20 Women Who Got Knocked Up By Famous Men

Ah, Hollywood. The delightful place where celebrities live amongst each other and fans adore silently from afar. We're far from the Golden Years where Marilyn Monroe strolled the streets and Frank Sinatra's secrets weren't splattered all over tabloids. These days, an actor so much blinks at another actress and all of a sudden gossip magazines are claiming they're in a full-blown relationship. Secrets are no longer secrets in 2019. Anyone's indiscretion or mishap will be online within 24 hours; it's just up to the celebrity in question if they're going to acknowledge it or not.

For the 20 male celebrities on this list, some found themselves falling for women who weren't in the spotlight (at least then), while others found themselves having babies with complete strangers. Whatever their relationships came to be, the women they fell for were nobody's in the public eye until their romance came alive in the tabloids.

20 Kelsey Grammer Fell For A Woman He Met On A Flight

NY Daily Times

Famed actor Kelsey Grammer has been married four times. FOUR! His most recognized wife was to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer, but that marriage came crashing down once she found out he fell in love with a woman he met on a flight! The former flight attendant, Kayte Grammer, is now his wife and mother to two of his eight children.

19 Thomas Rhett Knew His Baby Mama & Wife Since Childhood


As long as country singer Thomas Rhett has been a star, he's always had a stunning blonde on his arm, but who was she? Lauren Akins grew up with Thomas and have known each other since first grade! After deciding they were better off as friends, they kept their feelings for each other on the down-low. That is until he was tired of keeping his feelings from her any longer. Today the couple have two children with one on the way.

18 Matt Damon Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place


Actor Matt Damon really is such a good egg. He met his future wife at a bar where she was working. After stopping by the dark bar for a drink after filming one day, he locked eyes with Luciana Barroso and the rest was history. Today the couple have been married since 2005 and have three children together (along with a daughter from her previous relationship).

17 Jude Law Really Did Love Hooters...


Oh, Jude. This boyish actor certainly has a way with the ladies. After being in a serious relationship with actress Sienna Miller, he found himself in a love triangle between Sienna and his children's nanny. After he was caught, Sienna left him and he went on a *spree* of wooing different women. Soon after, a Hooters waitress (Samantha Burke) came out and said she was pregnant with Jude Law's baby (Sophia), to which he denied. But alas, he was the father.

16 Brandi Glanville Was Anything But A Real Housewife When She Married Eddie Cariban

Life & Style

Before meeting her ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, and becoming a housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi was a model in the '90s. But she wasn't a top model like fellow castmember Yolanda Hadid. However, after living abroad for a few years, she moved to LA where she met Eddie at a nightclub and the rest was history. If modeling didn't take her anywhere, she has her stardom thanks to Eddie.

15 The Rock Rocked This Song Bird's World


We all know and love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He's so talented and humble and gorgeous, what's not to love?! Once upon a time, however, The Rock was married to producer Dany García; a name not too many find familiar. The two had a child but broke up in 2007. Shortly after, he met Lauren Hashian (a singer/songwriter) and married her this summer. But again, Hashian was a name no one recognized. It appears that's how The Rock likes it!

14 Eddie Redmayne Loved His Potential Publicist 


Eddie Redmayne is a star on the rise after Theory of Everything and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. However, after meeting Hannah Bagshawe in a business meeting (she works in public relations) the two fell for one another and took their casual relationship to the next level in 2012. Today the two are married with two kids and everyone now knows her as one of the luckiest girls in the world.

13 Arnold Schwarzenegger Created A Love Child With His Housekeeper


Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for a ton of amazing things. He's also known for an unbelievable scandal that ended his 25-year marriage to Maria Shriver. As it's been reported, Arnold had inapt relations with the family's maid, Mildred Patricia "Patty" Baena. When she found herself pregnant with Arnold's son, she kept the baby and told everyone the father was someone else... Obviously, that was not the case and Patty Baena became famous overnight.

12 Armie Hammer Hammered His Way To His Friend's Heart

W Magazine

Elizabeth Chambers was trying to be an actress when she met established actor Armie Hammer. After meeting and becoming friends, it appeared Chambers was already spoken for by another man. But with a little convincing, Chambers chose Armie and the two are now married with two children. She still does a few acting parts here and there but hasn't done anything since 2016.

