipe might be simple, but that doesn’t make it any less of an adventure. Sarah of Bad Jelly whipped up this freaky dish using ham, bananas, lemon, mustard, and packaged hollandaise sauce. Feeling queasy? The Bad Jelly review says, believe it or not, the monstrous concoction was surprisingly not that bad.

10 Cupcakewurst

via: cupcakeproject.com

This unholy mashup came to be when Stef of Cupcake Project filled a sausage casing with— you guessed it—cupcake batter. Topped with a raspberry jam and nestled in a Long John doughnut bun, this treat is delicious— but probably more than a little unsettling for anyone who might mistake it for a harmless bratwurst.

9 Pad Thai Cookies

via: brokeassgourmet.com

Gabi Moskowitz of Brokeass Gourmet is the kind of woman who hears the words “savory noodle dish” and thinks, “Man, those would make so damn fine cookies.” Gabi and her comments section swear by this unlikely flavor palette, but should you discover it’s just not for you, have no fear—the blogger suggests you pair them with some sweet, boozy vodka lemonade. Like we need an excuse to eat carbs and get our drink on!

8 Anti-Pizza

via: uncorneredmarket.com

Daniel Noll of Uncornered Market isn’t the type to shy away from the strange and unknown— but this Argentinian “pizza” strayed a little too far from its roots. Ham slices, palm hearts, olives and thousand island dressing on a sauce-dribbled crust do not a pizza make in Daniel’s eyes— or mine. I’ve got one question for you, Argentina: where’s the cheese?!

7 The "Blondes Have More Fun-gus" Burger

Via: thebobsburgerexperiment.com

Adult cartoon Bob’s Burgers is legendary for its hilariously cringe-worthy Burger of the Day puns. Superfan Cole Bowden has taken it upon himself to recreate them in real life for the internet’s—and his own—amusement with The Bob’s Burger Experiment. Every burger is based on a pun-tastic concept from the TV show, resulting in a deliciously weird collaboration between comedy and the culinary.

6 Bacon Banana Cookies

Via: spoonforkbacon.com

With the Internet’s obsession with bacon still going strong, it was inevitable that things would finally come to this. Tasty, ripe bananas and crispy, salty bacon—the ladies at Spoon Fork Bacon must have been feeling wild when they pulled out this recipe. It might sound like a bad pregnancy craving, but as it turns out, that salty/sweet dynamic? Cookie perfection.

5 A Foie Gras Lollipop Coated in Watermelon Pop Rocks

Via: goodtasteservice.com

Food snobs be damned—not even the snootiest of delicacies are sacred anymore. If you’ve ever felt like foie gras was just too fancy for your uninitiated palate, worry no longer. Mike Farley of Mikey’s Kitchen sampled this combo of fatty duck liver and sizzling pop rocks and called it “crazy but delicious."

4 Kool-Aid Pickles

Via: seriouseats.com

The New York Times broke the news about this Memphis regional secret back in 2007, but the “koolickle” is still something of an oddity for most foodies. These sour dill pickles are drained so the brine can be mixed with sugar and flavored Kool-Aid. The result? According to Ben Carter of Serious Eats, they’re sweet, sour, fruity—and pretty colorful, too.

3 Scorpion Lollipops

via: bonappetit.com

Candy should be sweet, delicious, and generally, creepy-crawly free, but it looks like whoever whipped up these scorpion lollipops didn’t get the memo. Michael Robinson of Food on the Blog ultimately deemed these sugary scorpions okay, but they’re still a hard sell. How many licks does it take to get to the center of this lollipop? Not enough. Not nearly enough.

2 Cod Fish Sperm Sacs

via: yelp.com

The Japanese sushi bar where Jaden from Steamy Kitchen found this out-there delicacy called it Shirako Soup, claiming it was good for kinky bedroom fun-times. Jaden might have eaten it, but as for its supposed “special properties," he wasn’t buying it. Aphrodisiacs can be fun and exciting, but for most of us, oysters and wine will do just fine, thanks.

1 Fried Water Centipede

via: yourenotfromaroundhere.com

Even though they were fried in a spicy oil and served with (yummy?) river moss, Steve from You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? ultimately had to admit that this edgy-sounding dish ended up tasting pretty bland. Still, tasty or not, how many times do you get a chance to eat something with that many legs?

Food and travel bloggers get chances to push the boundaries of our concepts of “normal food” every day, but they don’t get to have all the fun. The next strangest, most unusual dish could be just around the corner, down the road or beyond the horizon—you just have to know where to look.

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