11 Alec Baldwin Fell For A Yoga Instructor


Everyone knew Alec Baldwin's first wife Kim Basinger, but after the two called it quits, he found with Hilaria — a yoga instructor living in New York! They became engaged a year after meeting and married the same year. Today, the two have four children together and seem to be a solid pair. Perhaps the secret to a good marriage is having one super-famous person and one with a more "normal" job?

10 Paul Rudd's Been Tied Down Since The Start


Who doesn't love Paul Rudd!? Way back before Ant-Man, Paul was dipping his toes in the acting pond when he met a young woman named Julie Yaeger. She was working at the same office his publicist was at and after a few interactions, the pair went for lunch. Well, the lunch date went pretty well considering they dated for eight years before finally getting married.

9 Jimmy Fallon Fell In Love Behind The Camera

Closer Weekly

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious in front of the camera and it appears he has some game behind it, too. Nancy Juvonen was one of the producers on his film with Drew Barrymore Fever Pitch. After taking some time, the pair started dating and were soon married in 2007. They now have two adorable daughters, whom they worked hard to have.

8 Tobey Maguire Crossed The Line With His Boss' Daughter


Spider-Man star Tobey Maquire was married to his ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, for 10 years before divorcing in 2017. It's not clear how the two met, however, it probably helps that her father is Ronald Meyer, the President of Universal Studios (no big deal!). While her father is well-known in the media, not many were familiar with Jennifer until the two married.

7 Remember When No One Knew Who Amal Clooney Was?


Remember the good old days revolved around George Clooney being a bachelor, swooning women left and right? Those were some good times. That all changed, of course, after he met Amal at a party. At the time, no one really knew who Amal was — we just knew George was taken by her. Nonetheless, after a whirlwind romance, everyone soon learned she was an amazing human rights lawyer who is even more impressive than Geoge!

6 Aaron Paul Fell For A Woman At Coachella


Anyone who lives on the West Coast tries their hardest to go to Coachella every year. It's a festive concert series that includes walks of all life, including celebrities. While actor Aaron Paul was parading around Coachella, he fell for a woman he met, Lauren Parsekian. Parsekian who? Apparently, she helped create a non-profit campaign to fight against bullying. 

5 Jesse Williams Apparently Had A Deep Love For Real Estate...


Although Jesse Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee went through a bitter divorce not too long ago, the pair were together through Jesse's entire climb to the top in his career. Meeting in New York when Jesse was just a teacher, Aryn stayed with him through it all. Nowadays, the pair called it off but Aryn is still a mother to his two children.

4 Ken Jeong Had His Doctor Family Before Finding Fame


It's hard to believe that Mr. Change from The Hangover was a doctor in real life! Ken Jeong was a medical doctor before deciding to take a leap of faith for his passion of acting. It obviously paid off and The Hangover made him an overnight success. Off-screen, Ken is married to a fellow doctor, Tran Jeong. Considering they've been together before fame and both were in the medical field, no one really knew who either of them was, respectively! 

3 Kevin Jonas Fell For His Wife On Vacation

Hollywood Gossip

Does anyone else remember when Kevin Jonas had a reality TV show that showed his life outside of the limelight? Once The Jonas Brothers were no more (once upon a time), Kevin gave fans an inside look at his life with wife Danielle. But who was Danielle? Well, the two actually met at a resort while both were vacationing there!

2 Patrick Dempsey Found Love With A Hair Stylist

Channel 24

Imagine working as a hairstylist when a famous actor comes in looking for a trim... That's exactly what happened to Patrick Dempsey and (now) wife Jillian Fink. She cut his hair and he asked her out! Although they've had some ups and downs in their marriage, the two are still together with three kids.

1 Who Did Bruce Fall For After Demi?


Bruce Willis and Demi Moore once ruled Hollywood as the perfect pair. But after their divorce, love didn't die for Mr. Willis. He met and fell in love with a woman named Emma Heming. The former model and Bruce went on a date and fell "madly" in love. Although there's a large age gap between the two, they have two kids and seem better than when he was with Demi!

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